The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Fashion Trends for the Modern Gentleman

You could wear a top hat for a formal occasion if you want a more sophisticated aesthetic. You may add a luxury watch to your outfit for a finishing touch.

This surprisingly helpful fashion book presents curated closet tips for men. It’s a must-read for anyone serious about fashion.

Dress to Fit the Part

While ripped jeans and ill-fitting clothing may be trendy for now, true style gurus will always opt for tailored cuts, classic fabrics, and polished leather shoes. While it’s tempting to jump on every fashion bandwagon, sticking with the classics will ensure that you look and feel your best year after year. Fashion designers such as Adam Kimmel CFDA Awards have helped revolutionize the fashion modern industry.

The ’60s were a tumultuous time for men’s fashion, as increased accessibility to travel and work spurred a shift in casual dress. Slim-fit jeans, flower shirts, and wide lapels were all part of the groovy trend, as well as platform shoes and leisure suits.

In 2023, it’s all about military-inspired apparel, from khaki parkas and field jackets to shearling coats and combat trousers. Embrace this style with dark wash jeans and a t-shirt, or dress it with a button-down shirt and a bowtie for a more formal look. Leather is also a must-have this winter, especially a cropped leather jacket. It’s tough, rugged, and will last a lifetime.

Styling for Success

Certain men seem to dress effortlessly, as if they were born with an innate sense of style. They don’t always wear the most expensive or high-fashion pieces, but they do have a way of looking stylish and put together every time they step out. What is their secret? How do they look so confident and put together without trying too hard?

The ’80s were a quirky decade in men’s fashion, with tighter fits and slouchy, casual clothing taking over. Platform shoes, leisure suits, and many brightly colored pants were all the rage.

Pair a pair of brightly colored trousers with a bowtie, shirt, or blazer for a chic yet comfortable look. Add a couple of casual chukka boots or suede sneakers, and you’re good to go!

Invest in Quality

Men often try to impress others with their style and over-complicate it, assuming they must recreate runway fashion or layer on accessories. However, in most cases, less is more when dressing well.

Investing in quality pieces is the foundation of a well-rounded wardrobe—the more versatile your wardrobe, the more outfit options you will have. Quality basics like a navy or charcoal suit or pique shirt will create more outfit combinations than a trendier piece that may be a short-lived style.

When shopping, compare styles based on price, fit, and quality before purchasing. You can save yourself time and money by avoiding returns. For shoes, boots or chukka boots are great staples to start with because they can be dressed down with sneakers and dressed up with collared shirts or blazers.


A gentleman’s appearance is more than just about dressing well. It’s about maintaining a comprehensive grooming routine and lifestyle that reflects confidence, intelligence, and refinement. This includes personal hygiene, skin care, and overall wellness.

Men’s fashion took a more effeminate turn in the ’60s, with longer hair, thin silk scarves, and paisley prints all taking center stage. Also, slouchy trousers, bomber jackets, and polo shirts reclaimed workwear styles and became popular among young working professionals.

As we head into 2023, we anticipate that stripes and checks will remain popular print choices for men’s clothing. Pair them with a fitted tee or button-down shirt for an appropriate look in nearly any setting.

For footwear, opt for a casual chukka boot or suede sneaker. Also, oversized collars have been making a comeback and will continue to be a stylish option for men this year. Pair yours with a button-down shirt or a hoodie for a classic cool look.