Skydiving is a recreational activity of jumping from a plane, performing a freefall before a parachute is deployed for landing. It gives an exhilarating impression that you are soaring through the sky. There are different wardrobe options to consider when planning to go skydiving.

You can wear comfortable clothes like activewear and sneakers. Dressing appropriately makes skydiving enjoyable. Learn in detail about other outfits you can wear while you skydive.

On your first trip skydiving, you should wear a layered activewear outfit and light-weight pair of shoes. Your skydiving clothing kit should fit correctly and be functional. We have outlined below a list of what to wear skydiving for the first time.

What To Wear When You Skydiving For The First Time

What To Wear To Skydiving

Activewear is your best bet as you already know, skydiving is an athletic event. You want to be able to move, arc, bend as freely as possible while remaining comfortable. All of these are important to remember.

Add those layers together. The temperature at the altitude where you jump off is about 30 degrees cooler than ground level.  Icy right?  Are you calculating how you could wear one thick jacket?

Stop! Remember, you want to be able to move, flare your hands, and bend easily. Combining multiple thin layers of clothing will keep you warm and give you room to move. You want to consider the specific fabric that is light yet insulate and keeps you nice and warm.  

Avoid wears that are ill-fitting clothes, have embellishments, especially sweatshirts with hoods. During the free fall, they get in your face and keep flapping up and down. This pose a threat as they could cause an injury or even worse. Wear simple clothes.

Keeping warm cannot be overemphasized. You want to feel good and not bothering if you are about to lose your fingers to frostbite. Long sleeves and pants are recommended to protect you from the weather elements.

Accessories are a staple in fashion; you can never over-accessorize, but it is a no skydiving. Pieces of jewelry can go missed or worse. Keep those family heirlooms at ground level.

  • Individuals with long hair, we would recommend you tuck away those locks of hair. You do not want to have to deal with knots and tangles afterwards.
  • Stick to simple, functional footwear. Lightweight gym shoes work perfectly. Heavy boots are strongly discouraged. You want to land effortlessly.
  • Flip flops or sandals( flats, heels, wedges, etc.) would not make it to landing with you. You want sturdy tennis sneakers that fit just right, and you have to lace them firmly around your feet.

What Should A Girl Wear While Skydiving?

You need to follow the above basic tips, but if you have other concerns, keep reading. Below are three possible questions bothering you.

Can You Wear Leggings While Skydiving?

Of course, it is a Lightweight stretchy bottom making you relaxed during your skydive. They are a great choice for skydiving during the summer, but you should wear a thicker/warmer pair during the winter.

Can You Wear Jeans While Skydiving?

Denim is a street-wear wardrobe staple. It could be dressed up for formal and informal looks, but could it be added to a stylish skydiving kit? You could wear those old comfortable jeans you love so much, but it’s not recommended. It may become uncomfortable when you have the skydiving harness on. 

How Should You Wear Your Hair While Skydiving?

Hair is something you would want to prep for when you make a skydive, especially long hair. Tangles and the uncomfortable feeling of having your hair all over your face could ruin both your dive and pictures. Here are some hairstyle suggestions on how to tie up those luxurious strands to escape that fate.

  • Braids– Braids are a win-win idea. You look chic and keep your hair safely tucked.
  • Buns-A well-secured version is a nice-looking way to get the extra hair away, although buns have tendencies to fall out. Take extra care to secure it.

Pick up a hint from the experts. Take a Buff or a skullcap along with you to pop on under your helmet even if your hair isn’t especially long. This technique is used by pro and sports skydivers to hold freefall-thrashed split ends at bay.

What Should I Wear When I Skydive During Cold Weather?

The chilly winter season might not be an advisable period to go diving for safety reason except the weather conditions is right. We can get you prepared to soar the skies during winter and a cold spring or cool autumn day with a few tips. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Layer Up – Donning layers is the secret to the survival of chilly skydiving. Base layers are very important, like any cold-weather wardrobe. While diving, a thermal layer under a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of long-johns or thermals on the bottom are recommended.

The thermal layer fabric helps with the wicking of moisture and prevents the wind from chilling your skin. 

  • Protect Your Digits – Your feet should not be forgotten. Be sure to wear nice thick socks and sneakers. Taking along a pair of tried and true gloves or liners will help.
  • Jumpsuit The majority of sports have a particular wardrobe associated with them. It will be a jumpsuit for skydiving. The jumpsuit provides the clothes and skin with an extra layer of protection and keeps potentially loose clothing confined.
  • Fleece– This material is your best friend as it’s light yet warm enough to keep the cold away. It is easily part of your layers.

How To Look Good Skydiving 

When you have the right clothing, it is much easier to maintain the right body position while flying. You want to look fabulous, but you need to be comfortable and safe. Here are a few tips to consider.

Active Wear 

You should wear active clothing. As opposed to your regular everyday clothing, you would be more comfortable in your harness. You are also able to arch more freely. 

It is way cooler up at 14000 ft. above ground level due to what is known by the scientists as lapse rate. Therefore, depending on the ground temperature, it is often nice to have some thermal layers of clothing. Even on a hot summer day, long-sleeved clothing is recommended.


You may not use your feet while skydiving, but it is recommended that you wear comfortable and light shoes .it will help you easily raise your feet and land on the ground comfortably. Sneakers or running shoes would suffice.


yes, some accessories can be worn during skydiving. For example, if you have to wear prescription eyeglasses, then when skydiving, you can still wear your glasses. Wider goggles for flying may be used to hold your glasses in place during your dive.

You may not wear sunglasses because you need to clear the view of the air. Jewelry or other items of value should be left at ground level. Hair should be tied and kept off your face.

How Do I Prepare For Skydiving

 Let us walk through all we have talked about. We now have different ideas on what to wear to that skydiving trip. Let us conclude by giving free tips on preparing you for that big day, giving you tips on preparing yourself for the experience.

Yes, you have to jump off a moving plane. Can you mental process that fact? Trust me; it’s a mind-blowing, thrilling experience. 

Thinking about it gives me this jolt of energy already. Here are some guides to make that big day go great.

  • Alcohol No! It would be best if you did not drink alcohol before skydiving. This is risky as you need to be fully conscious and alert all through.
  • Eat – You want to be calm and fed. You do not want to be a nervous wreck. Eat a light, healthy, and moderate meal that you enjoy, like a bagel.
  • Sleep Well – Being well-rested is essential. Getting adequate sleep before a big day helps keep the giddy feeling at bay.
  • Wear The Right Clothes – This particular tip cannot be overemphasized as it is the key to a successful dive. It would help if you were warm, comfortable, and look dapper.
  • Photo And Videos – Take as many selfies as you can manage. Creating memories are one of the thrills of life, so you will want to save this memory as a photo or video. Looking at them would always bring fond and sentimental feelings.


Skydiving is an exhilarating sport. Wearing appropriate attire during the dive makes it even more enjoyable. Activewear and light-weighted sneakers are your best options. You can look chic and trendy in a skydiving kit.


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