Humans are relational beings. We are relational in the sense that we do not stay on our own by ourselves rather, we are able to interact, help, socialize and bond with each other. Of course feelings do develop and people get coupled up.

It is natural human nature to want to please our loved ones especially the ones that we are in a romantic relationship with. It pleases us to please them and this is why we get gifts for them.

What Are Gifts?

These are acts of kindness in which something is given out to another freely without expecting anything in return. Most times, it is given to show appreciation, admiration or even to curry favor from another. However, there are also times when it is given just as an act of kindness to a person or group of persons. You can read more on this here.

The Gift Dilemma

Well, biological males being more predominantly the hunter protector type in the species, are more prone to trying to prove their affection for their love interest and would want to give gifts. However, they do make a lot of mistakes as they usually would miss the subtle details that would really impress their love interest. Therefore, the dilemma most times is in figuring out the right gifts to give.

Gift Tips for Your Wife

With it being quite the challenge for some people to get the “perfect gift” for their spouses, it would be quite helpful to give tips on how to go about this. So, here are some suggestions that can be helpful. Note that these suggestions are to a great extent tested and trusted.

All In One Pedicure Set

It is certain that many men don’t know that such a thing exists but it could be the perfect gift for your spouse. It has everything that she would need to make her feet look good. It also comes with a bonus moisturizing cream.

An Apple Digital Pencil

Note that these are suggestions and as such must not be taken unless it suits your particular situation. In this spirit, an apple digital pen is suggested for your spouse if she is artistically inclined. This is a subtle way of showing appreciation for her skills while encouraging her in it. You can also engrave her name (you know; the pet name you call her) on it to further personalize it.

Literary Scarf

If your wife is a reader, then this is one she would most definitely love. This scarf would have engraved in it, quotes from her favorite books, poems or even her own quotes (if she has a published work).

Custom Blanket

A custom blanket may be one of the most personal and homely ideas. This type of gift allows you to print a special picture, memorable date or message.

Whether it’s a picture of your family, a quote from her favorite book or even the lyrics of a song you both love, a personalized blanket becomes more than just a warm home accessory, it becomes a cherished memento.

Personalized Make-up Bag

This particular suggestion has the added peck of not just looking great, but actually being very practical (for the ladies primarily). A personalized make-up bag in itself is elegant and classy but now it offers her the advantage of having a way of moving about with her make-up kit comfortably and of course, use whenever the need arises.

Personalized Photo Projection Bracelet

Bracelets on their own are fine gifts for your lover. However, a customized bracelet, personalized specifically for her, adds another dimension to it. Now add the fact that it is a photo projection bracelet with pictures of your kids or some memorable day and the wow factor is complete. You can find out more on this at

Things to Consider When Getting A Gift For Your Wife

Whenever it comes to relationship and relationship advice, especially when it is about pleasing your spouse, people wax lyrical and spout a lot of things. Meanwhile, many forget that just as people are unique and sometimes different, so are relationships. However, getting the right gift for your spouse might not be as complex as they seem, just take note of the following:

What Does She Love

She is your spouse so it is believed that you at least know the things she loves (if you don’t know, start paying closer attention, you will find out). It is from these passions of hers that you can come up with something for her.

What Does She Need?

Generally, humans are very appreciative when their needs are provided for them. Obviously, there are categories to needs and in the marriage relationship context. It doesn’t have to necessarily be lifesaving needs, it just has to be things that you’ve noticed she needs and then, creativity and romance helps you finish the job. However, you can search online for surprise gift for wife to get more ideas for what to do.


It takes commitment to make a marriage relationship work. This commitment and love for your spouse motivates you to try and please her.

One way to do this is through gifts; thoughtful gifts. Sadly, many get this wrong however; this article is here to show you how to get it right.



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