What To Wear To a Frat Party [Men & Women]

Some outfits are fun to be called frat party attire, but navigating these outfits can be tricky and challenging. So, as a woman, man, or a college student who is planning to join a fraternity, attending a frat party is inevitable and you will always have a frat party on your routine. Wearing a nice outfit to a frat party will help you stand out among others and look attractive, even if you are a new intake.

To a frat party, wear a buttoned shirt, blazer, t-shirt, glasses, jeans, chinos, and hats as a man. And for a woman, you can wear a sequin dress, denim jeans, cropped jeans, flared jeans, a pencil skirt, and studded sandals. These are great choices for a frat party if you want to be unique.

For your frat party, you need to look dashing and eye catching. Jeans, Chinos and glasses make you look attractive and fun to hang out with. Keep reading to discover our list of cool frat party outfits.

Frat Party Outfits For Girls

1. Glam Sequin Dress

One of the most common clothes used by women for frat parties is a sequin dress, and this is because it will make you look gorgeous and glamorous at the party. To make your sequin dress stand out, ensure you tie a waist belt to cinch your waist and reveal your figure.

This will make every man at the party easily get attracted to you, and even your fellow woman will get attracted to you. You can also add a clavicle necklace and silver heels to make you come out the best way.

2. High Waist Shorts

For a frat party, wearing waist shorts is the perfect shot for you. In this case, you can make your waist short with a fancy or simple top, depending on your choice’s color, pattern, and style. Waist short is a good option because it effectively keeps you cool on a turbo.

A waist short won’t reduce your belly fats and will not make you lose weight but will squeeze your torso in a temporary appearance. So getting one for your frat party will make you different and, at the same time, attractive.

3. Toe Boots and Belted Dress

Getting toe boots and belted dress is another outfit idea you can wear to a frat party. All you need is to get a belted dress and toe boots to help cinch your figure and bring out your best stature. To stand out, add a purse in shades.

Toe boot is beneficial because it can help prevent you from falling, especially when dancing at a frat party.

And in cases where you unknowingly fall or slip, the boot will protect you from injuries, punctures, and burns. On the other hand, a belted dress is shapeless in styling, so adding a belt to it will make you more beautiful.

4. Denim Jeans and Striped Shirt

Considering denim jeans and a simple striped shirt will make you look great if you want to look beautiful in your frat party dress. To have a complete look, you can wear a pair of black or white sneakers and a leather bag to make you look outstanding.

Choosing this outfit idea is an option for you if you love to dress effortlessly, simple but look adorable and attractive.

5. Flared Trousers

The modern-day flare trousers are one of the flattering styles for women. You can also wear it with a loose sleeveless shirt and high heels to be comfortable in the dress yet have a perfect look for a frat party.

Wearing flared trousers to your frat party will add a curved silhouette that will add a figure to your feminine figure. It also adds length to your leg and doesn’t pass by your lines by stopping at your ankles as many jeans do.

6. Cropped Tops and Jeans

Cropped tops and jeans are other outfits you can wear to a frat party that will look good on you as a lady. You can combine your crop tops with any type of pants or skirts or, better still, cropped jeans.

Cropped tops and jeans are casual dresses that will be perfect for a frat party. All you need to do is tuck in the front of your tops in your jeans to reveal your figure. You can also wear converse or switch to combat boots to bring a grungy edge to the ensemble.

When choosing cropped jeans and tops, ensure you choose either blue, black, or any of your favorite colors. These colors are recommended because they will show you as a different and special person to everyone at the party.

7. Button-Front Skirt

Another outfit idea for a frat party is a button-front skirt. It is an outfit that can work for any kind of party but works well for a frat party.

All you need to do when wearing it is tuck a button-down top into your button-front skirt. You can also add accessories such as gold earrings, chains, and bands to make you look elegant.

8. Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt is another outfit you can wear for a frat party if you want to look beautiful as a lady. In most cases, you can wear pencil skirts in all seasons but look better during mid-winter.

All you need to do is go for a pencil skirt and combine it with a colored sweater. But ensure you tuck in the top to reveal your figure. You can also combine high heel shoes with it to have a great combination.

If you are wearing a pencil skirt to a frat party, ensure you don’t wear many layers indoors because most houses are warm during winter and may feel warmer if you go for a frat party with many people.

9. Studded Sandals and Crocheted Dress

Studded sandals and a crochet dress are best for a frat party, especially during summer. If you wear a crocheted dress with studded sandals, you will be glad you did, and anyone that sees you at the party will notice you.

Depending on the party flavor, it will also make you stylish and casual. You can also add some colored accessories if the frat party is around the summer season and leave your hairstyle half down and half up to make this combination perfect.

10. Customized T-Shirts

Customized t-shirts are another great outfit idea for a frat party you should consider. All you need to do is look for someone to design a customized t-shirt with text that will make you feel important at a party.

And in case you want something different, you can go for a jacket but ensure you wear it with pants or a skirt.

Men Frat Party Outfit Ideas

11. Button-Up Shirt

One of the frat party wear for men is a button-up shirt. This will not only be good for you but also make you dress appropriately and be the talk of the party visitors during and after the party.

To be more classic in look, you can go for a white design shirt. And if you would love to look expensive, you should wear a patterned and colored shirt.

The main point is that don’t choose a shirt that will make you look like you are going to work. You can also go for a denim shirt; this will make you look more handsome and increase your self-esteem. A light short-sleeved shirt can also work well for this type of informal party, especially during summer.

12. Denim On Denim

Wearing denim on denim is another great option for a frat party. This fashion style is a trend that has taken over men’s clothing.

All you need to do to look great is pair denim jeans with a denim shirt and add a pair of sandals, depending on what will make you comfortable. But ensure you get quality denim to make you the start of the frat party.

13. Black and White

Wearing a white and black outfit for a frat party is a good combination but looking like one of the staff in the environment isn’t great.

The reason why black is a good option is that it conceals sweats. All you need to do to look great is add a white t-shirt on black pants or jeans. Or go for a monochromatic pattern that will give you your best look.

The combination of white and black is always recommended because they are the favorite of all fashionistas, making them never run out of style in men’s fashion. Black and white give you the freedom to dance and do many things at a frat party without boundaries.

14. Chinos/Jeans

Chinos or jeans are other outfits you can wear for a frat party. Depending on the class of people you will meet at the party, you can choose to rock a pair of chinos or a jean.

However, trousers are a great option for formal frat parties, while jeans are perfect for an informal frat party. So in this case, you need to know which category of frat party you are attending.

No matter the kind of frat party you are attending, chinos are a great option that will make you look stylish. All you need to do is leave them uncuffed or roll them up at the party for a relaxed and sophisticated appearance.

15. Footwear

Wearing nice footwear is essential for a frat party because you aren’t complete if you wear a nice dress with bad footwear. So ensure you don’t overlook your shoes when going to a frat party.

The wrong footwear can make the gatekeeper at the frat party turn you down at the door because you don’t look like other people. In cases where you don’t know what shoes to wear, you can wear a brogue, loafers, boots or even oxford to make you stand out at the party.


Outfit ideas for frat parties are never-ending, and if you follow all the guides in this article either as a woman or as a man, you will never go wrong at any frat party.

Instead of people looking down on you, they will want to be your friends or even sit close to you at the party. The key point is that you should ensure your outfit is as comfortable as beautiful and glamorous.