The thought of what to do with that old perfume you no longer desire to wear must have crossed your mind severally. Maybe you have even tossed some of the bottles into the trash sometime ago. There are so many innovative things you can do with the leftover perfume gathering dust on your dressing table.

You can spray it on the fabric of your car seats and the flooring of the car. You can also use your old perfume when cleaning your rugs and carpets. This is a great idea, especially for someone with kids, as they can sometimes be messy. 

There are lots of things before now that would have made it to the list of our trash can. But it’s a different ball game now as those things can easily be upcycled and reuse again. Keep reading this article for tips on what to do with your old fragrance.

What To Do With Old Perfume

You can upcycle just about anything in recent time, depending on how innovative one is. A lot of things can serve many other purposes, just as your perfume can do more than you just wearing it. Find below some inventive ways of using that old perfume you don’t want to wear any more.

1. Perfume The Inside Of Your Car

A sweet smell can be very inviting and comforting. You can spray the fabric of your car seats, the car’s side pockets and even the foot mat on the flooring. Reawaken old car decorations that their fragrance has already wear off by spraying on your unwanted perfume.

Furthermore, you can also make use of your car’s ventilation system. There are lots of gadgets made to scent up your vehicle. Once the fragrance is exhausted, you can refill them with your old perfume. You can come up with your own ideas as well by cutting off small cardboards, dousing them with unwanted perfume and placing them in the side pockets of your car.

2. Use Old Perfume When Cleaning Rugs And Carpets

Make vacuuming more fun with the fragrance from your old perfume leaving your rugs and carpets smelling nice. Douse a small quantity on the mat or carpet when you want to vacuum to give a faint smell of the perfume after sucking it up. If your carpet has a bad smell, you can also sprinkle some baking soda over your carpet, leave till the next day before vacuuming.

Baking soda will suck up the bad smells on your carpet, leaving the fragrance from your perfume. Without vacuuming, you can simply spray clean rugs and carpets directly, your foot mat inclusive. Adding scent to rugs will save you from worrying about that bad smell from your rug when a liquid spill on it.

Use Old Perfume When Cleaning Rugs And Carpets

3. Use As Room Freshener

The most common way to get rid of bad smell is to use baking soda or powder. You can get inventive by utilizing your old perfume as a room freshener instead of baking soda popularly tagged as the ultimate deodorizer. You can either spray it all over the room or spray it on your curtains and corners of the room.

To spread the fragrance all over the house, you can simply add a few drops of perfume into boiling water. The steam of the scented water will infiltrate all over your apartment, making it very inviting. Use as much fragrance as you so desire; however, if you want a light room freshener, then only use a few drops.

4. Personalized Potpourri

Potpourri is a trendy decorative item find in most houses nowadays that provide a gentle natural scent. However, the fragrance from the potpourri only last for a short while. You can douse the mixture of dried plant materials with your old unwanted perfumes to help your potpourri come alive again.

The wooden petals  and leaves absorb liquid and oil quickly, thereby making it easy to restore the fragrance whenever it fades off. Reusing your unwanted perfume will also help you keep your Potpourri a while longer than buying another when the smell wears off.

5. Make A Poo-Pourri

You don’t have to spend extra cashing purchasing a poo-pourri when you can actually make one from your unwanted perfume. Are you wondering what a Poo-Pourri is? A Poo-Pourri is a product that is sprayed into the toilet bowl before relieving yourself. The oil from the Poo-Pourri stays on the water surface.

The odours that accompany the poo are trapped by the fragrance from the Poo-Pourri. You don’t have to hurriedly leave the restroom after poo as the scents make it conducive.

6. Scent Up Your Cloth Drawers

Repurpose your old unwanted perfume to scent up your clothes, drawers and wardrobes. You can simply spray it directly into your cupboards or fill a porous bag with perfume-doused cotton balls and place them inside your drawers. You can also slightly open the lead of your old perfume and leave the perfume bottle inside the wardrobes.

Additionally, linen doused in perfume can also be hanged on clothes hangers or placed in the closet. The subtle scent from the fragrance will be trapped inside your cupboard for as long as it lasts.

7. Spray Your Lampshades

Another way to reuse your old perfume and scent up your room is by spraying your lampshades. The light bulb’s heat will help disperse it around the room, giving it a sweet aroma. It is advised that you use transparent colour fragrances not to stain the fabric of the shade.

You can also sprinkle a few drops on the light bulb when it is not hot. The heat will help diffuse it around your room. Please note that oil-based scents are not suitable for this purpose.

8. Give Your Laundry A Lovely Scent. 

You can scent up your laundry by putting a scented handkerchief in the wash. Simply splash some quantity of fragrance on a handkerchief or a piece of cloth and toss it in halfway through the dryer cycle with the laundry. The clothes will be scented up lightly as a result.

Beddings like Pillows, covers and sheets can be sprayed directly. The mattress itself can also be scented up when changing the bedding. There is nothing as homely and inviting as a home with a lovely atmosphere.

9. Use As A Bath Oil

You can make that bath after a long hectic day more fun by pouring a few drops into your bathwater. Using your old perfume when bathing can save you a few coins as you don’t have to buy costly bath oils or aroma. You can relive the memories attached with the old perfume as you soak and relax in your scented bathwater, especially if it’s a gift.

You can spray into the air right before a hot shower or pray into the hot steam coming off from the tap. You would essentially be creating an aromatherapy chamber right inside your home without going to the spa. Be sure to use perfumes with light floral, fresh, citrus and crisp scents instead of those with strong odours when used in a bathtub.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a strongly scented bath, you have the choice of adding as much perfume as you like.

10. Make A Scented Cream.

Make a scented body lotion from your unwanted old perfume in the way of reusing it. Here is an excellent way of transforming those unscented lotions and moisturizers into scented lotion. Simply add a few drops into them, and you can have your own personalized scented cream.

11. Use It As A Gift

Have the thought of giving those old perfume bottles sitting on your dressing table away crossed your mind? Yes, it is doable; you can re-gift in any way possible. You can pass it on to a close pal or family if you are a bit emotional about it.

If not, you can donate it as Good Will, to women’s shelters or nursing homes. You can be very sure someone out there will appreciate your unwanted perfume, so why keep it any longer.

12. Use It To Stop The Bad Smell

Make effective use of that perfume you no longer desire to refresh the environment and give it a pleasant aroma. You can spray perfume on top of your garbage before shutting the lid.

It is also a good alternative for those with smelly feet as they can spray perfume into their shoes. Piece of clothes doused with perfume can be placed in purse and storage containers to prevent foul smell.


You can do so many things with that unwanted perfumes instead of them just sitting and gathering dust. You can as well buy a small bottle of that perfume you now preferred to avoid falling out of love with it mid-way through. You don’t have to toss those bottles off but rather repurpose them when you don’t feel like wearing them any longer.


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