The yacht party is quite different from a regular party, and the same goes for the outfit you wear on the yacht. You get to receive lots of yacht party invites during the summer; hence, you want to show up with the appropriate attire.

The last thing that should be on your mind when attending a yacht party is how you look, as you have to look good and comfortable.

A maxi floral dress or a see-through kimono over your swimming suit is an awesome female attire for a yacht party. The male should wear a light shirt on loose pants or opt for polo and denim with a boat shoe. The best clothing to wear at a yacht party is anything that makes you feel good and comfortable and does not make you look out of place. 

The right type of attire is important at any event, especially one like a yacht party where you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

Showing up at a yacht party in an inappropriate outfit makes you look weird and draw unwanted attention to you. Read this article for more suggestions about the best day or night yacht party outfits for both genders.

Best Yacht Party Outfit Ideas

A yacht party differs from a regular party, and it’s a great way to get away from formality and enjoy the company of friends. The best way to dress for a yacht party is to be comfortable, look good and be classy. On a yacht, getting dressed up isn’t as necessary as anywhere else if there are no stipulated dress codes given to attendees.

Therefore, your best bet is a casual t-shirt and jeans with some nice sandals or boat shoes that are comfy on your feet.

The right outfit helps you make a good impression on your yacht party, especially if you are on a date. You don’t want to show up at the party looking too corporate or uptight and at the same time too casual, so what do you opt for then.

In addition, the party’s timing on the yacht is something you must also factor in when choosing your outfit. If the party is held during the day or night, you should be sure of this before deciding what to wear.

Especially if it is a day party, you will be in need of sunscreen to protect yourself from blemisked skin as well. Or, maybe a long sarong to protect yourself from the UV rays. Different attires go for the day and night parties, and you also have to be dressed for the weather; Mother Nature can be surprising, you know.

Or, maybe a long sarong to protect yourself from the UV rays. Different attires go for the day and night parties, and you also have to be dressed for the weather; Mother Nature can be surprising, you know.

Day Yacht Party Outfits for Women

Most yacht parties held during the day are characterized by dancing on the deck with lots of cocktail drinks and chops.

Also, with many people swimming in the water; hence, comfortable attire that can be easily pulled off and back on is needed. You will want to spend your day partying and not spoil the fun with too uptight or formal clothing.

Day yacht party outfits range from beautiful colourful swimsuits or bikinis to adorable crop tops on denim or shorts. Find below some insightful tips on female outfits for a yacht party.

1. Colourful Swimsuit/Bikini

Swimsuits can be worn under your clothes; only ensure it goes with the colour of the attire you have chosen. Check out this two-piece breaded strap floral Bikini with a lace-up closure.

2.Sexy Sleeveless Jumpsuit

A terry sleeveless wide-leg jumpsuit or a sleeveless spaghetti strap Short Jumpsuit with a flat sandal or sneakers fit well for a yacht party.

3.Off-The-Shoulder Top On Jean Short

Because it’s summer, an off-the-shoulder top on denim will let you enjoy the breeze on the yacht. Isn’t enjoyment and comfort the reason why you’re there in the first place?

4.Sexy Bikini Cover-Ups/See-Through Kimonos

You can easily pull this off whenever you want to jump into the water and have fun. Various beautiful cover-ups, kimonos in different colours, and lightweight materials fit your party.


Whether you want to go for a mini or maxi sundress, they are both ideal for a summer day yacht party. A floral print sundress on a date to a yacht party is an excellent choice for a lady.

6.Loose Blouse On A Macro Pencil Skirt

A beautiful louse blouse on a macro pencil skirt is hot for a yacht date; so far, you are comfortable in it.

Night Yacht Party Outfits For Women

Evening yacht party requires you to be dressier but casual with no formality.

7.Lovely Crop Tops On Palazzo Pants

It’s an evening affair, so a lovely crop top on palazzo pants suits a yacht party as palazzos are loose and help you move about comfortably.

You can choose a crop top on a beautiful floral print maxi Skirt/wrap Skirt. It keeps your legs covered from the breeze; however, it should not be too long to avoid tripping.

8.Blazers On Pant Trousers

It’s cooler on the yacht in the evening compared to the daytime, so you might want to put a blazer over your top because of the chilly evening breeze. Opt for bright colour and a lightweight blazer on your jeans or pant trouser


Sneakers, beach sandals or boat shoes like Sperry boating shoes are best appropriate for a party on a yacht. However, ladies who can’t do without their high shoes can go for balanced wedge sandals.

10. Hats And Scarfs

Your scarf is an important accessory for the yacht party to keep your hair in place. You don’t want your hair looking dishevelled on your way back from the party. A wide-brimmed hat or the regular beach hat goes well too.


Polarized sunglass is highly recommended during the day to help protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays.

12. Trendy Waterproof Bag

You will need a waterproof bag to store your things like hair clips, makeup, sunglasses case, wristwatch, earpiece, etc.

Day Yacht Party Outfits For Men

Just like the women, the men want to relax and enjoy their yacht party too; hence, there is no need for formal or uptight clothing. Check out the list of some attire you can choose for your yacht party below.

13.Loose Shirts On Swimsuits

Men should opt for a loose shirt on a tight swimsuit for comfort and good looks on a summer day yacht party. Check out amazon essential men’s swimsuits that can pass for dress shorts you can wear with your top or shirt.

14.Polo On Loose Pants

Polo on loose pants is one of men’s popular clothing you will find at a yacht party. They are best appropriate even for a date on the yacht.

15.Loose Vest On Khaki Short

A loose vest on Khaki shorts for a day out on the yacht is appropriate for men, especially if you will be going into the water. Men comfortable in shorts can go for this combination in place of pants with a top.

Night Yacht Party Outfits For Men

Being out at night on the water with your guest is a beautiful experience, and you want to look good even as a male. Classic clothing made from lightweight fabrics that feel good and comfortable goes for men. Find some insightful attire suggested for you below.

16.Blazer Over A Boating Short

A lightweight blazer or a boating short is an awesome evening yacht party wear for men. Especially if you love the breeze touching your legs as it may get chilly in the evening on the water.

17.A Loose Top On A Jean Or Pant Trousers

You want to relax around your guest with a loose top on Jeans or pants in the evening to avoid much breeze on your legs.


Sneakers, Sperry Boat shoes, or other types of non-marking boat shoes is ideal for your yacht party, either attending during the day or at night.


Men are good to go with waterproof wristwatches, polarized glasses, beach hats, and sunscreen.

Important Tip For A Yacht Party

  1. It is very appropriate to ask questions from the organizers if you are not sure about the type of party. Knowing what is appropriate and not for an event on the yacht will let you better prepare yourself.
  2. Wearing formal attire will make you look out of place; the chances of seeing attendees on at a yacht party wearing such are very slim.
  3. As much as possible, ensure you use only waterproof accessories to prevent your stuff from being moist.
  4. Use waterproof makeup during the day; you know you might change your mind about not swimming.
  5. A mosquito repellent is one important item you should bring to a yacht party, as mosquitos like it when it’s humid. If you are partying till late afternoon and have your skin exposed, you will need a repellent.
  6. Ensure all outfits and accessories are comfy and make you feel good.

Final Thoughts

A yacht party is a moment for relaxation and enjoyment with friends and other attendees during the day or at night. It’s ok if you are a newbie to a yacht party or just wondering what attires are appropriate for a yacht party.

As listed in this article, you can opt for several beautiful combinations of attires for both males and females. Now that you know the appropriate outfit for your Yacht party, we say, have a great day partying.



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