E-commerce platforms make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses from anywhere. But managing an e-commerce business is a daunting task. Let’s not get started on the constant and energy-intense duties required to build visibility, elevate sales, and retain customers.

The list is endless, from designing packaging to creating content and many marketing campaigns. We know how important sales are to a business. We also know how tough it can be to brainstorm content ideas and create content that can boost sales.

For example, a jewelry brand might use Arka custom jewelry packaging boxes for their products to distinguish their brand and make their products attractive to customers. At the same time, they also organize intensive marketing campaigns to draw potential buyers to their brand.

Speaking of marketing campaigns, physical unboxing is the new marketing wave that’s been helping tons of e-commerce business owners triple their sales. In case you’re wondering if it’s a necessary trend to hop on, keep reading to find out. 

What is Physical Unboxing in E-commerce?

Way back when people wanted to buy a product, they searched for reviews. With video content as the new wave on the internet, physical unboxing has become a big thing.

Physical Unboxing is when customers open a package to unveil the product. 

The purpose of physical unboxing is to provide customers with added value by creating a memorable and shareable experience.

Physical unboxing puts the spotlight on the physical details, texture, or features of the product. Plus, people find it satisfying to watch. It’s a fast-growing user-generated content (UGC) trend, and it has excellent potential to go viral. 

High-end luxury brands, medium-sized brands, and even startups are taking advantage of this trend to promote their products. Instead of reading reviews, people get to see a customer unveil the product and show them what it looks like.

That’s much better than scrolling through reviews. With the help of social media, people can share the unboxing experience with others.

How Can Physical Unboxing Elevate E-Commerce Sales? 

Physical unboxing creates an experience that goes beyond online orders. According to a Google Customer Survey, 62 percent of people who watch unboxing videos do so when they need to find information about a particular product.

The research also shows that 20 percent of consumers who watched an “unboxing video” eventually made a purchase. It is a powerful content idea that can help boost awareness and visibility and drive sales in many ways.

Let’s look at some of the ways.

Build Anticipation and Excitement.

There’s this mystery vibe that comes with physically unboxing products. It just gets people excited to see what’s inside that package. This can stir higher engagement and convert to sales. It helps if the product has an attractive package. Attractive packaging makes people even more eager to see the product, so this is your call to improve your packaging to something appealing if you haven’t done so.

Showcase product features: 

Sometimes, people need a little nudge to bring their credit cards out of their wallets, and physical unboxing might just be the nudge your customers need. They help to show the unique features of the product and display how it works. This can help customers make informed purchase decisions.

Builds trust with consumers:

A big part of building a long-term and sustainable e-commerce business is gaining customer loyalty. And that can only happen if they trust your brand. Unboxing products provide a brand experience that builds trust. Seeing a product unboxed and reviewed by customers can build trust and credibility and reaffirm their decision to make a purchase. Customer experiences across their purchasing journey impact their loyalty.

Tell your brand story

As far as e-commerce is concerned, there are fewer touchpoints to impress customers. Physical Unboxing can come in handy here. It can help set your brand apart from competitors. It’s not just the product alone that speaks for your business. The brand packaging, design, and even packaging materials can cohesively tell your brand story. And fascinating and positive brand stories drive sales.

 Physical unboxing videos can be a powerful tool for brands looking to elevate e-commerce sales and engage with their customers in a beautiful product experience. Incorporating Physical unboxing into your sales strategy might just be the big break your e-commerce store needs. We hope you give it a try.


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