Keratin Hair Extensions Pro And Cons

There are various types of hair extensions of different sizes. The most popular are clip-in extensions, which can be easily placed in your hair and removed as needed. There are also braids, which can be done by a professional stylist or you at home.

Keratin hair extensions are the latest and most popular trend in hair styling to get fuller and longer hair; however, they have some awesome pros and some cons.

The advantage of keratin extensions is that it is a quick fix for thinning hair, making your hair look longer and fuller. You can quickly and easily attach these extensions to your natural hair with the help of bonding glue. However, keratin hair extension can be time-consuming during installation, depending on the volume and length of the hair. 

Keratin hair extensions are easy to apply because they’re pre-made hair pieces available in many sizes, lengths, and colors. Unlike any other traditional hair extensions, Keratin extensions appear natural and give you a glamorous look. Read this article to learn more about Keratin hair extensions’ good and bad.

Keratin Hair Extensions – The Good And The Bad

Hair extensions have become a regular part of the beauty world today. Because they offer an affordable and simple way to liven up your look, hair extensions are a popular option for women who want longer, thicker, or more voluminous hair without having to maintain it daily.

Many different hair extensions exist today, from clip-in extensions that you can easily remove to semi-permanent micro-link extensions that require periodic reapplication. Each type of extension comes with its pros and cons. One of the most common types is keratin hair extensions.

What Are Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin hair extensions, or Fusion hair extensions as they are also known, are long-lasting and popular strands of hair extensions. They are made of natural hair from a human donor with natural-looking and feel glued to your hair strands. They come with a pre-bonded keratin glue at the tip of each strand.

The keratin glue at the tip of each strand is made of protein and prevents your hair and scalp from being damaged.

Each strand is heated with a tool to blend into your hair and give you that natural feel. Different types of Keratin hair extensions are available in the market today, allowing ladies to choose the best for their hair.

What Are The Types Of Keratin Hair Extensions?

With the varieties of hair extensions in the market, Keratin extensions also come in different types. They are from human donors and can last longer than traditional hair extensions. They can give you that true long, voluminous, desired look of your dream with a little budget that will not hurt your pocket.

Keratin or Fusion hair extensions come in 3 different types; they are

  • V Tip
  • I Tip
  • U Tip

The V-Tip keratin human hair extension comes in a V shape-liked manner. They are applied to the hair using a heating tool that melts the keratin bond to hold the extension in place between your natural hair and close to the scalp.

The I-Tip keratin human hair extension is a bunch of strands of hair extensions held in place into your hair with keratin glue. They are small, neatly tucked together, and blend well into your natural hair.

Using a heating tool, the U-tip keratin human hair extensions are shaped like the U and applied to your natural hair. The keratin bond is melted around the u-shaped tip and held firmly between your hair close to the scalp.

Difference Between Keratin Hair Extension And Transitional Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Have Become The Best Friend Of Many Women Who Want To Experiment With Hairstyles.

Some Even Want To Wear Different Hairstyles And Colors Without Damaging Their Hair. Others have a bad or thinning hair condition and cannot get the desired look they crave.

Hence, they result in using hair extensions, which are a great way to add highlights, length, and volume to their hair. Various hair extensions exist the good, the bad, the low and high quality, the synthetic, and the natural human hair extensions. The choice of any of these extensions depends on the outlook you want and your budget.

However, to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking hair on any hair type, the Keratin hair extensions stand out among other traditional hair extensions. They come with keratin glue tips and need no additional glue. They blend well and easily with your natural hair without damaging your hair or scalp.

Keratin hair extensions blend s well with all types of natural hair textures, leaving you confident. They last longer than any traditional hair extension and are easily accessible as they are available everywhere you go.  Keratin hair extensions are not synthetic; hence, they can be styled, bleached, and heated with no damage to the hair.

Keratin Hair Extensions – The Good And The Bad

To everything with an advantage comes a disadvantage; nevertheless, it is ok when the pros are more than the cons.

The same can be said of the Keratin Hair extensions; though they are popular among hair extension users, they also have cons. Find below some good and bad about the Keratin Human hair extensions.

Pros Of The Keratin Hair Extensions

1. Availability 

The keratin hair extensions are available and easily accessible to users everywhere you go. They come in different varieties of lengths, sizes, and colors.

2. Pocket Friendly 

They are relatively cheap compared to other extensions and last for approximately 6 to 8 weeks when proper care is taken.

3. Easy Application And Removal

Keratin hair extensions are applied to your hair strand-by-strand using direct fusion to make it blend well into your hair.

Removing keratin extensions is also pretty straightforward because they don’t use clips or weaves, unlike other types of extensions. This type of extension is also very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

4. Safe 

Since it’s applied to your natural hair with the help of bonding glue, there’s no risk of it falling out of your head and causing any damage to your scalp or natural hair.

Cons Of The Keratin Hair Extensions

1. Time-consuming

Applying the Keratin hair extension to your hair strand-by-strand can be very timing consuming.

Application may take about 4 hours or more depending on the length and number of extensions you need and how fast the stylist can go. You may have to be in a position for a long period until the whole hair is covered, which can be very tiring.

2. Scalp Irritation. 

Fixing the hair extension very close to the scalp is another weight pulling at the scalp in addition to the natural hair. This can irritate the scalp and may damage the hair root in the long run.

3. Cost

There are different types of quality of hairs, even among the keratin hair extensions. A high-quality keratin human hair extension does not come cheap and will affect your budget if you go for it. However, a quality keratin extension is worth its price in gold.


Keratin extensions are easy to apply, lightweight, and comfortable to wear; these hair extensions are very popular. They are the choicest among women who want to add volume or length to their natural hair.

They come in different colors and are made from pre-processed hair specially treated for maximum durability. However, they also have some cons; read the article to learn more about keratin hair extensions’ Pros and Cons.