Layering the Graphic Tee Like a Pro: Four Tips and Tricks

When you have the best graphic tees, there’s no doubt that you want to show them off. Of course you can wear them as is, but learning how to layer graphic tees for men can truly elevate your style. There are some things to consider when layering your graphic tee such as colors and patterns.

There are all kinds of different graphic tees for men, and some look better layered than others. Layering graphic tees for men doesn’t have to be over complicated. There are many tips and tricks for you to be able to layer your graphic tee like a pro.

Why Layer Your Tee

You might ask why you would even layer your graphic tee. Wouldn’t layering it hide the tee? Although wearing a layer overtop does maybe cover part of the tee, layering can actually make graphic tees for men stand out even more. When you layer with the right clothing, the layers can actually compliment your graphic tee by bringing images and colors to life.

Layering is also perfect to be able to wear your graphic tee all year long. In the winter, having a heavier layer can help beat the cold. And in the fall or spring, you can wear lighter layers that still keep you warm but not overdo it. Layering also helps your graphic tee from becoming overworn and old news. If you just wear your graphic tee by itself all of the time, your look will become exhausted. Layering helps switch it up and keeps your style fresh.

Do Colors Matter When Layering Tees?

When layering graphic tees for men, it’s important to consider the color scheme in your outfit. If your graphic tee is full of different colors, then try layering your graphic tee with just one of the colors in the graphic tee design. You don’t want a multi-colored graphic tee that is vibrant matched with a multi-colored layer that is also vibrant.

Your style then becomes too busy, and your graphic tee will not get the credit it deserves. By just matching it with one color, your graphic tee will stand out and the layer you are wearing will add another dimension to the design. If your graphic tee is more simple and only uses one or two colors, then you can layer with something overtop that has more colors in it.

Especially if your graphic tee is black and white, then you really have the freedom to have many colors in the layer overtop of your tee. The key here is balance. If your graphic tees have a lot of color, balance it out with something that is one color or neutral. If it doesn’t have much color, then balance it with something that does have more color in order to draw the design to the eye.

Do Patterns Matter When Layering Tees?

In case you were wondering, patterns do matter when layering graphic tees for men. It works similarly to balancing the color scheme. If you have clashing patterns, your overall look comes off like you maybe got dressed in the dark. With a more simple design, you can get away with bold pattern choices.

As the design on the graphic tee gets more complex, it gets trickier to wear layers that have bold and bright patterns. You can match patterns with your graphics and layers. For example, if your graphic tee has a faint checkered pattern in the background, then you can also wear a checkered layer overtop to match the faint checkered pattern in the tee.

This compliments the graphic tee design instead of trying to compete with it. Ideally, if you have multiple patterns, you want to make sure they aren’t in competition with each other. That is why having a balance of patterns and colors is important.

Ideas For Layering

It’s best to have ideas for graphic tees for men when it comes to layering. If you are looking for a layering for the cooler months of the year, try wearing a simple graphic tee with a flannel.

If you have a more vibrant graphic tee, then layering in a neutral denim jacket or bomber jacket can help highlight the design of the graphic tee instead of take away from it. When layering in the warmer months of the year, try layering with a camp-collar shirt to stay cool but still add dimension to your outfit.

Layer Up

Graphic tees for men can be easily layered in different ways. Layering keeps your graphic tee from being overworn as the same old outfit. By using different layering, you can keep your outfit fresh and still be rocking your favorite graphic tee.

Always remember to use colors and patterns to compliment the graphic tee design, not to complete with it. Finding a balance is key in layering correctly. With these tips and tricks, you will soon be layering your graphic tee like a pro.