Pros and Cons of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions provide a good fit for many women today. There are different types of tape in hair extensions and a lot of sellers in the fashion market. Making it a must to know the pros and cons of a tape in hair extension so that you can be sure if you are making the right or wrong decisions.

Tape in hair extensions have several benefits including beautifying your hair with different hairstyles, and a variety of color options without dying your hair. Its installation doesn’t damage the natural hair, and is comfortable to wear. On the other hand, tape in hair extensions is more expensive than other hair extensions, and feels uncomfortable wearing one with low quality.

With this hair extension, you can let your beauty glow making you the center of attraction while you walk. You need to ensure you purchase a hair extension tape with high quality to avoid itching. Here in this guide, you will learn about the pros and cons of tape in hair extensions.

What are Tape Hair Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are half inches and one-to-one inches of the natural hair but taped with medical glue to the hair. In most cases, tape in hair extensions is installed by a licensed cosmetologist. To ensure that the adhesive temporarily sticks on a client’s hair, a tape-in hair extension must be properly applied for hair cleansing.

After the hair is blown out, the cosmetologist or the hairstylist will sandwich the two wefts of the natural hair in between. Also, installing tape in hair doesn’t require any chemicals or tools but expertise.

Pros of Tape-In Hair Extensions

1. It lasts long

One of the pros of tape in hair extensions that makes many people go for it is its ability to last for 10 to 14 weeks after installation, depending on how your natural hair grows.

However, in cases where you buy high-quality ones, they may last for at least six months. So, the first impression is that after purchasing a tape-in hair extension for a large amount of money, you can also reuse them; you can reuse the tapes many times.

2. The application does any heat or tool.

One of the pros of tape in hair extensions is that it doesn’t require any equipment or heat to fix. Unlike other types of hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions have everything required to fix themselves.

Tapes that come with the hair extension make it easy for hairstylists to attach and all you need to do is attach it to your hair. There is no need for any special equipment when it comes to tape-in extension, all that you need is double tapes on your hair strand.

3. Incredible Length and Volume

Tape-in hair extensions also have incredible length and volume, making the natural hair grow longer. This is done because the hair extensions are built to add more length to your hair, and the process is called hair integration.

So, in cases where you have low hair and want more hair, tape-in extension is a good option because it will add more hair, though it may grow slowly. But it will give you the long hair you want.

4.It doesn’t damage the hair

Another pros of tape in hair extensions is that they don’t damage the natural hair. The reason behind this is because they are light and don’t add any weight to your hair. So, they don’t cause traction drop, making it comfortable to use even when you are sleeping.

Unlike other types of hair extensions that are likely to damage the hair, especially if a professional hairstylist does not handle the process.

Tape-in hair extensions are best for people with light hairs. Therefore, a tape-in extension is a preferred option if you need a hair extension without effect on your natural hair.

5. Easy to remove

Even though tape in hair extensions is best done by professionals, you can remove it more easily than other types of hair extensions. You use oil or solvent remover to remove a tape-in hair extension.

These materials should be used because they don’t contain chemical ingredients that can damage natural hair. After applying solvent remover or oil, you will then pull out the hair gently to avoid damage. Then, you can keep the tape in your hair extension and use it for future purposes.

6. Comfortable to use

Tape-in hair extensions are very comfortable to wear because of their light and soft nature. In some cases, you may even forget you are wearing them. It is comfortable to use because it is a semi-permanent hair extension.

So it would be best if you are comfortable and feel relaxed wearing them since you will wear them for at least six months.

7.   Gives Natural Look

Another great pros of tape in hair extensions is that it gives a natural look; people won’t even know you are wearing hair extensions unless you tell them. This is possible in tape-in hair extension because it comes with invisible tapes that can blend with your hair.

It is also possible because it is a thin, soft, light strand that mixes with your hair. And if you want your tape-in hair extension to look more natural for you and people seeing it, you can choose the type that matches the color of your natural hair.

8. Generally Affordable

Tape-in hair extensions are affordable, and less expensive for a good quality. There is a lot of quality tape in extension, which you can purchase for a small amount. For instance, you can get a quality tape in the hair of 20 grams and 18 inches for a maximum of $100 and reuse it after using it for months.

9. A Good Option for Thin Hair

Tape-in hair extension is the best for thin hair. It is usually difficult for anyone with thin hair to find the right hair extension that won’t damage the hair and still blend with natural hair and still look good on them.

Although some hair extensions may look better to you than tape in hair extensions, the weight of other options and application methods may affect your hair if you have thin hair.

The important thing to know is that the tape in hair extension requires professionalism to get it properly applied and make it blend with natural hair without any effect.

10. Adding Highlights and Colors Without Chemicals

Tape-in hair extensions also allow you to add highlights and colors without using chemicals that will damage your hair. Apart from having long or short natural hair, tape-in hair allows you to add many colors without dying your hair because dying can affect your hair. Tape-in is a cool option because after trying it once, there won’t be any need for hair dye.

Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions

1. It is more expensive than other types of hair extension

One of the cons of tape-in hair extensions is that they are not cheap for best quality that lasts long. However, it doesn’t the tape-in hair isn’t affordable as there are other cheaper ones with good quality when compared to other hair extensions.

And if you want something cheaper, extensions like clip-in can be a good option but have it in mind that it won’t last long up to tape-in hair extension.

2. There is a Need for Maintenance

Like other hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions need constant maintenance to make them last longer. Consistent maintenance is essential if you want your tape in extension to always look beautiful.

If you choose not to take care of tape-in constantly, it will make you look uglier in it. So, one of the cons of tape in hair extension is maintaining it adequately, which usually won’t last more than 15 minutes daily. The important method of caring is brushing it regularly and covering it before you sleep.

3.Feels uncomfortable if not attached properly

As good as tape-in extensions are, they will make you uncomfortable if they are not attached correctly.

When you feel discomfort, it means that the tapes are too close to your scalp when fixing. So this will make it pull your natural hair. Making it important for you to get a professional to get things done for you.


With all that you have learned in this tape in hair extension guide and review, taking the pros and cons into your account will make it easy to choose the best one.

The only issue you may have is if you have allergic reactions, but you can pick the tapes made from natural materials and are not likely to cause issues.