What To Wear Skydiving [19 Important Items]

Going Skydiving is one of the things anyone can do for fun. It is not as complicated as most people think. Today, the skydiving process has been refined to art of enjoyment and efficiency, unlike what it used to be a few decades ago. However, there are some things you must know before going  Skydiving and these are the outfits suitable for skydiving.

To skydive, wear shorts, t-shirts, leggings, or pants. Ultimately, ensure you wear something loose-fitting and comfortable, and it is also necessary to wear simple clothes. You can also wear an insulated base layer with long sleeves and long pants during cold weather. Also, in any weather, ensure you go along with your sneakers or any tennis shoes.

Skydiving clothes must be free enough to allow movement and free fall. We have a list if other recommended wear for skydiving. Keep reading to find out our exciting options for your skydiving.

What Should You Wear Skydriving

1. Hooded Sweatshirt and a light jacket

Wearing a sweatshirt and light jacket for Skydiving is an outfit that a man, a woman, and even babies can wear. So when going Skydiving, ensure you bring them along because the clothes will get cold when you reach the sky.

The outfit temperature reduces as you keep moving high in the sky. In cases where you are wearing a light jacket, you will get more heat during free fall and may eleven experience deprivation of oxygen, which is hypoxia.

2. Retro Space Suit

In case you are skydiving with your family, you can choose to wear a retro space suit. This is a great outfit because it attracts attention and makes people grin. Retro space suits will also make people you meet at the skydiving location see you as a different person.

This will make them pay attention to you and make people recognize your voice. Retro space is also a great skydiving outfit because it is inexpensive, ranging from $25 to $125, depending on your desired material.

3. Long Underwear

Wearing long underwear is another outfit anyone can wear for Skydiving; even though it is not commonly used, it is an outfit that can keep you warm and prevent chills. Suppose you are going skydiving from your residential city to another city.

In that case, you can take along a long pair of underwear because it keeps your body temperature in a regulating sequence while skydiving in cold conditions.

4. Leggings

Leggings are another outfit you can wear for Skydiving, regardless of your gender or age. It is a great option because it is lightweight and elastic trousers that make it easy for you to jump from your comfort zone in summer and winter.

However, if you are in chilly weather, ensure you wear leggings under sweatpants, joggers, or thick leggings. An important rule of thumb is to choose if you would wear the bottoms to exercise.

woman wearing Leggings while skydiving
woman wearing Leggings while skydiving

5. A Pair of Sneakers

Wearing sneakers for Skydiving is important for athletes and anyone who wants to have fun Skydiving. Sneakers are a great option because they enable you to walk and run quickly, especially when landing.

However, don’t just go for any type of sneakers; go for sneakers that support your ankle because this will give comfort, simplicity, and a great skydiving experience.

If you don’t have sneakers or need a replacement, you can go for shoes made for outdoor activities because these work well for Skydiving.

6. Skydiving Glasses

Glasses are another wear you should consider for Skydiving. Also, ensure you don’t wear any kind of glasses but skydiving glasses.

These glasses are important because your eyes are exposed to sun, dust, and winds when leaping from a plane at an altitude above the ground. Some people use contact lenses, but that is not good wear for Skydiving because these lenses can fly out of your eyes because of the speed of your body in the air.

Flying out the contact lenses can be during the descending or ascending of the skydiving plane. So ensure you go for skydiving glasses because this will help you avoid this.

7. High Resistant Gloves

Another thing to consider is fire-resistant gloves because they will keep excess heat from hitting your hands during a plane falling in Skydiving.

These gloves are also important for everyone going Skydiving because they will help prevent your hands from getting burned, especially when they accidentally or intentionally touch a plane engine or the ground when landing.

8. Helmet Safety Vests

Wearing helmet safety vests is a must-wear for Skydiving. But ensure you wear a bright color that can make people quickly notice you.

Wearing these vests is essential in various colors and patterns because of landing. Helmet safety vests are lightweight and made of robust materials that give them excellent protection to your body even when you fall.

9. Colorful Jerseys

When it comes to Skydiving, colored jerseys that give an ultraviolet light reflection are great options for Skydiving. The importance of these wears is that they will make you identifiable, especially if you land in a swampy or mountainous area.

10. Motorcycle Jacket

Having a motorcycle jacket is another wear you must have for Skydiving. This is essential because most skydivers wear leather jackets which may get torn during a fall from the sky. So choosing a tough motorcycle jacket will save you from every likely damage.

11. Shorty Jumpsuit

Another skydiving wear is a shorty jumpsuit, especially for ladies that love miniskirts, wearing a jumpsuit is a good one. Most skydivers usually wear jumpers with skin-tight costumes to make them more stylish.

However, one of the benefits of shorty jumpsuits is that when you land, you can dry and wipe your jumpsuit clean, unlike normal clothes; you will have to throw them away when they tear.

11. Pants and Long Sleeve

Wearing pants and long sleeves is another great option for skydiving fun activities for men and women.

The benefits of these clothes are that they will relax your mind and body, making it easy for you to enjoy your skydiving experience. Even though skydiving safety equipment will give you a safe landing, dressing well is essential.

men skydiving with proper gear

12. Knee-high Skydiving Boots

Another awesome option for skydiving wear is a pair of knee-high boots, which will make your flight bearable. Ensure you wear special skydiving boots that can make you jump out of the plane and have a safe landing during Skydiving.

These boots are beneficial because they protect you from debris that may get in your way during Skydiving, especially falling.

13. Shorts and sleeves

A combination of shorts and sleeves is great to wear for Skydiving. Under your jumpsuit, you can wear shorts and sleeves as underwear.

This is necessary because winds in the air can make you feel cold when you jump from high altitudes. But to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer from cold, wear a sleeve and shorts.

14. Motorcycle Riding Outfit

Another thing you can wear for Skydiving is a motorcycle riding outfit. The outfits include helmets, leather, or fabric leggings. So when you are free-falling in a plane, wearing a helmet will keep you safe from danger.

15. Long Sleeve T-shirt and Shorts

Long sleeve t-shirt and shorts are another wear you should consider, especially if you love wearing shorts.

Wearing sleeves covering your body, chest, and arms will protect you from danger, especially when falling. This will also make you look good before everyone in the skydiving environment.

16. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket is a great skydiving wear, especially if you are skydiving during winter. The collar in bomber jacket will shield your neck from dangers and cold.

This bomber jacket is most used by skydivers because when you fall, it can help reduce friction.

17. Parachute Jumpsuit with Bats

Wearing parachute jumpsuits with bats are good options to wear for Skydiving. Skydivers wear bats because you can easily remove and replace them during leaps. Bats are also good because they are composed of thick fabric that may be placed on parachutes during a jump.

18. T-shirt and Ripped Jeans

Wearing t-shirts and ripped jeans combined for Skydiving is another wear that will keep your body warm. Also, when choosing jeans, ensure you choose tight woven jeans because, unlike denim, they don’t easily tear.

If you are wearing a helmet, ensure you keep the chin strap to the right even if it is something you don’t like.

19. Khaki Pants and Shirts

You can also wear Khaki pants for skydiving but to look more good, you should wear it with a long-sleeved shirt. So, in cases where you jump from a great height, the cold at the highest altitude will not affect you.

But with the use of a sleeve and khaki pants that cover all your body, arms, and skin, your skin will be warm. If you don’t have khaki pants, you can make do with leggings or any other pant-related wear.

What To Wear When Skydiving For The First Time

On your first trip skydiving, you should wear a layered activewear outfit and light-weight pair of shoes. Your skydiving clothing kit should fit correctly and be functional. We have outlined below a list of what to wear skydiving for the first time.

You can wear comfortable clothes like activewear and sneakers. Dressing appropriately makes skydiving enjoyable. Learn in detail about other outfits you can wear while you skydive.

men skydiving

How Should You Wear Your Hair While Skydiving?

Hair is something you would want to prep for when you make a skydive, especially long hair. Tangles and the uncomfortable feeling of having your hair all over your face could ruin both your dive and pictures. Here are some hairstyle suggestions on how to tie up those luxurious strands to escape that fate.

  • Braids– Braids are a win-win idea. You look chic and keep your hair safely tucked.
  • Buns-A well-secured version is a nice-looking way to get the extra hair away, although buns have tendencies to fall out. Take extra care to secure it.

Pick up a hint from the experts. Take a Buff or a skullcap along with you to pop on under your helmet even if your hair isn’t especially long. This technique is used by pro and sports skydivers to hold freefall-thrashed split ends at bay.

Skydiving Attire In Cold Weather 

The chilly winter season might not be an advisable period to go diving for safety reason except if the weather conditions is right. We can get you prepared to soar the skies during winter and a cold spring or cool autumn day with a few tips. Here’s what you need to know.

Layer Up – Donning layers is the secret to the survival of chilly skydiving. Base layers are very important, like any cold-weather wardrobe. While diving, a thermal layer under a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of long-johns or thermals on the bottom are recommended.

The thermal layer fabric helps with the wicking of moisture and prevents the wind from chilling your skin. 

Protect Your Digits – Your feet should not be forgotten. Be sure to wear nice thick socks and sneakers. Taking along a pair of tried and true gloves or liners will help.

Jumpsuit The majority of sports have a particular wardrobe associated with them. It will be a jumpsuit for skydiving. The jumpsuit provides the clothes and skin with an extra layer of protection and keeps potentially loose clothing confined.

Fleece– This material is your best friend as it’s light yet warm enough to keep the cold away. It is easily part of your layers.


When it comes to knowing and choosing to wear for Skydiving, ensure you choose all the mentioned clothes in their best quality. Also, choosing athletic wear is affordable and is one of the significant wears for Skydiving.

Choosing cloth that will make you stand out and be who you are is also necessary. So tweak and mix styles that suit your personality.

It is our joy to see you are fully ready and excited to go on sky adventure and to be comfortable doing it. If you follow all the guides in this article, you will be glad you did because you will have a joyous skydiving experience.