Top 5 Ways to Style Suede, and Look Amazing

When people think about Suede Jackets, a common misconception that arises is that the fabric has a feminine touch to it. We honestly beg to differ because if styled right, suede jackets are one of the most versatile jackets out there, highly appropriate for any occasion.

With the advent of leather jackets, many designs have come to the forefront completely stealing the spotlight such as Biker Jackets which are one of the most popular jackets commonly preferred amongst males. However, since the beginning suede jackets had a considerably bad reputation among men because them being too effeminate, fragile, and inflexible.

Well, we are here to shut all these rumors down. Just like a lot of other jackets, suede jackets have been a part of classic fashion history for decades now. They started getting popular in the 1960s and 1970s and have maintained a steady position since then.

Suede jackets are known for their luxurious and smooth material as well as the extraordinary comfort they provide with exceptionally versatile features. Worn by many famous names in history, these jackets are extremely stylish and ooze with charisma.

In this article, we will be providing you with a detailed guide on how to style your suede jacket with equal charm and fervor. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Casual Vibes

Suede jackets are the best option to choose when you’re looking to rock a casual attire with extra finesse and charm. When we say that there’s nothing better in the world than dressing up casually, we really mean it. And the best part, the clothing items needed to complete this outfit are already in your existing closet.

Simply pair a brown or tan colored suede jacket with any neutral shade tee and the most comfortable pair of denim wash jeans you own. For added effect slip on a pair of suede leather boots and you’re ready to charm everyone with your minimalistic yet effective outfit.

In case you want your outfit extra funky, trade the simple tee with a graphic tee and your jeans with some khaki shorts. To finish off this look slide on a pair of sneakers and there you have it, a look that screams comfortable yet stylish.

Layer It Up

Due to suede jackets being extremely thin and lightweight, they are not really considered practical. This brings us to the question, can you wear suede jackets in the winter? The answer to that is a simple yes.

Yes, you can incorporate suede jackets in your winter ensemble however the key here is to layer up. Knowing how to layer your outfit is definitely an important part of good dressing. Suede jackets can be worn on top or as a mid-layer depending on your preference.

Pair your suede jacket with a knitted turtle neck layered over a shirt, and finish the look off with pants and leather boots.

However, if you’re in the mood for wearing your suede apparel as a mid-layer, simply take out a suede gilet and wear it under a coat. Complete the look with slacks. The lack of bulky sleeves in a gilet is extremely practical so as to stay warm in the harsh weather.

Unconventional Hues

When we talk about suede jackets, a common misconception that a lot of people have about them is that they are only available in earthy tones. Neutral colors might be the most preferred shades however, suede jackets offer a variety of different colors.

If you’re looking for a bit unconventional yet impactful outfit, incorporating a colored suede jacket is the best option. Shades like grey and light blue give off a laid-back and charming aura, so simply pair a cozy knitwear and white pants with it. Finish off your ensemble with a pair of sneakers.

Dress It Up

One advantage of styling suede jackets is that they are incredibly versatile. Be it casual events or a business casual one, suede jackets will never fail to impress with their insane charm and stylishness.

If you’re looking to incorporate your suede apparel into a smart casual ensemble, simply pair them with a polo and slacks. Tie the look together with suede loafers for added effect.

Polos are instant game changers especially for men because of their ability to make an apparent difference to your outfit. If you want to dress it up, even more, swap the polo with a button up shirt and trade the slacks with chinos.

Summer Attire

The notion of wearing a suede jacket in the transitional weather as well as autumn and fall is justified. However, can you wear a suede jacket in the summer? You absolutely can. Since the suede fabric is inherently thinner and lightweight it can be worn in the summer as well.

You won’t have to worry about putting your suede jacket away with the rest of your winter clothes. But the problem that still remains is that suede is still leather so how can you incorporate it in a summer ensemble.

The solution to that is to simply pair them with shorts. The fabric of the shorts should either be linen or cotton so as to not overpower the suede jacket.

Slip-on a printed button-down shirt under the jacket and tie the outfit together with canvas shoes. Opting for a suede jacket in pastels or neutral shades is probably the better option, especially for summer.


Are Suede Jackets in style?

Yes, Suede jackets are and probably will be in style for a long time due to them being lightweight, versatile, and a classic piece of outerwear. They have been a prominent part of fashion since the 60s and are still considered one of the most outstanding pieces of apparel for both genders.

Are Suede Jackets durable?

Suede jackets are durable if made with high quality fabric, however, if we compare them with standard leather jackets they are not as durable. If properly looked after, suede jackets can last a long time.

Are Suede jackets waterproof?

Unfortunately, the fabric suede does not go well with water and if exposed to it for a long time your jacket could potentially be damaged. So make sure not to wear your suede jacket in heavy rainfall.

To Conclude

This was our take on the different ways you can style your suede jacket. Other than this guide, try to style your suede jacket in a way that reflects your personality and always play around with outfits to choose which one looks best on you.