Even as the world becomes continuously digital, some traditional accessories, such as wallets, are still being used. And today, wallets can be used to carry vital documents and cards such as credit cards, identification cards, and Visa, to mention but a few.  

Other than their functionality, wallets have also evolved to being used as a fashionable accessory, making them an extension of your style and personality. And so, what better way to keep it stylish than by having a leather wallet.

Why Leather Wallets?

The material leather itself is durable. Leather wallets are generally tough, and depending on use and care, they can be resistant to wear and tear. More so, as the leather ages, it develops a beautiful patina which makes it more aesthetically pleasing. This makes leather wallets a classic choice and smart investment.

However, there are different types of leather based on quality. But in today’s industry, the best quality of leather is known as full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is generally made from the topmost part of an animal’s hide.

It’s usually the strongest and able to display the natural look of leather, making it ideal. Other types of leather also include top grain leather, grounded leather, and bicast and bonded.

Stylish handmade brown leather wallet on gray background

Von Baer Leather Wallets 

Von Baer wallets are made from full grain leather, which is the highest quality available, and they come in a range of card holders, bifold wallets, and large trifold wallets.

“Brown leather wallet from Von Baer”

If you’re wondering how to tell if you’re getting the best leather wallets, here are some simple steps to help you get started:

Brown leather wallet from Von Baer
Brown leather wallet from Von Baer

Step 1: Touch and Smell The Leather  

Knowing if you’re dealing with wallets made from full-grain leather, at first sight, is not easy unless, you have previous experience in deciphering leather.

Today, companies have found ways to mask low-quality leather and sell it as full-grain leather. However, there are two things they can’t imitate, the smell and feel of leather. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best leather wallet, you have to go down to the shop to touch and smell the leather.  

  • Touch: The highest quality of leather, full-grain, ideally should not feel smooth. Therefore, any leather wallet with a smooth finish like wax or plastic is perhaps not made from high-quality leather. Although the leather wallet will have some finishing, you should still be able to feel the material’s texture.  
  • Smell: High-quality leather generally has an earthy, musty smell, and there’s no concealing the real smell of leather. Therefore, when smelling your supposed best leather wallet and you’re getting a whiff of chemicals, then it’s probably not made from full-grain leather. You, therefore, would want to avoid such types of wallets.  


Step 2: Choose Wallets That Exclusively Use Leather 

If you’re looking for the best leather wallets, check if the entire product is made from leather. Since leather is very expensive, some companies have found ways to sell wallets made from full-grain leather but not fully. And so, you may notice that the interior, such as the diver and the lining of the wallet, is made of different fabrics.  

Such items can be misleading and may short-change those who are looking to purchase top-notch leather wallets. It’s, therefore, essential that you inspect the entire wallet, making sure it’s exclusively made of high-quality leather. 

Step 3: Avoid Embossed Wallets 

Leather wallets generally don’t do so well with embossments. This is because when the wallet is embossed, it’s exposed to constant bending around the area where the stamp or engravement is located. Consequently, the bending causes the leather to wrinkle.

Step 4: Look For Leather That is Aniline Dyed 

The finishing of leather wallets can take two forms: It can either be aniline-dyed or pigment coasted. When you’re looking for the best leather wallets, go for the aniline-dyed one.  

Aniline dyed refers to the surface of leather that hasn’t been sanded or coated with any dye or paint. People sand and coat leather to imitate full-grain leather. However, if you’re looking for high-quality leather, the surface of the wallet should be supple so that it shows the actual pores of the leather. Such leather tends to become more beautiful as it ages.  

However, companies have found ways to create fake pores on wallets using embossed pore patterns. Therefore, when looking for a leather wallet, bend the wallet back and forth and observe how the material reacts. By bending, you expose thick painting and large scales, which can help tell you that the leather has been embossed with fake pores.  

Step 5: Look Out For The Craftsmanship 

One of the most common tell-tale signs of a quality leather wallet is its craftsmanship. Craftsmanship refers to how the wallet has been created. For instance, the keenness to detail and what makes it stand out, particularly as a timeliness fashionable piece.

That said, here are some of the elements you need to look out for when buying high-quality and best leather wallets:

They Have Folded Sewn Edges  

Most wallets usually have single-fold edges. Although this feature helps its functionality, it does not offer the most elegant look. That is why the best leather wallets tend to use the double fold on the shell and even on the lining so that the two go all the way to the wallet’s edge where again, they’re folded. 

From the description above, you can tell that folding the shell, lining and all of them at the edge is quite a sophisticated process. It also takes time, and that’s why most standard wallets don’t invest much in this craftsmanship. It’s, therefore, one of the sure rest ways to tell that you’re purchasing one of the best leather wallets. 

They Have Rounded Corners 

Rounded corner on leather wallets helps with functionality. It makes it easier to slide the wallet in and out with rounded corners. Additionally, rounded corners help to add that sophisticated and elegant look to the wallet. Hence, it’s a feature you should look for when choosing the best leather wallets. 

Wrapping It Up

Gone are the days when wallets were just meant for carrying money and personal cards. Because today, a good wallet can also complement your look and overall style. And one of the stylish and durable options you can opt for is leather wallets.

However, it can be hard to tell if your wallet is made of the best leather, full-grain, or lower quality. Hopefully, the insights and steps discussed above can guide you in selecting the best leather wallet possible.


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