9 Must-Have Design Features for Rental Properties in Florida

Florida rental properties are expected to feel unique, as the tropical get-away state is a must-go-to destination for retirees, vacation goers, and even those just looking for a warmer place to live.

To acquire ideal renters for your rental properties, making sure your property’s design is tailor-fit to the Florida experience is crucial. To ensure you make massive profits from your Florida rental properties in 2022, here are nine must-have design features for rental properties in Florida:

1. Repurposed Found Objects

If you’re targeting vacation goers to fill your rental spaces, making the property feel cozy and Florida-like is crucial.

Finding shells and other Floridian objects to decorate walls and bedrooms with will help build buzz around your rental property. There’s a ton of value to be added using this tip, and you can do it without spending a single dollar.

2. A Variety in Design Choices

While having a cohesive aesthetic in your rental property is important, you should avoid a plain appearance at all cost. Florida is known for a warm, eccentric sensibility, and your rental property should reflect that.

If you want to keep renters’ minds active and excited as they tour your property, a variety of intelligent, beautiful design choices will provide one of your best weapons. If you’re renovating a space to meet these design needs, a co-investor or equity loan can prove invaluable.

3. Tropical Design Flair

Speaking of design choices, finding design elements that are specifically tropical is highly recommended (especially if you’re renting primarily to tourists and vacation goers).

Palm trees in the yard, surf-culture items on the walls and patios that are set up to look Florida-specific are all great ways to achieve this effect. Hiring a solid interior designer can help you nail this choice as well.

4. Fresh, Beautiful Coats of Paint

Paint is a mid-priced way to really make a rental property shine. Finding colors that appeal to Floridian sensibilities is crucial. Cool blues, lukewarm yellows and other comfort colors are highly recommended.

From walls to ceilings, there are plenty of places you can add a fresh coat of paint too if you want your property to feel brand-new. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh coat of paint?

5. A Beautiful Entryway

If you’re renting to vacation goers, having an entryway that’s eye-popping is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will this make your property look amazing in online advertisements, but it will add a sense of awe to your renters’ experiences as they use the property.

Stone gardens, beautiful front doors and stellar patios can all help you achieve this dazzling effect.

6. Outdoor Living Spaces

When you’re in Florida, you want to take advantage of the often fantastic weather. Having an outside living room, back porch or stellar patio can all help you provide a comfortable rental property to your clients.

There’s a highly trendy nature to these types of well-designed, inviting outdoor living spaces in 2022, so this is a key way to make your property stand out from competitors in Florida.

7. A Stellar Kitchen

Nothing can make or break a rental property’s appeal quite like the kitchen. If you have a lackluster or underserved kitchen space, your renters will find themselves less impressed and happy while living in the property.

Having a comfortable place for them to cook, and one that feels tropical and exciting, is highly recommended.

8. Modern Amenities

Speaking of kitchens, one of the best ways to make them pop is to have modern amenities and appliances in them (and this quality applies to other rooms and spaces in your rental property as well). The inclusion of “smart” appliances will be especially useful, and make your renters feel appreciated.

Additionally, the energy cost of a property can be significantly lowered with the right investments in this area. The way modern amenities can help simplify your life is important to note as well.

9. Comfortable Lighting Setups


If you have a poorly lit rental space, it can quickly ruin the mood of those using the property. Lighting should provide a comfortable, soft environment in living-centric rooms, and an even, well spread out visible environment in kitchens and game rooms.

If you have a well-lit space, you’ll also be able to receive fantastic pictures from your residents of the property’s interior to use during advertising later on.

Floridian Charm Should Be Packed Into Your Rental Property’s Design


By implementing these nine tips, you can make your rental property perfect for both Florida residents and vacation goers looking for an authentic Florida experience.

Many of these tips can be implemented for a reasonable price, and those that are more expensive are nearly certain to save you money (and increase your profits) in the long run. With the right effort, and intelligently made design choices, you’ll find 2022 bringing in more rental property profit to your bank account than ever before.