What To Wear With Grey Pants [7 Day Guide]

Grey is a neutral color. It may be dressed up to pop or down; either way, it’s a trendy color. There are so many combinations of outfits you can opt for when dressing up in a pair of grey pants.

 The best thing to wear with grey pants is a white shirt.  The reason is behind that is that combining grey with another neutral color like white does not disturb the eye. This applies to both men and women.

This article will inform you of the right way to rock that grey pants. It will give you many other detailed options like the best-suggested color palette.

What To Wear With Grey Pants

We recommend that you wear your grey pants with white because it fits into any location. It could be worn easily by both men and women. The color grey is quite adaptable, so the options are a lot. 

You may already have a ton of clothes that would complement them in your wardrobe. Grey agrees with neutrals like white, pastel shades like coral pink, and mint green. 

It may also be combined with different shades of reds, green, purple, and white. Gold and silver may also be worn with grey. All of these color palettes would complement your grey pant.

What Should Women Wear With Grey Pants?

Grey should not be considered dark or boring. It is a staple color in offices and relaxation wears. It is exciting to announce that grey is a neutral color.

You can combine properly whatever type of grey pants you decide to wear; palazzo, skinny, straight cut, low or high waist, and joggers. Below we have discussed the outfit combination according to the type of event.

Work Attire

Grey pants are often worn in the workplace. Wearing them right is profitable. We have mentioned a few colors earlier; they guide in putting together that bomb outfit. 

Pairing a navy, white or black top with grey pants is the default choice. They are the best options for those who don’t like to experiment with colors. Playing with colors like red or blue would be their go-to option for the fashionistas.

Patterned tops or jacket is also a great option. They add texture to the neutral grey shade. Grey on grey is also an option.

This monochrome look gives that edgy vibes. Add a solid color jacket and a mix of gold accessories to push it a notch higher.  Statement and bold accessory choices are the way to go.

Try pearls, zirconia, gold platinum, copper, and silver chains against your monochrome grey look. 

Casual Environment

For an informal setting, a pair of blue jeans may be the go-to choice, but Grey jeans are a vibe. Give that pair of greys a trial as they are the perfect substitute for blue denim. They help you shine through the crowd effortlessly. 

It is a day or night look with little or no change. You may throw in a red leather jacket and ankle boots. For an evening dinner look, try grey silk.

Silk gives a luxurious finish to an outfit. Put on a burgundy silk blouse matched with a grey silk pair of a palazzo. Step out in elegance and style. Accessorize with a bold belt and jewelry. 

Seasonal Looks

Grey and winter go well together. You should try grey pants, a tweed coat, and add in boots and a cashmere sweater. Patterned scarves will also complement your grey pants.

During the spring season, brilliant or pastel hues look lovelier and fresh. Spring is also an incredible period to start bursting out your open-toe sandals. In the summer, light shades of grey are the game’s star. Light grey paint with a breezy lemon sleeveless top and peep-toe sandals can be a favorite.

A bag is a fashion item that can reflect your style. Assume risks and experiment with a splash of bold color. When pairing bags with grey pants, make it pop by not playing safe.

In the Fall, bring out the light fabric leather jackets or trench coats. Grey leggings will look divine with a cover shoe with balanced-heels like a wedge or boots. Any color of shoe will go with grey pants. 

Make your legs look longer by wearing grey boots with grey pants. Experiments with a different letters like snakeskin or crocodile. The added texture adds more elegance. 

What Should A Guy Wear Grey Pants?

As with the ladies, grey pants are a regular in a man’s wardrobe. They may be worn in a casual or corporate setting. Let’s learn how to maximize that pair of grey pants throughout the week.

Monday- Traditional 

Monday’s are usually really busy as you might be stationed permanently at your desk catching up on emails. This does not mean you wouldn’t put in the effort to look good. You want to remain the office crush.

The traditional white shirt on grey pants is the default choice. Get a perfect fitting collared shirt paired with that grey pants. On chilly mornings, add an extra layer of cloth like a jumper.

Tuesday- Sophisticated 

Opt for a similar fabric but an obvious color difference. Add a turtle neck in the winter and give that sophisticated finish. Put together that classy look without stress.

Wednesday- Monochrome

Wear grey on grey to look very fashionable. Corporate plain slacks allow you to get away with this effortless blend. Add a sweatshirt to your grey pantsuit.

Try a pastel sweater and layer with a structured cut blazer. You may leave out the tie today. A chalky white sneaker is a statement finish to this outfit.

You may also consider a pair of desert or Chelsea boots. For an evening look, replace the structured jacket with a leather jacket. Wear this for an after-work mid-week drink with colleagues.

Thursday- Preppy

Go for the preppy work look. The week is gradually coming to an end, so that lunch dates may be slightly longer. The 1950 preppy look is the perfect option.

A simple cardigan is a brilliant piece of corporate-casual attire for preppy Thursday. The apparel is a staple that isn’t talked about enough. This choice combines well with a work blazer. 

Go for the school student design cardigan, pair it with a crisp shirt, and pair brogues or loafers.


It’s the end of the work and the beginning of the weekend. We get to rock the final workwear option of a chore jacket with the classic grey pants. Be modern yet in between casual and corporate.

The jacket balances the look by compensating the trousers’ cut with its shape. Add in a T-shirt in white or navy. Keep it tonal yet functional. Running shoes are the go-to choice to compliment this look.

A pop of color from the socks speaks style. Replace running shoes with a pair of ankle boots if necessary.

The Weekend

Drum rolls for the weekend. Time to relax and loosen it up. Out with the corporate wears, in with the weekend vibes.

Try a Cuban shirt. Yes, this stylish outfit can make that corporate grey pants look grand. This staple look gives this polish yet laid back effortless look.

The neutral tone of the trouser gives room for colors! You can choose From florals to Persian print and other abstract print designs. Vertical prints give the illusion of a slimmer body shape, while horizontal stripes do the opposite.

Select prints that compliment your skin tone and shape without worrying about the colors clashing with the grey pants. You may wear a white shirt over your grey pants to drink with the guys.

If your grey pant is part of a light fabric suit set, consider wearing the Cuban shirt under the blazer. This is an easy-to-rock wedding outfit.


Grey is a neutral but versatile color. It may be paired exceptionally easily using solid pastel colors and different prints. The traditional combination of grey pants is a crisp white shirt, black or navy. It can be easily dressed as a day look or an evening look.