Being a mom can be a full-time gig. It can be hard to find some free time, but all moms deserve the chance to take some time to a hobby they enjoy. We built a list of the best hobbies for moms.

This usually means it must be an activity that can be squeezed into everyday tasks or something that doesn’t need a lot of time to do.

While those do seem like heavy restrictions, there are many hobbies that any busy mom can enjoy while still doing their regular day-to-day.

10 Best Hobbies for Moms

1. Gardening

Best hobbies for momsThere’s no limit to how small or big a garden can be.

Depending on the time, a garden could be as small as a few herbs in pots, a vegetable or mushroom grow tent, or as grand as an entire lawn.

Regardless of the size of the garden, gardening can always be done at home.

While the children are sleeping or playing outside, mom could be taking some time to tend to her garden.

Gardening is a very relaxing activity as well as a good medium to unleash a mom’s creativity.

A well-planned garden can provide a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers for the home.

As an added bonus for those who are planning to sell their homes, gardens add a lot of value to a property for their color and life.

2. Cooking

Most moms spend a lot of their time in the kitchen doing meal prep for the days ahead.

This can end up feeling like a monotonous routine.

Instead of treating it like a chore, moms can take this time to look for and experiment with different and new flavors and techniques.

There’s a lot of resources online and in print with details on how to improve or innovate on tried and true recipes.

Moms can also ask the rest of the family for some dishes that they would like to try out.

It’s not just a good hobby, it can also be a good bonding experience for the entire family.

3. Photography

PhotographyLife and nature are beautiful. Capturing that beauty on camera can be gratifying and exciting.

A mom does not need to look much further than the home and the neighborhood to find moments and scenes to capture.

Take a few photos of the kids to keep throughout the years. Take a camera along on a morning walk and take some detail shots on a good scene or a flower.

Preserving those small moments during the day will be rewarding in the days to come.

4. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword PuzzlesIt always helps to keep the mind sharp.

Taking a mental challenge like a crossword puzzle every now and then is a fun way to keep the brain cells active.

Crosswords can be done in the short bursts of time that a mom usually gets in between tasks.

Keeping a puzzle book nearby is a good way to get some value out of the time spent waiting for an appointment, in the carpool lane, or other similar circumstances.

A few minutes of puzzling can even be squeezed in before bed with a puzzle book on the nightstand.

5. Scrapbooking

ScrapbookingA person’s childhood has a lot of moments to remember and enjoy when they’re an adult.

But most of these moments are lost to time and memory.

A mom can preserve these moments through a scrapbook.

Scrapbooking is an excellent way to keep those memories alive with a personal touch and a bit of creative flair.

Take some time while the children are playing or just before bed to work on a scrapbook.

The children will definitely appreciate it over the years.

6. Knitting

KnittingKnitting is more than just a grandmother’s pastime nowadays.

It’s an excellent creative activity that can be paused and continued at any time until it’s finished.

A mom can take some time to knit while waiting for basketball practice to end or while winding down at the end of the day with some television.

Best of all, knitting is an improvable skill. There’s an enormous number of patters to try out and the results always look impressive.

There’s nothing like a handmade scarf or sweater for the loved ones for the holidays.

7. Walking/Jogging

Walking/JoggingKeeping the body fit and healthy is always a good idea.

A short walk or jog takes as much time as the schedule allows and can be done anywhere.

If the grocery store is nearby, pop the little ones in a stroller and take them for a walk there.

While the kids are busy with sports, take a jog in the nearby fields.

If they have bikes, tag along with them while they’re cruising in the neighborhood.

It doesn’t take a lot to start, just put on some comfy shoes and jog away.

8. Painting

PaintingPainting doesn’t just belong to the masters.

Art is just what the artist makes of it and painting is a great way to make some décor for the home or gifts to give friends.

A finished painting can be as meticulous as a detailed still life painting of a flower to as abstract as a landscape painting formed out of broad strokes.

Many beginners use photographs as a pattern to make their paintings. Take a shot of a good scene and try to reproduce it on canvas.

9. Sewing

SewingSewing is a very fun hobby that anyone can have to save some money.

There’s lots of stuff like clothes and toys that can be repaired or renewed by those who know a bit of sewing.

Taking a bunch of fabrics and turning them into a useful product is a fun way to be productive.

Which is excellent for moms who don’t have a lot of time.

10. Blogging

A good way for a mom to decompress is through a blog.

Blogs can be about anything.

BloggingBe it crafting ideas, new recipes to try, or more general things like thoughts on marriage, motherhood, or family life.

Blogging is a good way to release some creative energy while connecting with others who share similar interests along the way.

These hobbies for moms are guaranteed to keep you entertained day and night.

They can help you exercise your body and mind and at the same discover your hidden skills and talents. Try them today! Check our social hobbies for the resume post as well as the hobbies for introverted.  

Bonus: Reading Books

Books are some of the most marvelous creations of humankind, and those who love to spend hours of their day immersed in their pages gain many things. Knowledge, a broader perspective, peace of mind, and entertainment are among the many things you can get from reading a book.

That said, why not start a habit of reading a book every day? Start with reading some interesting and useful books for your child. Check this article to find the recommended books to read together with your kid.

Reading is a wonderful hobby to pass the time in a fun way, and you get to learn many things along the way too. If you’re the religious type, make a habit of reading the Bible daily to grow your faith and spirituality. The Bible can be difficult to read and understand, but the good news is that there are now simplified versions of the Bible that are easier to understand and more enjoyable to read. Make Bible reading more rewarding by opting for a version that’s easier for you to comprehend.


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