There is a high demand for hand-tied hair extensions by women today. These extensions are patronized for their beauty, fantastic look and elegance. Apart from the fact it makes you feel confident, it also adds length and volume to your natural hair.

However, before buying a Hand-tied hair extension, you should know the pros and cons. That way, you are sure you have made the right decision.

The pros of hand-tied hair extensions include cost-effectiveness, adaptation to care, and durability. This is because they are made from quality materials. On the other hand, Hand-tied hair extensions are difficult to install and require professional knowledge and adequate watch when choosing a color to match your natural hair.

The pros of a hand-tied hair extension make them in high demand. In this guide, you will be exposed to more details on Hand-tied hair extensions, their maintenance and benefits.

What are Hand-tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are produced from wefted hair. This type of hair extension can be installed on your natural hair by sewing or weaving. The process usually involves the use of a needle and a thread to stitch the extension with your natural hair.

Also, when attaching a hand-tied hair extension with your natural hair, you should contact a professional stylist because the weft won’t be sowed directly to a scalp and will be seen in the form of an invisible bond.

What makes a hand-tied hair extension special is the increase it gives your natural hair volume. Hand-tied hair extension is a hair extension that is also easy to maintain unlike other types of hair extension. All that is needed is to purchase the hair and pay for the installation.

Pros of hand-tied hair extension

1. Quality

Quality is one of the standout qualities of hand-tied hair extensions; making them the best of all hair extensions. Though a hand-tied hair extension can be less expensive than other types of hair extension, that doesn’t make others better. Remember that a hair extension can be expensive and yet have low quality.

Quality is determined by what the product is made from and how it looks on you. Unlike some types of hair extensions, Hand-tied hair extensions look natural on anyone wearing them and will be unnoticeable even if the wind blows your hair.

Unlike some types of extensions that don’t fit thin or short hair, a Hand-tied hair extension looks perfect on all types of hair, no matter how short, thick, thin or long.

2. Pricing

To the delight of many customers, the average price of Hand-tied hair is less than that of its predecessors. In cases where the price is higher, the extra charge comes from the hairstylist’s installation fee. As the stylist works strand by strand, you will be a much sturdier winner.

The installation time also makes it costlier at times; trust me they are worth it. When installing the Hand-tied hair extension, the hairstylist will first separate the hair, then put silicone beads, and then sew the weft with the hair, making it take a lot of time. The cost is also worth it because you will be able to dye the hair with the color you like.

3. Cost of Maintenance

Among other types and brands of hair extensions, Hand-tied hair extensions are the only ones that require a small amount of money for adequate maintenance. Unlike others that require that you should care for them more than your natural hair to last long, Hand-tied extensions only require you to take care of your extension the same way you would do to your hair. The amazing thing is that this low-maintenance won’t affect it after removing it.

All you need to do for maintenance is to apply shampoo and conditioner while washing. Although your hair extension will not benefit from vitamins and minerals in the conditioner, it will make your natural hair healthier and thicker.

Using this hair product is essential to make your hand-tied hair extension easier to comb before and after washing to avoid tangle. This type of hair also allows you to style it in different ways without damaging your hair.

Cons of Hand-tied hair extension

1. Installation Can Be Difficult

One of the cons of Hand-tied hair extensions is the difficulty with installation, making it a must for you to get a professional hairstylist to do them for you. This hair extension requires intensive learning and certificate courses to gain professional knowledge about the installation.

However, the installation process may be different depending on your hair size and color. So the person doing your extension installation must be certified in Hand-tied hair extension because someone who is certified in clip-in hair extension may not do a professional job for you when it comes to hand-tied hair extension. This is because they are of different brands and types.

2. Color Match

Another difficulty with Hand-tied hair extensions is that you must make sure the color you are using matches your natural hair color. This is essential because the easiest way for people to discover you aren’t wearing your natural hair is if the color doesn’t blend with each other. It is a disadvantage because it is stressful finding the color that matches your hair.

How to sleep with Hand-tied extensions?

With all the money, time, and resources spent on investing in Hand-tied hair extensions, it would be unfortunate to pay less attention to the maintenance of your hair, especially when sleeping. Here below are the ways to make your Hand-tied hair extension remain beautiful:

1. Place Your Hair in a Braid Before Sleeping.

To maintain your hair before sleeping, ensure you place your hair in a braid because this will help prevent your hair extension from getting knotted or tangled.

2. Sleep On a Silk Pillowcase

To maintain your hair before sleeping, ensure you sleep on a silk pillowcase because it helps to prevent wrinkles and make your hair not tangle. A silk pillowcase is a also good option and is better than other pillow case options because it helps to create fiction for your hair extension and natural hair.

3. Brush Your Hair Before Sleeping.

Another important thing you need for maintenance is to always brush your hair extension before sleeping to remove all tangles. Also, ensure you start the brushing from the top to the bottom to avoid hair damage.

4. Do Not Sleep with Wet Hair.

Sleeping with wet hair extensions on your head can be very dangerous because it can cause severe knots and tangles and even damage your natural hair.

How Long Will Hand-Tied Extensions Last?

Hand-tied hair extension is a type of hair extension that lasts between 6-12 months if properly taken care of with the right hair products.

If you need a hair extension that will last for a long time, a hand-tied extension is an option that will do this with ease, only if you don’t take it for granted. Add a shampoo, and conditioner, and use a wide-toothed comb while washing to make it last longer.

Treating the hair extension with love will surely make you feel happy for a whole year. It will also make you look good during the party and make everyone get attracted to you.


Ultimately, when choosing a Hand-tied hair extension, ensure you take your budget into the pros and cons to help you to know if you are making the wrong or right decision. You must also go to a licensed cosmetologist or certified hairstylist to help you install it the right way, so that you can have your best look and avoid wasting your money.


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