What to Wear to a Baby Shower

Knowing what to wear to some special events can be a challenge, especially if you are the type that has never been to such a party. It can be confusing for baby showers as you are careful not to be under or overdressed for the event.

Generally, baby shower outfits are pretty informal. The suitable option for any baby shower event is to choose a nice shirt or a blouse, with a pair of pants or a modest but casual skirt or dress. With this choice, you will feel comfortable and move around conveniently at any baby shower event.

This article discusses the tips to generally consider in making your choice of baby shower outfits. And a few versatile outfit choices you can make, based on the weather and environmental setting of the next baby shower outing.


What do I Wear to a Baby Shower Event?

We have outlined in detail below how you can dress up for your baby shower based on the environmental setting and the weather condition at the time of the event.

Baby Shower in winter

As a guest, you may find it challenging to wear to a baby shower in the cold weather. You have to consider if your transit to the event will be through the wet, snowing, or cold conditions and what these will do to the clothes you will be choosing. Therefore, layering is important in your choice making. A combination of textures gives your dressing an interesting look. And at the same time, keeping yourself toasty and warm is essential. Few choices you can make are:

  • A boohoo-chic outfit enables the confident and elegant pull off. With a simple base attire and a kimono with tassels over it or a flowery cardigan
  • A smart blazer or cozy sweater with leggings for a casual look, dressed up with pants or a satin skirt with its silky feel
  • Slacks and a plaid blazer is a classic combination to wear to a baby shower in the winter. Plus, a touch up of modern trends to update the look.

Baby Shower in Autumn

Just like the winter baby shower, layering is also important, especially if the event is an outdoor one. When it comes to choosing dresses for transitional seasons, it can be a bit tricky. Will it be one of those fall days that are warm, and you enjoy the sun a little more, or will it be a freezing day with the noses red and the eyes watering?

Generally, for a fall baby shower event, plan an outfit for warm weather that you can pair with a cardigan, blazer, or light jacket. However, it should be something you can take off or do away with, and you would still look great. Few choices you can make are:

  • A blazer and blouse is a smart choice. But ensure it does not look too formal. A soft, knit jacket with leggings, jeans, or a light flouncy skirt will be a good combination.
  • Sweater dresses are flexible options to go for.

Baby Shower in Spring

Baby shower outfits for springs might be the easiest to decide with the vibes that come with the spring season, beautiful and bright prints depicting the blossoming of flowers. However, you can choose to go for ideas out of the box. Few choices you can make are:

  • A white or fawn shirt or blouse with a floral print skirt looks just great.
  • A pair of cropped chinos with a blouse combo of unexpected details like fun pattern, embroidery, lace sleeves, etc.
  • A pair of white ankle pants combined with a lace-sleeved top also gives the feminine touch for baby shower outfits in the winter.

Baby Shower in Summer

Summer happens to be the warmest season of the year. Automatically, you will want to go for a lightweight outfit that would not leave you sweaty. However, it is regarded as a “bad form” if you choose to look overtly sexy for a baby shower. Therefore, avoid the low-cut items, body hugs, or shear in your choice. Few choices you can make are:

  • Airy sundresses or blousy shorts are good picks.
  • Light fabrics like cotton, linen, or chiffon
  • Outfits with bright colors or fun prints are choices you can likewise play around with.

Baby Shower Indoor Event

When the baby shower event is taking place in the host’s home, the choice of the outfit depends a lot on the lifestyle of the host and the home. A factor that can help in your choice here is when the event is taking place. Is it in the morning, early hours of the evening, or at night?

You can also consider the choice of a special theme for the baby shower. The presence of any active games at the baby shower should also be considered to enable a free to and fro movement. If still unsure, a nice pair of pants, a cute blouse or shirt, or a casual dress will work perfectly fine.

If the baby shower is taking place at a restaurant, consider how formal the restaurant itself is. Most times, your best bet will be to go a little more towards a dressy casual. An informal pantsuit, a modest casual dress, or something similar to what you may decide to wear to work professionally should do great. Combine that with some nice flats or heels, and you’re good to go. If the shower is being held at a formal restaurant, then dress the same way you normally would for that restaurant.

Baby Shower Outdoor Event

Automatically, for an outdoor baby shower event, the usual outfit is a light summer dress. However, ensure that your dressing does not overshadow that of the woman of the hour that you are celebrating. Few choices you can make are:

  • Opt for a light summer pantsuit paired with classic flat shoes
  • A wide-legged jumpsuit combined with spaghetti straps keeps you cool; however, you can add a light jacket to it as you desire.
  • You can dress down or up your outfit with the right accessories.

If the baby shower is taking place in the backyard or some other places with a grassy area, you should be careful about your choice of shoes. You would not want to find yourself sinking into the ground as you walk or falling over.

What Are The General Outfit Choices to make for a Baby Shower

  • Animal Prints dresses that are matched with the appropriate accessories and footwear are a safe choice for a baby shower.
  • A floral maxi dress looks just fine for a modest dressing, whether the baby shower event happens in the day or at night.
  • A breezy ruffled polka dot dresses the baby shower outfit with the vibes it comes with, especially for any summer baby shower event.
  • Lace dresses are also a good choice for baby showers. Pair up with appropriate footwear, purse, and accessories.
  • Simple short dresses which you can build an entire look around produces a stunning look. You can combine it with a beautifully structured blazer or thin knitted jackets.

What Are The Considerations To Make in Your Preparation for a Baby Shower Event

  • Make the outfit plans in line with the time and environmental setting of the event.
  • Opt for dresses and accessories that are feminine and nice
  • Wear clothes that you can freely move about that makes you comfortable. The guest might involve some extremely active games that you should join in.
  • Avoid outfits with black or dull colors.
  • Ensure your accessories do not overshadow that of the mom-to-be; she owns the event, let her stand out.
  • Check-in with other guests who would be attending the baby shower. This does not mean you should copy what they would be wearing, but it will help you make your outfit decision.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that would enable you to enjoy the event, and you may find yourself standing for a long time.
  • For a sophisticated hairstyle for a baby shower, you can part your hair at the center and do some soft, loose curls. However, you can also go for hairs you can roll in a bun and pin-up.


Yes! It is a newborn coming to the world, and of course, it calls for a celebration. Nevertheless, deciding the suitable choice of outfit for a baby shower at times can be overwhelming.

Looking good and dressing appropriately for the event is essential. Build your choice around the ideas given in this article, and see yourself dressing up just right for that baby shower invite.