Best TV Shows To Watch To Get Both ‘in the mood’

The term ‘Netflix and chill’ took the world by storm in November of 2014 becoming a classic meme and euphemism for sexual activity. For new couple’s dating and in early relationships, ‘Netflix and chill’ typically means: ‘come over to mine so we can ignore the television and focus on each other’s bodies’.

However, as a relationship progresses and the routine sets in, the phrase typically refers to: ‘let’s mong out on the sofa together and binge watch our favourite TV series until the early hours of the morning’.

As great as that is, if you you want to re-ignite the spark and spend more time focusing on one another, rather than the television, then the following TV shows can work wonders for your romantic life!

1.Game of Thrones

While Game of Thrones was subject to great controversy over the Season 8 finale and the audience left divided, you cannot deny what a ride it was. Whether you are satisfied with how the show is brought to a conclusion or not, Game of Thrones is packed with so many steamy lovemakingscenes that will almost certainly get you both in the mood.

2. Spartacus

If you can get past the pilot episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, you’ll be in for a treat. Besides all of the blood and gore, there are many glamorous lovemakingscenes to offer some raunchy respite. From opulent roman orgies to scenes of gladiators bathing naked in the Ludus after a long day of training.

3.Masters of lovemaking

Set in the 50’s and 60’s, Masters of lovemakingfollows a controversial study on human sexuality. The show is literally focused on discovering what turns people on and when you’re caught between Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan’s chemistry, it’s hard not to get on board!

4.The Affair

While the show follows an extra-marital affair between a married school teacher and a married waitress, watching it allows you to live vicariously through them.

If you and your partner are into a little role-play, don some sexy erotic lingerie and have yourselves a little ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ moment. Infidelity tears relationships apart, but when you’re cheating on each other with each other on the sofa it is undeniably sexy.

5. Suits

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Suits is a show based around a top-level law firm in New York and features some of the sexiest, intelligent, and powerful men and women on television. Every now and again you’ll be treated to a naughty scene to tease you into the mood.

Other great TV shows with plenty of nudity

If you are looking for more TV shows with some steamy nudity, then check these out:

  • Rome
  • P-Valley
  • Black Sails
  • True Blood
  • Californication
  • Naked and Afraid
  • Shameless
  • Easy
  • Narcos
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Encourage


There are so many different TV shows and movies out there that you should watch with your partner.

Sure, it’s good to hangout and binge a series or get all cosy and watch a horror movie – but watching some casual TV with plenty of nudity and raunchy encounters is a great way of spending time together while inspiring some impromptu fumbling on the sofa!