Avid cannabis smokers who prefer using glass pipes regularly are aware that there are numerous options to choose from. And while it is fantastic that the buying possibilities are endless, it can be challenging for first-timers to find the most suitable pipe for their needs.

The trick to buying the best glass weed pipes is knowing that not all of them are made equal. There are full pipes that can last for a very long time, daily use ones that you can effortlessly carry around in your pocket, and customized pipes that cost a fortune.

So, how can you tell which pipe is best for you?

There are a couple of simple yet super effective tricks for beginners to choose a reasonably-priced pipe. Here is the information.

Know the types

Historically speaking, weed pipes have been around for thousands of years, with archaeologists still making stunning discoveries that are leaving people baffled to no end. However, know that you can choose from the different types of pipes and not just various designs.

For instance, Chillums are straight tubes with a bowl at the end where you can place your choice of cannabis. Sherlock pipes are also straight but with a twisted bowl at the end, reminding users of the tobacco pipes used by the famous detective the pipe variety has been named after.

Finally, you can also choose from Bubblers, Steamrollers, and Spoons, each offering different perks and levels of convenience. Of these varieties, Spoons are good for newbies, while Steamrollers are more apt for daily users as they come with filtration technology.

Invest in high-quality glass

It is critical to buy pipes made of borosilicate glass and other lab-tested quality glass, as they offer better safety and durability. Such high-quality glass is precisely engineered to withstand high temperatures and a vast range of chemicals without letting it alter or affect the quality of the material.

Also, these pipes do not break easily and can last for a significant amount of time despite everyday use.

So, look for the name of the glass variety on the packaging before purchasing a pipe to ensure you do not buy a cheap model.

Consider the pipe style

Finding the right pipe shape is crucial as it will determine how well you can smoke with it and how ergonomic it is to clean. If you buy a complicated design for your first try, you may become quickly frustrated with it as such structures can be complex to clean and maintain.

For example, animal or leaf-shaped designs are attractive but have several nooks and corners that can be challenging to clear smoke debris.

So, look for a simpler model at first, one with large mouthpieces and bowls that you can clean quickly.

Color-changing straight pipes or dagger-shaped steamrollers are good options to consider investing in. The incredibly sleek and deceptively simple Gandalf pipe is also an excellent one to buy.

Buy from a reliable source

It is always preferable to buy glass weed pipes from reliable online retailers, because they have the proper licenses and expertise to deal with them. Look for a reputable head shop that offers unbelievable quality options at the most affordable rates.

Ideally, you should be able to buy a primary albeit strong pipe for approximately $14 or maybe even less, making it easy for you to afford at least a couple of pipes instead of relying on a single piece.

Therefore, you can buy two or three different models, perhaps more, within $100, ensuring you have enough pipes to fall back on or even give some of them away as gifts.

Moreover, many of these stores charge low shipping costs and have discounted rates for existing and new customers almost all the time, enabling you to save more than expected.