20 Best Hobbies For Women In Their 30s

best hobbies for women in their 30sIf you are a woman in your 30s looking for new ideas to spice your life up, here is the list of 20 best hobbies for women in their 30s.

When describing the image of a modern woman, it’s the word “self-made” that suits the most.

Studying for degrees, achieving high career points, running businesses.

We are always in search of new opportunities that today’s fast-moving world can offer.

Especially those of us in their most thriving age around 30.

But as a drawback of this pursuit of success often comes exhaustion and stress.

From time to time, we need something to get away and reboot.

TV shows, Internet and social networks can’t give us true emotions. That is why it is so important to find the right hobby.


20 Best Hobbies For Women In Their 30sg

Learning A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign languageAt first glance, it can remind you of boring school classes. However, with language tutors online, learning a new language could be fun.

But with the right approach, learning foreign languages can be very exciting.

Try to deepen into the culture. Watch movies and read books in a language you learn. Chat with native speakers and travel.

Without a language barrier, you can become a citizen of the world.

Moreover, learning foreign languages is the best exercise for brains.



It is hard to find anything more soothing than making strokes on a canvas.

You don’t need to have a big talent to start.

Just relax, turn on your creativity and express what you feel inside.

Even if you won’t become another Frida Kahlo, you will totally distract from everyday routine.


DancingCan’t bring yourself to the gym? Try dancing.

Physical activity, plasticity, aesthetics, joy – dancing combines it all in one.

Moreover, in a group you can meet new friends to share your new hobby.

Just choose the dancing style that suits you most and enjoy the moves.


PhotographyMaking selfies is fun, but what about capturing life moments?

Through the lens of camera, simple things can turn into real art.

In our daily routine, we hardly ever notice it. Photography as a hobby will give you another perspective on the world outside.

Adventure Travelling

Adventure travellingIf total reboot is what you need, nothing will work better than travelling.

The world is so vast and diverse!

Grant yourself with real escape from your everyday reality.

Put a tent in the middle of the jungle, try surfing or climb Everest.

Once you feel the vibes of adventures, you will never want to stop.


Look back at things you used to love. Maybe when you were younger, you loved to read books., watch movie, travel, and whatnot Start collecting movie tickets, plane tickets or boat ride receipts, books, even graphic novels and comics to restart that spark for reading. A comic book price guide can help you start your collection.


CookingThere is no single person, who would not enjoy eating.

Though cooking is very often associated with routine and waste of time.

That is why most of us prefer going to cafes and buying ready dishes. In fact, the process of cooking can be even more fun than eating.

Just change your attitude and feel like chef on your own kitchen. For real fans, cooking becomes the best relaxation ever.

Baking bread is also a very common hobby for women in their 30’s. According to Make The Bread, more and more woman have decided to buy a bread maker. Baking bread at home is increasing in popularity.

Extreme Activities

Extreme activitiesIf a dose of adrenaline is what you looking for – try extreme activities.

Surf the Internet to find out what is available in your city.

Karting, rock climbing, speed racing, rope jumping, motorcycling, wakeboarding.

There are more opportunities than you can even imagine. As another benefit – risky people are always friendly.

That is why extreme activities are a good chance to make new friends.


WritingWriting diaries is not only for teenagers.

If you hesitate to express your emotions in text – start with writing in simple notebook.

When you are ready to introduce your thoughts to the world – create a blog.

Who knows, maybe you will end up with a published book?

Learning An Instrument

Music is almost the synonym to the word “relaxation”. And the perfect way to express your feelings as well.

Even if you have never tried to play an instrument before, it is never late to start. A great variety of choice – from old-fashioned classic piano to exotic ukulele.

Choose what suits your personality most and run to the classes.

As another bonus, with an instrument in your hands, you will become a life of any party.

Organizing Events

Organizing eventsIf you are big on communication and need socializing like a fish needs water – calm pastime is definitely not for you.

But we all know, how difficult it may be for old friends to get together.

Family, work, daily routines – it all makes us busy even for a small cup of coffee.

In fact, what each company of friends really needs is a good organizer. And you can become the one.

Plan the date of event in advance, choose the place, set the format and send invitations.

It can be a masquerade party or a wine degustation evening. Just turn on your creativity and leadership.

Your friends will definitely appreciate your intention.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditationYoga is not only a good way to keep your body in a good form.

It is a philosophy of true relaxation.

It can teach you to feel your soul, enjoy each moment and simply…breath.

These are the things that we all lack in our daily life.

Even after a few yoga classes you will notice the changes. You will feel much healthier and more relaxed.

Especially if you have a stressful job, this activity definitely worth trying.


If you can already call yourself an expert in some field – share it with others. Just create your personal blog and post your ideas.

If you enjoy writing – write articles. If you are a speaker more than a writer – take small videos.

As a great benefit that comes with blogging is an opportunity of monetizing.

Once you gain your audience of followers, you will turn your blog into another source of income.


CodingSteve Jobs says that everyone should learn to code because it teaches you how to think.

If you are a techie rather than a scholar, this hobby will definitely suit you.

In our time of digitalization, coding can become even more than just hobby.

While being considered as the most perspective field, it may lead you to great success.


Turn off the TV and get closer to real Hollywood. Acting classes will help you overcome shyness and lots of fears.

One of the best practices of personality development. 


Who says cosplaying is only for young people? This activity involves dressing up as your favorite characters in events and conventions. Whether you want to dress up as a superhero, an anime character, or a medieval wizard, there’s no doubt cosplaying is a form of expression that brings out everyone’s creativity. When looking for costumes, it’s best to look for shops that provide quality items at an affordable price. There are select costume stores online that offer a wide range of quality medieval cloaks that won’t break the bank.


VolunteeringThe kindest hobby that can ever be imagined.

If you are altruistic inside, you can spend your free time helping others.

Visit local nursing homes or orphanages to offer volunteer work.

Spending time with the less fortunate is not only a good deed, it also helps you.

You will realize the real value of simple things and start appreciating your life more.

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