Whether you have a certain talent for all things interior design and as a result, are planning to entirely renovate one or more rooms of your home yourself with little to no professional help, or else you want to do the smaller tasks yourself after outside assistance has been and gone, a stunning aesthetic is the end goal.

With this in mind, here’s how to achieve stunning results with home interior renovation and how to fall in love with your home all over again.

1. The Addition of a Kitchen Island

The next time you’re watching an American movie based around a typical family, pay attention to the design and layout of the kitchen and, more specifically, the almost-automatic addition of a kitchen island in the center, or at the very least, a breakfast bar.

Kitchen islands can not only add a substantial amount of value to your property as a whole but will also transform the kitchen into a more social place that’s much more conducive to family gatherings.

2. A Secret Bookshelf Door

Next, if you have the space and indeed, a penchant for reading, then an ambitious but frankly incredibly awesome addition to your home renovation plans would be the creation of a secret door behind the bookcase or, alternatively, under the stairs.

Unexpected spaces make for an enticing talking point with visiting family and friends, but also provide another area for storage, not to mention an unusual place for you to finally get the peace and quiet that you’ve been craving.

3.Make the Floor a Star

When visiting family and friends enter a particular room in your home, you may well think their eyes will be automatically drawn to the artwork on the wall or the arrangement of cushions on the sofa, but in reality, the ambience that’s been created is the first thing they’ll notice.

Cultivating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere begins with the floor, and if you’re dedicated to achieving a thorough and breathtaking home renovation, take a look at the huge variety of natural stone flooring at www.mystonefloor.com.

4.Switch to Open Shelving

Floating shelves and open shelving units require a commitment to stop hoarding random possessions inside a closed cabinet but will also transform the appearance of any room.

A hugely modern choice, open shelving units can make an ordinary piece of furniture become a striking and unusual focal point, specifically in the living room or even behind a large table in the dining room.

5. Repaint the Bathroom

The fifth and final suggestion to achieve stunning results within your interior living spaces is to entirely change the color scheme of your bathroom.

Not only will giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, replacing any cracked or stained tiles with fresh ones, and matching the colors of the towels and other bathroom accessories to the color on the walls tie everything together, but it will also substantially increase the value of your property.

Additionally, you could also look to change the toilet and cistern to a self-closing and self-flushing unit, too.


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