Types of boots for women: which one to choose

More recently, boots were considered an element of only men’s shoes. However, times are changing, and today boots of various styles and designs can be seen in almost any women’s wardrobe.

Having borrowed practicality and comfort from men’s shoes, women’s shoes are characterized by elegant lines, a heel, supplemented with various decorative elements. Now let us speak about the features of women’s models.

Just like men’s, they are comfortable, practical, and also beautiful, fashionable, stylish, and elegant.

The modern model range of women’s boots is distinguished from each other not only by the names but also by the styles, the material from which they are sewn, the presence and type of decor, the height and width of the heel, the type of fastener, the season, etc. 

Types and models of women’s shoes

Among the numerous varieties of women’s boots, there are several of the most popular.

Timberlands. A great option for those who primarily prefer convenience and comfort. The classic model consists of boots made of nubuck or soft mustard-colored leather on a thick corrugated sole. Often complimented with a fur lapel. 

Chelsea. Practical comfortable shoes just above the ankle with a small wide heel. They do not have a fastener. The density of the fit is provided by double-sided inserts made of an elastic band.

Ankle boots. A very feminine and elegant version of the shoes. They are an average option between ankle boots and demi-season shoes. They can be made of matte and patent leather, suede, and other materials. They have a heel, a platform, and can be flat-soled. The clasp can be very different. 

Sneakers. One of the most original models of women’s shoes is a hybrid between sports shoes and boots. Sneakers look incredibly elegant and feminine due to the high wedges.

Knee-boots. High, rough lace-up shoes that perfectly fit the foot and shin. Models may vary in heel height, material, finish.

Cossacks. Type with a high top, without fasteners with a smooth leather sole. Most often they have a high trapezoidal heel, the sock has a rounded shape, sometimes square.

Biker boots. These models are characterized by: rough design, wide boot, grooved sole, wide heel, square or rounded toe, abundant metal decor. 

oxfords. Lovers of style and sophisticated chic. The shoes are a classic design model with a slightly rounded toe with a small heel. Only high-quality leather is used for sewing oxfords.

Deserts. Type with a comfortable pad and rounded toe, having a low heel and open lacing. Often they are made of suede. Very light and comfortable shoes.

Classic women’s boots

Good old classics. That’s what’s relevant in the cold. And there are no special secrets here – they fit perfectly into any look.

Classic women’s boots are distinguished by a high boot that fits the leg, with a narrow toe, calm colors, and the presence of a heel of different shapes. Internal trim, so demi-season shoes are trimmed with a bike, and winter shoes are trimmed with fur.  

Women’s shoes differ in height and shape of the heel. Models with a high, straight, thin heel are usually used in festive, romantic, elegant looks, worn on a special occasion. Shoes with a stable, small heel or platform are more suitable for everyday life.

They look very elegant and feminine, but they are much more comfortable than the models in high heels. Shoes without heels, with flat smooth or grooved soles, are preferred for long walks, trips outside the city, and hiking. Boots can be demi-seasonal and winter. They differ from each other, first of all, by the material from which they are sewn.

Types of winter boots differ in the presence and type of fur, style, material. Most often, leather, suede, nubuck, and natural fur are used for sewing winter models.

Sometimes models differ with an interesting, complex design, an unusually shaped heel, interesting coloring, the presence of a print, beautiful finishes, decor. Such types are used as an addition to the evening look. 

Fashion trends

Any woman wants to feel stylish. Keeping up with the times will help you to know the main fashion trends that will be especially relevant in the new season. First of all, it is femininity.

Elegant models of ankle boots with high heels, wedges, decorated with beautiful decor, designed in classic colors or deep, rich tones of pink, coral, salmon, gray, warm sandy, pale lilac, mint tones will be in fashion.

Classics are still out of competition. Laconic design, strict, clear lines, restrained colors, neat decor are hits for all times. Boots with all kinds of lacing, army models with a corrugated sole, and a rough design will be very popular.

Fur does not go out of fashion. It can be a fur fringe made of natural fur, artificial multicolored fur decor elements, fur lapels. Among other decorative elements, it is also possible to note a variety of perforations.

As for the fashionable color scheme, various shades of coffee color, chocolate, and dark beige are relevant. At the height of fashion – bright, rich-colored shoes: purple, blue, green, cherry, garnet.


Women’s shoes, like other demi-season and winter models, are made of strong, wear-resistant, practical, durable materials with aesthetic appeal. These are, first of all, natural leather.

It is difficult to imagine a material more resistant to water and time than leather. This is a wonderful material, soft and malleable to the execution of the most creative design fantasies. Leather models are perfectly combined with different styles of clothing. Matte boots perfectly match everyday clothes. Lacquer models look very elegant, stylish, and fashionable.

Such types are often combined with evening styles of clothing. Suede is another very used material. It owes its popularity to its impeccable appearance and soft, velvety surface. Designers use these advantages to create the most refined and luxurious models of women’s shoes.

Nubuck is a very practical material that looks like noble suede. It is often treated with special means to give shoes water-repellent abilities. It is characterized by high strength and wears resistance. 

Color scheme

Boots, of course, should be quite practical, but this does not mean that solely dark and restrained colors can be used for them. Modern materials and means of caring for them allow you to create the brightest and boldest looks using boots of catchy, saturated shades and light tones.

Of course, classic colors remain the most popular today: black, brown, gray. Snow-white models look perfect with any outerwear. However, boots of lilac, lingonberry, pink, green colors, shades of fuchsia, ultramarine, gold, and ochre are also in fashion.

Beautiful looks

Classic timberlands will perfectly complement an outfit of skinny black jeans, a jumper, and a cropped light beige coat. A small mustard-colored leather handbag will complement the look. Siren tan ankle boots with wide heels are appropriate for any look.

For example, with a skirt, jeans, turtleneck, and a black cape. A great outfit for the office, for meeting friends, and for walking around the city.

Bright blue sneakers will effectively complement a casual outfit of a skirt, a jumper, and a knitted cardigan in low-key colors. Another accent to the look will be a blue handbag.