College graduates are off to an exciting time in their life. It’s their introduction to the great, big world per se.

The prospect of working is just right around the corner, at least for many. Others may be off for a well-deserved break after long years of hard work and study in the university. Wherever they go afterward, graduation is always a reason to celebrate. And, that celebration calls for a nicely-wrapped surprise.  

For graduates, the most special gifts for them are often the practical ones: those that they can use and bring with them in finding their calling in life. These presents will make that tangible impact on the receiver’s life. Whenever they use those gifts, they’re sure to have that shy smile as a sense of appreciation to you.  

When giving a graduation gift for a man, you’ll want to be both thoughtful and practical. Here are some ideas:  

Custom Leather Work Bag  

Graduating from university is a milestone to achieve. It’s a sign of growth and maturity, particularly when you join the world of employment. Henceforth, you have to look at your part, too. There’s no better time but now to let go of those rucksacks you may have used in the college and replace it with something more sleek, polished, classic, and professional: a custom leather work bag.  

For newly graduated students who will take their first step into the professional landscape, a custom leather bag helps them make a statement with a truly unique and professional work bag to get them noticed. Younger professionals often struggle with imposter syndrome at work, so having professional touch that people will respect when they see them can help command a level of respect beyond their experience.

Personalized briefcase from

Apart from having so many stylish options, leather bags are also durable. It’s a lasting gift sure to serve the receiver through years of use when entering the corporate world.  

Rain Jacket  

A rain jacket is almost always a must-have in a man’s closet. But, when was the last time they’ve thought of buying one? It’s time to bid those varsity and university jackets a sweet farewell and replaces them with rain jackets – in gray, black, navy blue, or brown, to match whatever their suit or uniform for the day is.  

Once a professional, work will always be there – rain or shine. A rain jacket gives protection, so your man is not drenching wet when arriving at their workplace.  

Leather Wallet  

Like a leather bag, another no-fail leather item to make it on this list is a leather wallet. It’s that little thing that gives the finishing touch to the overall professional look your man may be trying to create. It’s luxe, clean, sleek, minimalist, yet stylish. It’s a wallet that will never go out of style.  


This fourth item may be in the pricier range. But, with an event as big as graduation, is it not worth the splurge? If it’s for your brother, father, or spouse, a laptop will always be a worth-it gift, especially if they don’t have a good one yet.  

If you choose wisely, good-quality laptops can withstand years of use – anywhere between five to ten, if they take good care of it. When you’re sure it is something they’ll need post-graduation, why not consider saving up for one this early? (if their graduation is still months away)


Watches come in all styles, with different features and varied price ranges. So, there’s a watch for the budget you have in mind.  

Even with the dependence on mobile phones, a watch is always that perfect accessory to complete the professional look. It’s on you to choose one with the features and style which you think fits the wearer’s personality and lifestyle.  


Here’s something for that man who’s also off to their apartment or home after graduation. Like any independent young professional, meal preparation is something they’ll have to learn to do.

The option to order out is always there, but that may not necessarily be the most budget-friendly recourse, particularly for young professionals who are still building their financial stability.  

You can help make cooking less hassle and less stressful by gifting them with kitchen tools and appliances – great for beginners. A well-loved favorite is a multicooker. It’s easy to use and speeds up the cooking process. It’s great for young professionals who are always on the go but would still love to bring home-cooked meals with them to work.  


Running Shoes  

Running shoes are a perfect reminder for that fresh graduate that no matter how busy they may be with their job, they should always make time to walk, run, or engage in whatever physical activity.

With running shoes, it’s like giving the gift of good health. It’s practical, such that fresh graduates who may still be struggling with their salary no longer have to think about getting themselves one.  

Toiletry Bag  

If a toiletry bag sounds too basic and ordinary to you, you’re wrong. You’ll be surprised at how many young professionals will appreciate finally having a good-quality toiletry bag.

Gone are the days when they’d place their toiletries in random bags or zipper plastics, when traveling, just for them to have a ‘home.’ Now, they’ll finally have a toiletry bag to use both at home and when they’re traveling.  

Handheld Steamer  

Lastly, here’s another practical item on this list for their home or apartment. Not all men enjoy ironing, but they certainly need to do so. Imagine how unprofessional it’ll look to walk into work in the morning with a crumpled polo.  

Unlike an ordinary iron, a handheld steamer may help make ironing a lot easier for that man who wants to get it over with and have a presentable shirt to wear to work.  

Final Thoughts  

Graduation is always a notable accomplishment for anybody. When you have a man in your life – your beau, partner, nephew, brother, in-law, or even a friend, it’s just but fitting for you to feel concerned about what you should give them – that gift has to be something special.


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