The NBA playoffs are now well underway as we enter the conference semifinals. Four teams from each conference will play this 7-game series with the championship hopefuls progressing to the conference finals. The teams remaining in the Western Conference are:

  • Phoenix Suns
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Memphis Grizzlies

Meanwhile the Eastern conference is currently being contested by:

  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Boston Celtics
  • Miami Heat
  • Philadelphia 76ers

The Phoenix Suns currently find themselves as the +185 favorites to win the NBA finals this year in the latest NBA Playoffs betting odds with the Golden State Warriors not far behind them at +340.

Being played across eight different states, cities and venues, the experience of an NBA playoff game and series is incredible for fans. Whether you are there to watch the team you support or just as a neutral it is an experience like no other.

Many teams even offer gameday fan experiences throughout the season. The Detroit Pistons have a number of different opportunities to immerse yourself in gameday such as their sideline stars, primetime performance and shot on the court events.

But everybody knows the regular season and post season are completely different animals. Every game matters and fans sit on the edge of their seats in the hopes that their team can make it to the big one and stake their claim as the best team in the league that given year. So what can you as a fan expect from a playoff game?

 Action and Atmosphere

Of course, the most important part of a game day is what happens on the court. You are going to see a selection of the most elite athletes in the world battling it out in their hunt for gold.

What makes this even better is that you get to enjoy it with tens of thousands of other passionate fans. The noise generated during a playoff game is like no other and the atmosphere is absolutely electric drom start to finish.

Take time to truly appreciate that we have the chance to witness future, and in many cases current, legends of the great game of Basketball before our very eyes as they make history on the court.


The NBA differs to many sports in their entertainment aspect whilst players are off court. Unlike soccer for example, there are many stoppages throughout the game. The arenas and teams will make the best use of this time however, ensuring every fan is kept regaled throughout the entirety of their time there.

Whether it is cheerleading performances, fan competitions, half-time shows or live music; there is something for everybody to enjoy. You can also enjoy refreshments throughout

the game with various concession stands around every arena offering food and drinks from the moment you enter the venue.


Is it good value?

When compared to other sports, tickets for an NBA playoff game are much better value for money. First-round tickets typically average out at around $130 with the second round being closer to $190. This is significantly less than you would way in the NFL, where tickets for wildcard rounds average upwards of $1000.

Even a conference finals game will only set you back around $300 which again when compared to the NFL and also the NHL is significantly cheaper. In general the NBA is a much more affordable league to follow, making it a great lifestyle choice and hobby for sports fans.

In 2022, the NBA have gone to great lengths to offer a playoff experience to not just the hundreds of thousands of fans who attend live matches but also those who watch from home.

In April 2022, they invited fans to a new immersive 3D environment in the NBA App. The NBA and Google Pixel Arena allows fans to be transported to a virtual digital arena with their own personalized avatar.

The virtual jumbotron will feature the match-up and scores with the court below showing data visualizations, such as animated shot charts, from key players or moments. Fans will also be able to engage in games testing their NBA knowledge.

The trivia games will test their knowledge of ‘moments in NBA history before the game and their knowledge about first-half events informed by live stats during halftime. As users amass points from their trivia participation, they will be able to unlock new accessories for their avatar’.

Overall, the experience of an NBA Playoff game, whether virtual or live, is one you will never forget. Generally the later in the series you get the more the atmosphere intensifies making for a thrilling watching experience whether you follow the team religiously or you are just attending as a neutral.

It goes without saying that due to the arenas being significantly smaller in capacity in comparison to the NFL or ball parks that it may be slightly harder to get tickets for these high-profile games. But if you do manage to make your way to a game, you are in for one of the most enthralling experiences in all of sport.


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