6 Top Things Not To Be Missed While On Holiday In Harrogate

Harrogate is a beautiful town and one with plenty of wonderful things to see and do. Here’s a list of some of the most wonderful. 

The Turkish Baths 

Considered to be one of the top jewels in Harrogate’s crown, the Turkish baths are perhaps known as one of the most relaxing methods in the world.

Featuring an incredibly designed spa, steam room and a plunge pool with absolutely gorgeous Terrazzo floors and Moorish mosaics, you will find this to be one of the most relaxing rooms you have ever had the chance to visit.

A number of treatments are offered to guests including the famous Turkish delight and express pamper. This is your chance to escape the tortures of daily life and treat yourself to a steam and massage in pure peace. 

Valley Gardens 

This is a serene Heritage Grade II listed garden that features a number of woodlands, gardens, tranquil paths and manicured lawns on a sprawling 17-acre piece of Yorkshire. Featuring a number of mineral springs, visitors will have the opportunity to continue on a path of peace into some of Harrogate’s hidden beauties.

There are a number of outdoor activities to enjoy including boating, tennis, pitch and putt golf, as well as a highly impressive kid’s play court. Don’t forget to stop at the light refreshment area to make it a full and fun day out with the family. Valley Gardens is a plus on your list of things to do when you visit Harrogate

Time For Tea 

An afternoon filled with finely crafted finger sandwiches and fresh brewed teas sounds like an afternoon few would want to miss. Opened in 1919, Betty’s Tea Room allows guests to give in to their desires of pure British elegance complete with pink champagne and other luxurious treats.

Goldsborough Hall was once home to HRH Princess Mary and wants to ensure that every guest is treated like royalty as they enjoy their afternoon tea, an experience like no other. You can read our full guide on the best afternoon tea experience in Harrogate here. 

Ripley Castle 

Ripley Castle is thought to be an incredible piece of history that is located on the edge of Yorkshire Dales National Park. This has been home to a number of religious, political, military, and social uprisings throughout the years and it is a great place to start for those interested in the history of Harrogate.

Secrets from the castle’s past are delivered to guests as they make their way through the halls of the castle and learn some intriguing facts. At the Old Tower, which dates back to the 16th century is filled with a wide variety of relics including armour, antique books, chandeliers, and gorgeous pure wood paneling. 

Brimham Rocks 

Brimham Rocks is an incredible National Trust site that feature an obscure 30-foot rock formation that defy gravity by balancing on one another. There are a number of walks, however, the most popular starts at the village of Pateley Bridge and features one of the oldest sweetshops you will find in the world.

A number of the boulders that you will see here have a number of unusual names including The Turtle, The Dancing Bear, as well as The Sphinx. There is nothing quite like getting out and having an incredible outdoor weekend at Brimham Rocks, another plus to staying at Harrogate. 

Bettys Cookery School 

Bettys in a Yorkshire institution that features larger than life Easter eggs, glorious icings, and many smiling faces. You can actually add some unique tastes to your own meals after attending a cookery class at the Hookstone Park Kitchen.

If you have ever wondered how that Rösti is so delicious and crispy, you will have your opportunity to learn for yourself.

They feature a number of unique courses that are all designed to make you a star in your own home kitchen and bring a touch of class and uniqueness to your own meals. This should be on the list of every home cook who is visiting the Harrogate area.