Stylish Skirt Outfits for Summer

Who doesn’t like skirts?! They’re like half a dress—well, actually, that’s exactly what they are—and you get to choose what goes on top! Even if you’re in the mood for matching pieces, you still get to choose whether your top should be an extension of the skirt itself or something somewhat similar. And don’t get us started on the many opportunities for creating contrast! 

Skirts are an opportunity to style. In a skirt, there’s more room to tailor an outfit to your mood of the moment. Are you as keen to play around with the idea as we are? If so, keep reading to discover a wealth of stylish skirt outfits fit for this summer. Maybe you’ll find the inspo you were looking for! 

The Melanie Set

Let’s kick off with a killer, ultra-sultry ensemble. The mature and savvy Melanie Set consists of a high-waisted midi skirt and a top with long, off-the-shoulder sleeves. It is made from the stretchiest knit fabric so that it can hug your figure in all the right places.

It is entirely charcoal-coloured, save for the trail of shimmery buttons that run along the right arm down to the bottom of the midi skirt.

If you leave the skirt unbuttoned from the sixth button downward, you can create a side slit of your own. Free the leg and free your inhibitions! Shine like the confident goddess you are.

The Elania Midi Set

Image: Alamour The Label

The Elania Midi Set is a sweet, chocolate two-piece that loves your curves. Made from semi-sheer mesh fabric, this outfit is embellished with ruffles and a shiny trail of buttons. Its pencil skirt falls to a midi length and clings for dear life. Its top has you covered where it counts. 

Chocolate is a fairly versatile colour, so you could swap out the top for something in similarly earthy colours. We’re talking caramel, cream—no, we’re not talking about actual chocolate flavours—chartreuse, or smoky periwinkle. Just ensure the fill-in top is a crop, or else the skirt will not stretch to its full potential!


To get the most out of the Elania Midi Set, you should finish the look with Marta Gold Hoop Earrings and Laila Heels (nude colour).


The Maigosia set

After something a bit more casual? We’ve got you covered. The Maigosia set consists of a skirt and a bralette you’ll need to buy separately. Put them together, though, and they make a sexy yet casual combination. This khaki faux leather outfit is a feminine take on the military aesthetic.

This fitted mini skirt is completed with button detailing and—get this—pockets! The bralette consists of V-shaped panelling and a plunging neckline. Who knew military vibes could be so stylish?!


If you’re feeling a little more modest—or if you just want to change things up—the Maigosia skirt is neutral enough that you could pair it with a top of almost any shade. For something colourful, try blue, red, or green; for something neutral, how about white, black, or yellow? Whatever you choose, keep it short so the high-waisted skirt can sit in full view! 


The Nirvana Set

After something a little more formal? We’ve also got you! You’re bound to have at least one formal event this summer, and the Nirvana Set may just fit the bill. Suitable for both day and night events, the Nirvana Set is made from intricate black lace fabric.

It features a cropped bustier as well as a stunning, high-waisted, A-line skirt with a maxi fall to the ankle. Because black is such a neutral shade, you can pair the skirt with almost any other formal top.

We would recommend a crop top, bustier, or something of similar length to go with the high waist. Finish off the look with black mule heels and some Alani Gold Diamante Hoop Earrings.

The Melina set

Okay, so every recommendation thus far has been either neutral or somewhere on the greyscale. Let’s finish with an explosion of pink florals!

The Melina skirt is all things spring and a little bit summer. It is adorned with gorgeous pink florals that are eye-catching and yet somewhat faded. This print features the most modest pink flowers you’ll ever see, and this pattern continues on its matching top. With its low V-neckline and open back, this top will let you show a little skin.

Do you know what else goes well with Melina’s high-waisted, side-slitted midi? The Loulia Top in pink. It brings out the warmest hues of the Melina skirt. And because the floral patterns are somewhat toned down, this gives the Loulia Top a chance to shine.

Made from poplin fabric, its bunched sleeves and off-the-shoulder stance add a bold touch to the outfit. This look is for girls who love to live out loud!

If you’re choosing to play the Melina set straight, you should totally pair it with some Marta Gold Hoop Earrings. Meanwhile, the Melina-and-Loulia combination would look perfect with some Kamilah Heels.