5 Game Room Decor Ideas: Change The Vibe of Your House

Games are an ultimate escape from stress. Who wouldn’t love crossing the doorway to the room where all the cool stuff stays?

By games, we mean all sorts of fun and not just video games. While that’s cool, there are other things that you can do in a game room.

Foosball table, Air hockey, pool, and more. These days, portable air hockey tables, compact foosball and pool tables have become a part of home decor.

You can easily buy them online and design your game room. Imagine the expressions on your friends’ faces when they see your stylish arcade room.

So let’s see how you can change the vibe of your house.

Game Room Ideas to Make Your House Entertaining –

Make a Better Use of The Space

To begin with, always consider using the space wisely. You don’t need to have a big house or a larger room, and even a corner would work too.

If you happen to have a spare room, you can certainly buy a couple of arcade games and table games.

And even if not, a portable air hockey table or foosball table works just fine. You could play games like Chandler and Joey from Friends.

There’s a lot you can do with the space in your house. Please don’t keep it unused.

Add Suitable Furniture 

You and your friends are most probably going to spend hours in the game room. Once in, there’s no way one could leave without having the time of their life.

So, to make it more comfortable, add suitable furniture to the game room. Some comfy sofa sets, armchairs, maybe a table to keep snacks. If you have old furniture, consider updating the hardware like table legs to give it a fresh look and feel, all without spending too much.

You can also install a music system and set a barrel bar for an epic entertainment experience.

The Ambience

While this is optional, having a game-friendly ambience would enhance the entire vibe.

If you are into video games or arcade games, a few funky lights would be a nice touch. Maybe you can set up a video game room and home theatre to use it alternatively.

For table games like foosball and air hockey, try setting up lamps overhead. So when you are playing in the evening, the game table would have ample light.

In addition, don’t forget to hang the curtains suitable to the theme of your game room.

Game Setup for Kids

While talking about games, we cannot forget about children in the house. Their birthday parties and weekend sleepovers have to go right.

You have both indoor and outdoor options for children’s game setup. 

For a bit older children, table games and arcade games would be perfect. They can play with their friends and enjoy the holidays.

You can add some bean bags, recliners, and rugs to design the place. Bean bags would work for outdoor game setup, too, so that’s reusable.

Don’t Forget About Board Games

Some of your guests might be into chess or cards. Or maybe tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. So, you must consider board games inside your game room.

While these games can be played anywhere, it would be nice to have a proper place to play board games.

A corner can be assigned to set up a lovely tea table along with a couple of chairs. Or if you don’t have enough space, a simple loveseat sofa or compact chairs would work too.

Final Words

Game rooms have always been a great way to decorate your home, and it has gained more popularity amid the work-from-home era.

You don’t have to sit in a home getting bored. Your time can be spent surrounded by games and nice cozy furniture.

If you are interested in designing a game room, check out Watson’s online store. The website has ample options to change the vibe of your sweet home.