Luxury care homes can give a high standard of living and peace of mind for families when someone needs to go into care. It is not an easy decision for residents or their families. However, having added luxury can change your way of living for the better. To help you understand the difference between these care homes and others out there for your loved ones, we will be providing you insight into how a luxury care home can change the way your elderly relatives enjoy their retirement. 

Five Star Luxury

Luxury care homes are designed to be like five-star hotels. With extra comfort, fine dining, and of course, outstanding care. With state-of-the-art shower rooms, comfortable chairs in the lounge area and so much more, you can tell that a five-star care home is specifically designed for both comfort and practicality at every stage of the design process, to suit everyone. 

The facilities are also five-star, with cinema rooms to relax in and state of the art gyms to get fit. Some even chauffeur services and swimming pools to help your loved one feel comfortable and make it an enjoyable time for not only those that are living there but those that are visiting on a regular basis.  

Luxury care homes want to give the best possible care to their residents, making sure that they have activities, day trips and the latest in technological advancements to keep residents happy and enjoying life. However, with this high level of care comes the challenge of finding the availability.

Due to these care homes being in such high demand for so many reasons, finding a luxury are home with the availability will take time and require patience. As a result of this, many people begin to plan and have their names on a waiting list for there chosen care home to make sure that they are contacted when a room eventually becomes available. 

Lifestyle Teams

These care homes will usually have very specialized staff that are trained for not only specific health issues but also the maintenance of the lifestyle of the elderly residents. Lifestyle teams are appointed, to make sure that residents are kept engaged both mentally and physically through the use of activities and group exercises to help retain muscle mass and overall movements of joints. It is the job of the lifestyle team to actively suggest and develop ideas for meaningful activities and events. Looking not just at the resident base as a whole, but at individual resident’s wants and needs throughout their time of living here. 

Each of the lifestyle trams is specially trained to cater to each of the individual needs of the residents that they are taking care of and will make sure that every event that is planned will fit around the everyday life of them living there. These activities can come in many forms such as trips to a location such as a coffee shop or seafront or in the forms for events such as a festive party for the holiday season.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are very important, as they fulfil a sense of a normal life for the residents. Without constant communication, you run the risk of your resident becoming isolated and struggling mentally as a result. Therefore, a number of the care homes within the local community choose to come together, and local people can start to form an active part in socializing with the residents.

Whether it is the family members themselves getting involved in a number of these activities or it is a series of volunteers there are several ways that they can get involved and help the residents. These also lead to day trips to places like gardens, beaches animal sanctuaries, that give the residents something exciting to look forward to each week and talk about, just the same as when they were previously living at home.

The Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Elizabeth care home in Guildford is designed to be a home from home for the residents that are living here. It has many facilities including a bistro, where you can relax with a steaming cup of coffee as well as a library for those that are looking a lift, in their day to day lives when living at the home.

In addition to these areas that the residents can use alone, there is also a fully operational cinema is on the grounds, providing a great experience for residents as a group, and giving them something to do when people come to visit.

The Queen Elizabeth also has a beauty salon, where residents and visitors can go for haircuts, massage treatments and beautification. Their fantastic, landscaped gardens are also something to be admired, they wrap around the home and make for a perfect relaxing environment for both the residents and the visitors to enjoy. Residents can take a stroll around and admire the gardens whilst getting some fresh air and sensory stimulation all whilst spending some quality time with their family members.

The Queen Elizabeth has their own set of lifestyle teams and other specially trained staff to keep your elderly loved ones as healthy and happy as possible when living here. As well as having formed many community partnerships that have had extremely positive results for both mental and physical health at this time.

A luxury care home can open doors to getting back into an active lifestyle for a lot of people as they continue to enjoy their retirement. It can bring forwards some exciting and adventurous opportunities that you might have otherwise missed out on as well as present opportunities for residents to form new friendships and maintain positive mental health when living away from their home environment that they were once used to. It is possible to see the change, though it can be daunting at first, as a positive one. Allowing you to make friends and socialize within a larger community.


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