Wallet Chains: Safeguard Your Wallet with Style

Fashion is fickle. Today, a certain style is in fashion and tomorrow it is gone for good. However, some things continue existing regardless of fashion trends. One such thing is a wallet chain.

Every decade, it gets on the fashion radar and then leaves the pages of fashion magazines. However, it never disappears from wardrobes. For true connoisseurs of wallet chains, it is not exactly a fashion accessory; it is rather a practical thing that carries out several important functions.

Why Wallet Chains Are Needed

What are those purposes? Let’s start with the fact that wallet chains are insanely popular in the biker community. What do bikers do? That’s right, they ride their mean machines.

Due to the shaking and vibration of a motorcycle, a wallet, which often rests in the jean’s back pocket, may fall out.

Imagine that you traveled all day long across the country and in the evening, you found out that your wallet was gone. This is a tragedy. You can prevent this loss if you have a chain that literally binds a wallet to its owner.

Here’s another scenario for you – you dropped by a bar to get a couple of glasses of cold beer, and when it was time to pay, your wallet was gone. Even bikers with their don’t-mess-with-me looks may come across pickpockets.

However, you can make their life tougher if you carry a wallet on a leash. Not only would they have to quietly pull the wallet out of your pocket but also discreetly unhook it from the chain. This involves more time and more risk. Most likely, they will not even try to steal a wallet safeguarded by a chain.

The third reason to wear such an unusual accessory is fashion. We do not mean mainstream fashion because currently, wallet chains are off the radar. We are talking about biker fashion.

Yes, it does not change too often and yet it exists. For a motorcyclist, any accessory is a way of self-expression and an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Well, wallet chains are the best fit for this purpose. It is not only an imposing chain that impresses fellow riders but also a breathtaking wallet to which it is attached.

Types of Wallet Chain: Not Only Metal

Of course, the king of all biker metals is steel. Silver is a runner up. Perhaps, if silver were cheaper, more accessories would be made of it. It dominates in rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. but as for wallet chains, there is only one leader – stainless steel.

The reason is simple – any chain is very heavy; the heavier, the more metal is required. 200, 300, 400 grams of silver will cost a pretty penny. Not every biker is going to put a thousand dollars out of his pocket just to show off. Price aside, silver is no worse than steel by any means. It is strong and durable. And it terms of beauty, it is a cut above its counterpart.

Brass wallet chains look even more impressive. This alloy has a unique yellowish tint that distinguishes it from whitish metals. In addition, over time, brass oxidizes and acquires a noble patina (you can easily remove it or leave it to give your image a retro touch).

You do not like metals? Not a problem, how about a leather wallet chain? Strictly speaking, this is not a chain at all, more like a braid woven from several thin strips of leather. Other models may resemble a harness or belt.

They often carry accent materials (clasps, beads, thin chains, etc.) but their function is purely decorative. The main material for leather chains is calf and cow skin, less often you can bump into the leather of exotic animals.

With a leather chain wallet, you can rock a cowboy style. On top of that, such items are noticeably lighter and much quieter than metal models. However, they are less durable, so this is not an option for everyday use.

How to Choose a Wallet Chain

It all depends on how and when you are going to wear it. If you need it for every day, then metal models will meet your needs in the best way possible. Hate the jingling of metal? OK, then pick among leather options.

In general, we do not recommend leather if you have a heavy wallet. Its weight may stretch the leather and eventually even tear it, especially at the junction of the clasp and the chain itself. Besides that, leather is harder to maintain – dust and dirt can cling to it and rain might ruin it altogether.

As for the length, it all depends on you. Go with something average. The length of a chain should be enough so that you can hold a wallet in your hands without unfastening it.

At the same time, the chain should not hang under your feet and catch on protruding parts of a motorcycle.

We can’t say exactly what length is right for you because your height, weight, and arm length will affect it. But you can roughly figure it out on your own. Just take a piece of rope, tie it to your wallet and your belt, and see if this length is convenient for you.