The perfect eyebrow shape is hard to find. Every face type presents a unique outline, and while the golden ratio provides solid direction, the contours of an individual’s brow need to be personalized.

With so many varying requests regarding finding the right eyebrow shape, this article dives deep into facial anatomy, offering tips on how you can use your distinct features as guidance to achieve that coveted arch.

Uncovering how you can bring out the best in your features will help you accentuate the structure of your face for an undeniably beautiful look. Let’s take this journey together and discover how you can find your eyebrow shapes around the world to enhance your natural beauty.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Round Faces

If you have a round face, your eyebrows are essential to your overall look. The wrong eyebrow shape can make a round face appear even more round, or worse still, shorter.

However, when done correctly, the right eyebrow shape can help to balance out the features of a round face and give it length and definition. Here’s how to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your round face:

Soften the Contours

Start by brushing your brow hairs with an angled brush to see their natural shape. Then use tweezers or waxing strips/wax to pluck away any hairs that don’t fit into this desired shape. Avoid straight, flat brow shapes as they will mismatch with a rounded face and make it look shorter than it is.

Also, avoid sharp or angular shapes, as these will not complement a soft-curved face shape. Instead, focus on creating soft curves under the arch of each brow and brushing up the hairs at the front of each brow for dimension and height. 

Add Extra Height at Each Brow’s Arch

This gives the illusion of a longer forehead and slimmer jawline, which helps to balance out any excess width from having a rounded face. To complete this look, keep both arches closer to the center of your eyes (and further away from your temples) to maintain proportionate features throughout your entire face. 

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are defined by their wide forehead and narrow jawline, creating a face with an overall pointed shape. To create a balanced look on this type of face, shaping the eyebrows is essential. Here are some tips to keep in mind when shaping eyebrows for heart-shaped faces:  

Avoid Round Brows 

Round brows will only exaggerate the heart shape of your face. Instead, try creating an angled brow with defined edges to give your eyebrows more definition and create balance in your facial features. 

Avoid Flat or Straight Brows 

Flat or straight brows will make your face look triangular, which can be unflattering on a heart-shaped face. Try keeping your brows shorter in length and closer together to draw attention to the middle of your face and create a balance between your forehead and jawline. 

Keep Your Arches Close To The Center 

Keeping the arch close to the center of your brow will draw attention to the center of your face, which can help balance out a broader forehead and pointed chin. Additionally, adding length to the ends of your eyebrows can give the illusion of having a slimmer jawline which can help create an overall balanced look for those with heart-shaped faces.  

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Long Faces

Deep-set eyes and a narrow forehead often characterize long faces. To create balance, it’s important to choose an eyebrow shape that complements your features and helps draw attention away from the center of the face. Here’s how to get the perfect eyebrow shape for long faces:

Avoid Height at the Brows 

When creating an eyebrow shape for long faces, it’s important to avoid adding any height to the brows, as this will make your face look even longer than it already is. Instead, you want to keep your brows flatter so as not to create the illusion of a shorter face.

This will help you achieve harmony in your features and help emphasize your eyes instead of making them look smaller or further apart than they actually are. 

Embrace Soft Curves 

Long-faced individuals should strive to achieve a softer, more curved look when shaping their eyebrows. This will help bring out your facial features without taking away from them or making them appear too harsh or defined.

You want to aim for a natural yet structured look that enhances rather than detracts from your eyes and cheekbones. This can be done with careful shaping and trimming using tweezers or scissors.  

Make Your Brows Wider Apart  

To add width back into your face, you should focus on keeping your brows further apart so as not to draw attention towards the center of your face. This will help create a balance between both sides of your face and open up deep-set eyes for a brighter overall look.

When styling, aim for a wider brow shape so as not to make it appear overly thin or too close together—this could make your face look longer instead of wider!


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