Psychology of relations between a man and a woman: books

The psychology of relationships is a fashionable trend in science, the purpose of which is to study the behavioral models of men and women, to build a paradigm of their relationship.

The advice of psychologists will help representatives of different sexes to understand the peculiarities of each other’s thinking, the decision-making mechanism. If you want to have a harmonious relationship with a partner, then study the literature that will help you with this.

Interpersonal relationships are a hot topic in psychological research. There is a demand for works that examine the psychology of communication, thinking and the emotional picture of men and women. But man mars woman venus is a must-read, everything is told in simple words understandable to everyone.

The virtual world, the technological process, the intensity of life lead to the fact that people wean themselves from communicating, cannot find a couple, start a family or find understanding with a husband or wife.

Gary Chapman “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Love to Your Companion”

Love is a multifaceted and complex feeling in its manifestations. Many books have been written about how it is born. But practical psychologist Gary Chapman offers actionable advice on how to recognize the signs and manifestations of love and how to hint at the object of your feelings.

The psychologist notes that modern society has forgotten how to correctly express feelings, including showing love. Because of this, many insulate themselves from relationships and end up single. Others, due to their own callousness or carelessness of a partner, become unhappy in marriage.

The author of the book gives advice on how to show and maintain interest in a partner, how to learn to listen to him, and overcome your own egoism and complexes. The reader will learn how and when to pronounce words of approval and encouragement, how often and how to pay attention to a partner, what gifts to give to a loved one, how to relate to physical contacts.

Lail Lowndes “How to make anyone fall in love with you”

If you are tired of loneliness, then study the theory and practical guide to the psychology of romantic love. Do not wait for the fairy tale of magical love to come true when Cupid decides to pierce your chosen one with an arrow of love. Solve the problem yourself.

The book “How to make anyone fall in love with you” is the quintessence of the formula of love, which every person can easily master. With its help, learn how to choose a partner and get to know him, how to build a first conversation and how to behave on a first date.

This book describes how to use the differences in behavioral patterns of the sexes to attract and keep a loved one or loved one. There are also practical tips for building sexual relationships.

Steve Harvey “You do not know anything about men”

Steve Harvey is a popular radio journalist, the author of the bestseller in psychology “Do like a woman, think like a man”, the father of four daughters. The main task that the author sets in a new creation is to dispel the illusions of women regarding their partners.

The psychology of men, in the presentation of Steve Harvey, reveals many secrets and suppressed feelings, experiences of the stronger sex. The book describes the methods by which you can manipulate men of different ages, how to learn the truth from them, using interrogation methods that are applied to scouts.

From the point of view of practical psychology, the author explains why the path of a mistress is a path to nowhere, exhausting and exhausting a woman. He gives advice from the position of a man on how to achieve harmony in an intimate life, how to find compromises when it comes to each other’s interests and desires, and how to optimize the family budget.