How Does Flower Delivery Work?

Flower delivery is a service that’s provided by a florist. You can simply go online to their website and select the flower bouquet you want them to arrange for you and then they deliver it to the chosen destination either the same day or by express mail for next day delivery.

We love flower delivery services because it saves a trip to the florist and may save money if they offer online coupons. 

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How Does Flower Delivery Work?

Florists are artists, so when you choose to order a bouquet online, they get right to work creating their masterpiece. They take their time to ensure you, your family, or friends receive nothing but beautiful arrangements. But how exactly do they make this happen?

Where Do Their Flowers Come From?

You wouldn’t expect to see a garden at a florist’s shop in the big city, would you? No, it’s not likely. So the question here is “Where do their flowers come from?”. Florists receive their flowers from local farmers and other suppliers.

They may also obtain them from international suppliers on occasion to ensure the demand of their customers is being met, especially around Valentine’s day. 

You may also see some florists who have their own farms off the property and make use of distribution centers that may be located anywhere across the globe. When an order is placed,online, that website will reach out to the closest local florist to your address. It’s not uncommon for local florists to source out from other local florists either. 

How Are The Flowers Delivered?

Most often than not, online orders for flowers will offer same-day delivery or express delivery. Additionally, they may offer scheduled delivery, subscription delivery, special delivery, and next day delivery. 

Depending on what the arrangement is, the flowers may be in a vase, pot, wrapper, or any other secure wrapping to ensure they are received in flawless condition. All flowers ordered online and shipped will be hand-delivered with nothing less than exceptional care. 

How Long Does Flower Delivery Take?

This all depends on the location of the recipient. If they are located somewhere in the area, it could take anywhere from 30-minutes to 1-hour for the florist to make the delivery. It could take much longer if the recipient is in another country or region. 

Ensuring The Flowers Remain Healthy In Transit

When a florist receives a request for flower delivery, they have to take the proper steps to ensure the flowers will remain vibrant and healthy while in transit. Here’s how they do it: 

  • Water the Flowers: Before being packaged and shipped, the florist will keep them in water to maintain freshness up until right before they need to be shipped. 


  • Secure the Stems: The stems of the flowers will be bound together with cable ties or rubber bands to keep them together. 


  • Protect the Stems: After the ends of the flowers have been cut, they should be wrapped in a moist paper towel to keep them hydrated. Once wrapped, they will be wrapped again in a layer of bubble wrap, placed into a plastic bag and then secured with tape. 


  • Protect the Flower Tops: They will usually use cling film to cover the tops of the flowers so they don’t crumple while in transit. 


  • Place in the Proper Box: They will then choose a wooden or sturdy cardboard box or vase, depending on the mode of delivery, and place the flowers on a bed of cushioning to stop them from moving around. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we’re able to answer for you: 

Can Flowers Be Shipped With Every Courier Company?

No, not all courier companies will ship flowers internationally. TNT, DHL, and UPS will not ship packages that contain flowers.

You will find that different couriers have different requirements for their shipping services. It’s best that you check with the service before trying to place an online order for flowers. 

What Happens If I’m Not Home For Delivery?

If you have a flower order that’s being delivered to your home and you aren’t there, the courier will leave you a note advising you that there are perishable items available for pickup at a specified address.

You will then have to go collect them. Some courier services may attempt to re-deliver your flowers at some point during the day while they’re still in their possession.

Do I Tip My Courier?

Generally, you should tip any delivery service that comes to your home. There are a couple of scenarios in which your courier could be tipped and what cost is involved. 

If You Pick Up The Flowers

If you’re picking up the flowers, tips aren’t expected since there was no delivery service involved. However, if you see a tip jar on the counter, you can choose to tip between $2-$5 if your florist did a good job on your arrangement. 

If Flowers Are Delivered

It’s common practice to tip delivery services that come to your home other than your standard mail and package couriers. Floral delivery workers may receive a $2-$5 tip for a simple bouquet, but if the arrangement is larger, consider upwards of $10. If there’s a service fee included in the order, you don’t have to tip them. 

If Flowers Are Being Sent As A Gift

If you’re sending flowers as a gift, you can’t expect the recipient to give the courier a tip. You can simply add a couple of dollars to your order to tip the delivery worker. Most online florists will give you the option to add a tip on the checkout page. If there are special delivery instructions, you should consider giving $10 or more as a tip. 

What If You Can’t Tip?

If you can’t tip due to tight funds, then consider leaving a 5-star review online. Florists depend on great reviews to get more business, so it’s a free war to say thanks. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing a large order, you should certainly plan ahead to make a tip available.


That’s how flower delivery works! On our end, it’s pretty simple. Click a few buttons, choose an arrangement, and set up the delivery. On their end, it can be hard work, but they always ensure your flowers are delivered in pristine condition.