Being a pet owner is one of the best feelings in the world. Having a pet means there is always someone to play with, cheer up your mood, and make you feel less lonely. And not to forget the happy feeling our furry buddies give when we come back home after spending a tiring day at work. That’s why nobody likes to see their little kitty down, stressed, or in pain.

Unfortunately, being a pet owner, you know it is unavoidable. Your cat does get stressed, shows mood swings, suffers from pain, and has sleepless nights. So, you have to always keep an eye on them so that you know if they are struggling or help them feel comfortable. That’s where this article can help you.

Here are a few proven tips for reducing your cat’s stress:

Go to a Vet

Before trying any DIY treatment, it is always better to let experts come in the scene so that you don’t mess up anything. So, if you see your cat stressed along with other changes, like a change in weight, behavior, sleep, eating habits, water consumption, appetite, don’t skip this step.

Have your cat checked and follow the vet’s advice. Catching a potential health problem in the early stages is better than delaying things only to aggravate the situation that might lead to a bigger problem.

Try Out CBD Treats

CBD is one of the most popular trends in health care because of its therapeutic properties. It reacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body and helps treat various ailments. Just like humans, CBD has shown effectiveness to treat various health conditions in pets as well.

Many pet owners are giving CBD products to their pets to treat health conditions, like pain, inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress. So, you can give CBD to your cats whenever they feel stressed.

You can find various CBD products in the market, like cat cbd treats, CBD oil, tinctures, etc. But make sure to buy only high quality products from trusted manufacturers who have certificates of analysis as a proof of their quality.

Train Cat Carefully

Cat training is more than teaching them to sit, stop, and lay down. Training a cat is a very critical part as it develops their particular mind set that further develops their behavior, thinking patterns, and moods. Any dissonance in the training pattern can stress your cat.

For example, if one member teaches a cat to not sit on the bed, while the other member tucks it in their blanket, it might create confusion for the cat about what is the right thing to do. This confusion further leads to stress. So, be gentle, careful, and consistent in your training.

Give Your Cat Freedom

Remember that pets don’t like playing on the lap, being cuddled, stroked, and teased all the time. They like ‘me time’ as well as humans do. So, give them their space, don’t disturb them all the time, especially when they are resting, eating, or doing their stuff.

Also, let them decide when they want to interact with you and when they don’t. Keeping a pet doesn’t mean that they have to move and live according to your desire and will. Give them freedom and space to not ignite stress in them.


Create Hiding Places

Stressed cats like to hide from their surroundings and go in their hidden place (according to their perception!). It makes them feel safe that pulls down their stress level. So, instead of crowding or stroking your cat when they are stressed, let them be on their own.

Make some hidden spaces for them, like using their basket, some boxes, or a cupboard in the kitchen. Usually, they like dark and quiet places. Try to create such places for them.


Being a cat owner is a very warm feeling. But keeping a cat means you also have to take care of its health, happiness, and peace.

So, keep their behavior under check and whenever they show any signs of stress, anxiety, or restlessness, immediately look out for the reasons of stress and try to remove these reasons. Moreover, take steps to relieve their stress so that they can live happily with you and keep on making you cheerful with their joyful, cute acts.


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