Working from home isn’t an easy task for many of us. While those who work in the office usually have all the needed items by hand, your home office might need some additional arrangement. Also, working in an office is associated with control. But when you work from home, everything depends on your self-discipline and motivation. 

That’s why it is important to create in your house space where you will spend your time with pleasure. Yes, we are talking about your home office. Thus, let us check some useful pieces of advice to make your working place better and improve productivity. 

A Standing Desk Might Change Your Approach to Working from Home

If you have an old desk, it is time to get rid of it. If you still like this good old furniture piece, you can remake it into a height-adjustable desk. To do so, buy a lift frame and install the desk top on it. 

Another option is just to throw out the furniture piece you don’t need anymore. Instead, you can buy the most beautiful stand up desk. Now, there are so many options that you can choose the needed size, shape, colour, etc. Even accessories can be chosen especially for your new item. 

Moreover, a reliable provider will offer you a special tool online. It is a so-called desk builder, a tool that allows you to build your desk online from the available components before you make a purchase. Finally, you can also ask for a customized option if you don’t find your perfect desk on the company`s website.

Buying a Standing Desk Is Not Sufficient

To make your adjustable desk work, it is not enough just to buy it and get it delivered. You need to adjust it. The adjustment is not difficult, you need just to follow these rules:

  • The hands shall comfortably rest on the keyboard;
  • The elbows are bent under a 90-degree angle;
  • The monitor is located at the level of your eyes (the center of the monitor);
  • The feet rest on the floor when you are sitting. When you are standing, the legs are slightly bent in the knees (it will allow you to shift your weight from one leg to the other and avoid tiredness).

A Chair Is Not Less Important

A good chair is of the same importance as a good standing desk. If you are still struggling with your old chair, it is time to replace it. 

You need a chair in which you will feel comfortable even after hours of hard work. It means that the chair:

  • Provides your back with support to keep it in its natural position;
  • Has a head-rest to allow you to relax your neck muscles and help to avoid migraines;
  • Is equipped with comfortable arm-rests. Only in such case, you will be able to relax completely for a couple of minutes and recover energy for a new task;
  • Of course, the height of your chair is adjustable.

Now, you can adjust your new item to feel completely comfortable while working. Don’t forget about the rules mentioned above. Only if everything is set up as required, you can count on comfort at your workplace.

Accessories Might Change Everything

You might not use any shelves or organizers for documents if all your materials are digital. However, if you work with papers, make sure that they are in a place where you can find them fast and conveniently. 

Let us provide an example.

If your shelf is fixed on the other side of the room, you spend at least some minutes to get the needed paper and then to put it back on the shelf. At the end of a normal working day, you might have wasted a lot of time on these procedures. 

Thus, if you want to increase the efficiency of your work, we recommend fixing a shelf or install a bookcase so that you can reach all the needed papers without leaving your working place.

If you don’t have a shelf, you can choose a nice document organizer. There are even very functional rotatable models. They will allow you to use all the available space with maximum efficiency. 

Another option is to buy a drawer. There are special models that can be fixed to your adjustable desk. such a drawer can be installed or removed depending on your needs. 

The Monitor Is Just as Important

Is your monitor able to keep up with work and other projects in between? It may be a good time to upgrade for better performance and viewing experience. You can conveniently buy a widescreen monitor with all other specs you need at affordable prices. The options for this key piece of your home office are definitely plenty, so keep an eye out for great deals online.

A Monitor Support Might Be Helpful Indeed

If you work constantly with a computer, you might consider getting adjustable monitor support. The thing is that not only the monitor height is important to make your eyes feel comfortable while you are working. The tilt shall be properly adjusted, too. And this can be achieved easily with quality monitor support.

Don`t Forget to Move!

Equipment alone cannot make wonders though. If you want not only to work better but also to stay healthy, don’t forget about physical exercises. A height-adjustable desk is a perfect tool to work out!

There are a lot of exercises created for office workers. But if you have a height-adjustable desk, you can become more efficient. For example, you can include push-ups in your workout. You can adjust the desk to the needed height and use it as support instead of exercising on the floor. 

We recommend doing exercises after a specific period of work, say, 10 minutes after every hour of work. Don’t overdo though. When you are exercising, you shall not feel any discomfort or pain. Also, don’t try to force yourself to do more than you can. You can start with 1-2 repetitions, and with time, you will be increasing the number of repetitions and the complexity of exercises.

By the way, changing your working position from a sitting one to a standing one is also movement. Here, you also have to be careful. Some people believe that once they get a standing desk they shall be standing as much as possible. This is a wrong approach though. You shall work in a standing or a sitting position as long as it is convenient. Only if you use all the items reasonably, you will be able to work better and to improve your health.


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