Incredible 8 Ball Pool Trickshots, You’ll Wish You had Discovered Sooner

Want to play a challenging game? Looking for an interesting game? If yes, then your search is finished. We are here to give you information about one of the challenging games as well as an interesting game.

8 ball pool trick shots is a challenging game that gives an exciting experience in the world of pool games. With the increasing popularity of ball pool, game gives an emergence to the creation of numerous games and 8 ball pool trick shots is considered to be an interesting genre. People love playing this game on different platforms and GetMega is one such popular platform where the excitement level reaches the peak.

In an 8 ball pool, trick shot game, players have to enjoy the game from the very beginning. After choosing the level with which you want to share the game, the balls with different numbers and colours are placed in a different manner and you have to pocket them in the hopes.

In each level, you will have a limited number of moves in which you have to pocket the maximum balls or activate the goal and according to that, you will receive the points and bonus which you can use to access new functions and equipment of the game.

Top 10 8-ball pool tips and tricks

Here we are providing you with some updated 8 ball pool trick shots, which you can use to win the game and defeat your opponent.

  • Know the rules correctly 

You must familiarize yourself with the rules and benefits of using the tricks. You must know the impact of the rules or tricks so that you can use them confidently to defeat your opponent as when you know what is going to happen, you seem fearless. Suppose you commit a foul related to cue valley, then the opponent will get the ball. Now he can put in anywhere which will make it easier for him to win the game in the next shot. 

It will be your disadvantage and tend to be behind your opponent which is also a step towards losing. You cannot use this 8 ball pool trick in the tournament as there is not allowed to put the ball beginning the head string. One benefit of knowing the foul is that you can catch your opponent making for as some fouls can be missed if you are avoiding it and neglect the benefits of your win.

  • Break efficiently

You can use a 8 ball trick game in an 8 ball pool trick but it is not the game in which you have to pot the ball by breaking the rack. You also have to be sure that your shot is legal and ensure that your cue ball is in a tight grouping of balls as you can sink other balls even if you are breaking the rack. 

  •  Choose your group based on strategy

You can break the rack or sink the object balls. But in any case, you can also use the other group of object balls. The 8 ball pool trick is to choose the group which is scattered near the pockets and which can help in easier pocketing of the cue ball.

  • Create a mental strategy

Before every shot, you must be mentally prepared so that you can already assume the position of your cue ball or you can also take another shot from any position but most importantly choose the shot.

  •  Practice special torque spin and cutting technique 

If you want to gain momentum, you can spin the cue ball which is Katee passed on to object balls. It is quite helpful when a player informs rail and back cuts. 

  • Be prepared with different cut shots

It is recommended to be prepared with different cut shots such as back cut, rail cut, bank shots and kick shots as it takes time to excel in the 8 ball pool tricks.

  • Utilize the bridge

When the distance between the cue ball and object ball is quite big, then to hit the best angle, you have to use the rake as the bridge instead of your hand.

  • Use the Masse 8 ball pool trick shots

When you deflect your cue ball slightly near your object ball to hit another ball, then it is known as a massed 8 ball shot. 

  • Make draw shots

When you hit the cue ball at the base to spin and return to its original position, then it is known as a draw shot. 

  • Avoid combination shots

When you use a cue ball to hit the object, the valley which will hit the other object ballot is known as combination shots.


After reading the 8 ball pool trick, you must have understood its importance. Getmega is one of the platforms which provide this game with all the functions and you can earn money by playing the game. It is specialized for both beginners and experts, thus, you can play the game. Happy playing with your friends and family!