Hockey is a competitive sport played by two opposing teams using an angular stick to strike a ball. Being that die-hard fan of this competitive sport gives you a pump of adrenaline. The banter and the screams are minute comparisons to planning your perfect attire.

 There is a lot to pick from, but the best recommendation was influenced by comfort and location. You can wear the classic outfit of your best hockey team jersey layered with a jacket and an old pair of jeans. It is always an excellent option.

There are other options; of course, this article would discuss many others. Keep reading to gather as much information as to make you a pro.

What To Wear To A Hockey Game 

Wearing your team’s jersey and a pair of jeans is always a hit, but having other options would be nice. Hockey is quite versatile as it may be played on ice, a rink, or a field. What you wear may vary slightly. 

Below we have discussed your clothing options in detail.

Ice Hockey As the name implies, Ice hockey is a sport played on solid ice. The temperature differs as it depends on where you are to be seated. In this situation, warmth is comfort.

Generally, wherever you decide to sit, It is advisable to dress in layers. First, put on a T-shirt, your hockey team jersey over it, and a loose button-down shirt with a long sleeve. It would help if you were over-prepared than stranded.

Extra layers may be shed to balance the temperature. Locate regulars at the game and ask for recommendations. They have experienced and experimented, so they are more inclined to put you through.

If the game is outdoors, consider the trio; headgear, gloves, and scarf. This will be in addition to your layered clothing and thick socks. Consider the thick pants you wear to shovel snow off your driveway because you want to be warm.

Below are seating arrangements and clothing suggestions.

1. Near The Ice

You will notice the air is cooler in front of the ice like between the first five rows. The temperature increases as you sit further away. You would feel a bit chilly, but it is worse when you sit at the edges.

Sitting in between the crowd may make the place feel warmer, but you will still feel cooler in your digits. Your feet and hands may be uncomfortably cold if you are not dressed right. Gloves and socks are lifesavers in situations like this.

Depending on how you can tolerate the cold, feel free to layer your socks or gloves. The cold could be quite problematic, so come prepared to enjoy the game. Thick boots are also recommended.

Layer those shirts and jackets as well. Thick warm fabric is your best mate. Wear clothes that would insulate you from the cold like a pair of jeans, jeans, a T-shirt and jacket.

2. Far From The Ice

It wouldn’t be a great choice to wear a pair of sandals for that ice hockey game. You may reason since you are a bit away from the ice, it would not be that bad. Apart from the cold, come prepared.

Someone in the crowd may be dressed in boots and step on you during a rush. Imagine the feeling of that stomp on your exposed toes. You may not need to dress in double clothes as overall gets warm as the crowd cheers their team along. 

You may come dressed in casual clothes like jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of boots.

3. Sparse Location 

In a sparse seating area, it most likely would be cold. Whether it’s the first five or ten rows, it is recommended you wear a coat to remain comfortable. Dress in warm clothing, socks, and headgear. 

Throw in a sweatshirt and layer it up.

Rink hockeyis also known as roller hockey, quad hockey, or hardball hockey. Rink hockey is also known as roller hockey( quad hockey or hardball hockey. It is played on hardwood, sport tile, or cement floor. 

The temperature change may not influence your outfit. This is very similar to dressing for a basketball game. The guys may dress casually in a t-shirt or a jersey and jeans or slacks.

Below is a list of options you probably have in your wardrobe for the ladies.

  1. A maxi gown with a jacket 
  2. Denim on denim
  3. T-shirt on denim
  4. Jacket on denim
  5. Sweater and slacks
  6. Shorts and a T-shirt

We can conclude that denim is a staple. The idea is to dress casual, comfortable, but nice. Put the extra effort to look chic.

Field Hockey – as the name implies, it is played on a field. The grass may be synthetic or natural. They may be played indoors or outdoors. Dressing up for field hockey is similar to a football game. It is mostly outdoors, so temperature matters. You can dress In the colors of your favorite team.

If it is a hot day, don clothing with light fabrics and a comfortable fit. The ladies may try a light-weight sweatshirt and leggings or a dress and jacket. Guys may go for a long-sleeved shirt and trousers.

What Should A Woman Wear To A Hockey Game Date?

Layering Is Key

A white turtleneck top with your team jersey over it and a jacket is recommended. This would keep you warm in case of cold temperatures during the game. Wear it with a pair of leggings, boots, and a matching sling bag.

You may shed the extra clothing to regulate the temperature as you deem fit.


You may put on a jersey with leggings or a denim shirt with leggings would look good. Bulky socks, sturdy boots, and a warm hat would complete this look. Leather leggings are a thing now. Pair it with a team color t-shirt and a classic denim jacket. 

Pee Caps

Keeping it simple is also an option. Opt for a pee cap, mom’s jeans, and booties. Simple but excellent choice.


Belts, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are a yes! Be extra by adding everything you would regularly wear with that outfit. Don’t be scared to push the simple outfit a notch over.


Ditch the sandals and peep-toes; go for a stylish knee-high boot. It is functional and warm. Wear socks to keep warm. 

You want To feel and look good. Warmth is comfort. Other outfit combinations are listed below.

  1. Thick fabric Shirts like Flannel with leggings or an old pair of jeans
  2. A mid Length Dress With A button-down sweater.
  3. Short Skirts and Knee-length Boots plus A Jacket
  4. Track Suit with a bold colored scarf
  5. Tank Top with a jacket And Sneakers
  6. Hoodies and shorts
  7. Favorite Hockey team Jerseys With a warm coat.
  8. Stylish Ripped Jeans and a Shawl or scarf.
  9. Blazers And denim plus booties

Can I Wear Accessories To A Hockey Game?

Yes, you can. Dress in style for that Hockey Game. We have briefly mentioned it above, but we would like to add other classic accessories. 

  • Classic Pashmina- This scarf remains a staple in fashion. Keeps you warm yet stylish.
  • Gloves- keep those digits toasty and warm through the game.
  • The Beanie– They add a stylish touch to your outfit. They give a warm and cozy feeling also.
  • Stylish Hoodie- The hoodie gives an edgy look. Tip the scale over and style it win ripped jeans or leather leggings.
  • Socks- Thick and warm ankle or long socks are a must. Get them in cute colors.
  • Boho Sweater- These sweaters can replace with a jersey; you feel chic on days. Add a pair of sneakers.
  • Warm Booties- Cute, versatile, and cozy. It’s a game outfit hit.
  • The Cashmere-The soft, cozy feeling of cashmere fabric against the skin is certainly nice. Whether it’s a scarf or a cardigan, it’s a must-have.


Hockey may be played on different surfaces and locations. You can never go wrong wearing your favorite jersey and a pair of jeans. The cool temperature from ice hockey requires you wear warm outfit choices. The normal temperature from field hockey allows you to dress comfortably and casually. 


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