College is a difficult yet the most exciting phase of our life. it can become overwhelming to juggle studies, work, and family relationships together. Mobile Smartphones are another distractor as they can distract us with phone calls, notifications and text messages. When a research was carried out on the attention span of college students it was observed that out of a 15 mins of study time they are distracted for at least 5 mins. Most of the time that we spend in on procrastination is spent on mindlessly scrolling through social media. In this age of technology, it can be extremely difficult to focus on things like study and work.

Make a list 

It can be stressful to juggle more than one projects together. While working on one it isI possible that you forget to do the other. Having a proper schedule can help you to to organize deadlines and manage time. You should also take some time out to evaluate which time of the day you are most productive and then according to that manage time for homework assignments, revision, and extracurricular activities. 

You can also use a journal or a planner to do that. Digital calendars are also available for this purpose and can even notify you whether or not you have completed a task on time. Writing out tasks can play a major role in increasing concentration and organizing things on your to-do- list.

Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode

Mobile Cell phones are a huge distraction these days. Once your phone beeps or rings, you cannot wait to check it after you have completed studying. You are tempted to look at the message and reply to them. The best way to stop this is by putting your phone on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. This will ensure that even if there is a text message you do not know until after you have finished studying. You can keep one tab open for the internet if you want to use it for homework or revision. You can also hide apps that usually waste your time.

Break huge tasks into many smaller ones

Instead of going for a huge chunk of material to study altogether try breaking down the study material into smaller chunks to avoid procrastination. There is greater motivation to complete smaller tasks than getting done with one huge task. You can then easily divide your time with some breaks in between. Since we can easily concentrate for about 40-45 mins we can take a 10 10-minute break with one 40-45 minutes study session. Studying with breaks also helps you retain information better and for a longer time.

Select the right study environment 

The kind of study environment required by each student is variable. Some can study better in a completely quiet room while some need to have some background noise to study. Each student can figure out their preference depending on their concentration levels and habits. You can identify this by answering simple questions like do you study more at the college library or the coffee shop nearby your place? You have people around you in a coffee shop which makes it an ideal place to study for some while some may not be able to concentrate with so many people around. If you are unsure you can try studying in both places and see what works for you best.

Organize your study table

Is your desk cluttered with files, papers and leftover snacks? Do you have a habit of putting up sticky notes on your computer monitor? These things may be one reason that you cannot focus on your studies. Get your study desk organized and clean. If you have a messy study place you are most likely to procrastinate. Only keep the essential things on your table and organize the other things in your drawers. It will reduce the anxiety that comes with a messy work station and motivate you to study better and for a longer duration.

Motivate yourself

Motivation can go a long way when it comes to improving focus on your studies. Having a small thing to reward yourself with once you get done studying a certain chunk of material can help you study more efficiently. It is a good way to encourage yourself and set expectations from your own self. You can treat yourself to your favorite snack or a nap after you complete a certain amount of studying. This will boost your confidence and also help you set deadlines and meet deadlines for a better learning.

Set the right temperature for your room

It is very important to see of the room you are studying in has the right temperature and ambience. If you are studying in a chilled room you may not be able to focus because of the cold. Similarly, if you do not have a cooling system in the summers you may get exhausted before you have completed studying. There are many ways to ensure that you have the right temperature. With the advancement in technology, this has become easier. You can the Honeywell Smart Thermostat to ensure that the temperature of your room is comfortable while you study.

Final Thoughts

College life can become extremely hectic and frustrating if you do not understand how to manage your time well. Studies require a lot of attention and securing a good grade while graduating is the priority for many students. This article explains a few tips and tricks that students can use to improve focus and concentration, you can find many more on the internet and some from your experienced seniors. 



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