After a traffic accident, you may feel confused and overwhelmed, especially if you suffered a personal injury. Scooter-related injuries have been increasing over the years and grew by 222% between 2014 and 2018 as the popularity of this form of transportation grows.

However, many scooter riders don’t pay attention to traffic laws because they are less regulated than cars, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be held liable for any accidents they cause. You can speak to a car accident attorney to review your case and decide whether you are eligible for compensation.

They could help build your case and prove that you are not liable if the scooter rider was negligent. You can learn more about scooter accidents by speaking with knowledgeable Pensacola personal injury lawyers.

How Do I Know Who Is At Fault?

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault for your scooter accident, but an attorney can inform you of how a scooter rider can be held liable for your damages. If you were following traffic laws and paying attention to the road when the scooter rider ran into your car, it is likely that you are not at fault.

Additionally, if you were stationary when the scooter crashed into your car, you are likely not at fault if your car was not in an illegal area. If you were legally parked and a scooter rider collided with your vehicle, this may also be another reason why they could be at fault for your property damage.

Reasons You Might Be At Fault

You may be held liable if your car was obstructing a path designated for traffic and pedestrians. For example, if your car door is open and a scooter crashes into your car, then you may be considered at fault for the accident. If you were breaking a road rule when the collision occurred, you might be considered completely or partially at fault for the accident. You can speak with an attorney to help guide you on who is at fault based on the circumstances of the collision.


How Do I Prove I Wasn’t At Fault?

While your lawyer is the one who proves that you are not at fault, you can help by documenting your accident and the resultant property damage. You can take pictures of the scene where it happened, the vehicle, and any other proof that can support your claim for a settlement.

In addition to getting contact information from the scooter driver, you can also get information from any eye-witnesses who can help support your claim for a settlement.

What If The Scooter is A Rental?

Your attorney may need to figure out who should be held liable if the other party was renting the scooter.

This can be complicated because the scooter company shouldn’t be held responsible for your wounds after a neglectful scooter rider was the cause of your injuries. In this case, the scooter company’s insurer might inform your attorney that they are not responsible.

If the scooter malfunctioned somehow and this was the cause of your accident, then the scooter company owes you compensation. Your attorney can investigate the matter and discover if there was a fault with the scooter itself.

Otherwise, you would have to work with the other party to pay for your damages out of pocket if their car insurance coverage doesn’t cover small moped devices.

After A Scooter Has Hit My Car, What Do I Do?

When your car was first hit by an irresponsible scooter driver, make sure you take pictures of your car’s property damage, the area and road the accident happened in, and if applicable any injuries you may have. Make sure that you collect the contact information from the scooter rider and any witnesses that may have observed the accident.

This may not be the case but if you were somehow injured, you should then seek medical treatment so that you can find out what type of injuries you have. Next, call your insurance company and let them know what happened.

Lastly, make sure that you speak to a reputable car accident attorney who can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. They can review your case and inform you of your next steps.


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