When faced with health problems caused by smoking, it is still difficult to decide not to smoke and reach it without stumbling. This is because smoking is a real addiction provoked by a psychoactive substance called nicotine.

Accordingly, those who have been under the burden of this habit for a long time understand that it is not a matter of one day to get rid of it and that it is very difficult to do it without intermediaries.

That is why many smokers tend to think that it is too late to change something, and therefore do not start to combat this habit. However, doctors say that this position is incorrect because quitting smoking, even in the later stages, stops or slows down the destructive processes triggered by former cigarette use.

So, if you have decided not to smoke, you need to understand that trying to cope with this problem alone due to willpower alone is equal to fighting against windmills.

I suggest considering one of the most common methods of combating smoking, switching to a wax vaporizer because this product from the very beginning offers itself as an alternative/helper to quit drinking.

According to Cancer Research UK, quitting traditional tobacco cigarettes in favor of dab pens contributes to a sharp decrease in carcinogens in the body in the first 6 months.

Hon Lik’s Ideas on Quitting Smoking

This method may be effective in the opinion of the developer of the e-cigarette Hon Lik, as smokers are dependent not only on nicotine, but also on the effect of gesture smoke and other related smoking elements that have been built around this harmful habit (pause, one cigarette, and go).

According to the Developer of e-cigarettes, they are the best tool for quitting smoking because they can replace all these everyday habits, so the smoker will not feel that he lacks something. In addition, the negative effects of a regular cigarette, such as the smell of smoke, which can irritate others, insomnia, and cough due to severe irritation, either disappear or get reduced.

Once your best wax pens have taken the place of a traditional cigarette, the next step should be to reduce the nicotine content slowly. This stage is dangerous because smokers are fascinated by the rapid positive effect in their fight against bad habits. They begin to reduce nicotine doses too sharply, which returns them to the beginning of the already started fight.

Therefore, it is essential to remember that gradualness is important in this case. To not create a shock for your body, you need to reduce 2 mg/ml every 6 months of use. To make this process more controlled, you can go to the vape shop where they will advise you on how to choose the best vape pen for wax, quit the bad habit, and give clear instructions on the frequency and how to use the device.

The popularity of Vaping Devices

The fact that e-cigarettes have quickly gained popularity and begun to displace other ways to combat smoking is indisputable. As well as the fact that it reduces some of the negative effects that used to be caused by traditional tobacco cigarettes in the short term.

Despite these advantages, even the best concentrate pen has some issues. The first thing to note is that the absence or reduction of harmful substances contained in tobacco products does not mean that your wax vape pen may not contain other substances that may be even more harmful than regular cigarettes, affecting other parts of the body or other organs.

Another important issue is the lack of evidence of the benefits of dab pens in trying to give up smoking. Yes, there are facts that describe the best dab pens and indicate their popularity to quit smoking.

However, it should be checked whether their effectiveness in combating smoking is in line with the stated idea of the manufacturers. Many people found themselves getting addicted to vaping, and had to consult juul lawyer

Any Real Proofs of Vape Pens Effectiveness?

The Journal of the American Heart Association sees the introduction of the e-cigarette market in the United States as a commercial move to reduce tobacco use by Americans, but manufacturers have stressed that wax pens are a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco. So we understand that the goal of the manufacturers was rather to capture the market, not the health care.

Even if health care had any place, it was seen rather as a positive side effect. Since then, the number of people who have left a cigarette in exchange for a dab vape pen has been growing steadily. This fact alone shows us that e-cigarettes were not an alternative to smoking but rather a replacement from the very beginning.

Therefore, in this context, rum about the e-cigarette as a means to get rid of a harmful habit should rather be perceived as a marketing manipulation. It was a product of the least research by scientists, and accordingly, the flow of information was narrowed, which opened up a wide space for manufacturers to manipulate consumers.

Evidence that manufacturers have manipulated and continue to manipulate by saying that e-cigarettes help get rid of the bad habit is that most e-cigarettes use them in conjunction with traditional tobacco products. So statistics indicate that e-cigarettes are used as a nice addition to traditional ones.

Scientific Proofs

Unfortunately, the fact that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional ones, is also not true. After all, e-cigarettes containing nicotine have a negative effect on the work of blood vessels and the human heart, even in the short term, which can subsequently provoke various levels of cardiovascular disease.

World Health Organisation reports indicate that some dangerous substances are present in higher concentrations in heated tobacco aerosols than in regular cigarette smoke. Some harmful substances are absent in ordinary cigarette smoke, which indicates that an e-cigarette can be even more harmful than the usual one.

It should be noted that the lack of nicotine does not make the e-cigarette harmless. The vape industry boasts a rich selection of e liquids for its devices. Unfortunately, this is the moment when a wide choice has a detrimental effect on the consumer.

The fact is that the number of liquids available for sale reaches eight million. Accordingly, the scientific community does not have time to research and evaluate these products.

However, current studies of a small segment of these products indicate that it often contains harmful substances, among which are those that when eaten are neutral but harmful when inhaling their vapors, which disorients the buyer and does not allow him to choose the product that would not harm his health.

So if you are going to quit smoking with an e-cigarette, ask yourself whether it would not become your second bad habit.