The 25 Hobbies for Men Over 40 ReviewedThis could be the ultimate guide where you’ll find a selection of hobbies for men over 40. You’re never too old to start something new.

It may sound cliché. It’s unlikely you’ll become an international sports star or professional player.

However, there are plenty of new things you can do and excel at.

At 40 your kids are becoming more independent or have left for college. Life seems to have finally settled into a comfortable rhythm and doing something for yourself doesn’t seem irrational anymore. It may be time to start a new adventure!


1. Restore A Classic Car

Restore a Classic CarHere’s one of the best hobbies for men in their 40s.

If you’ve got an old heap passed down in the family or from a friend, well, you can grease it up.

It might be necessary spend a little money to fix the automobile but the satisfaction is amazing. 

You can find tons of resource online and through local restoration clubs to help you bring back an old car to its former glory.

This hobby usually requires a bit of an investment upfront but it will be worth it. The memorable tour through town in a stylish ride guarantees that! 

2. Photography

PhotographyA beginner photography class is a great chance to learn picture-taking skills.

It will introduce you to the art of photography beyond birthday parties and graduation ceremonies.

Finally, you have the freedom to focus on things like contrast and aperture.

3. Writing/Travel Writing/Blogging

Writing Travel Writing BloggingDon’t just Instagram your next cruise; blog about it.

With the highest demographic of people joining social media being Baby Boomers.

There is an audience hankering for mature writing. 

Since that same audience travels frequently, they are eager to read about others’ adventures, recommendations, tips, and travels.

You never know, you may even find yourself earning money from it.

4. Running / Biking 

Somewhere in your newsfeed is that annoying friend who is always posing at finish lines with race medals. It’s no coincidence that in every photo she has a huge smile on her face, endorphins have a way of doing that to you.

Middle-aged men are taking to running in droves, and with good reason. If you want to change your body, start exercising. But if you want to change your life, start running. For any action-packed hobby, we suggest checking out Globo Surf.


RunningYes! This is the perfect time for you to get outside, explore the open spaces, and feel the wind in your hair as you whizz down the trail on your two-wheeler. Electric bikes offer you the kind of exercise you get from a traditional bike without taking a toll on your tired legs. Thanks to the motor assistance provided, riding a bike has never felt so easy and fun.

You get to pick from a variety of designs to provide you with the kind of adventure that best appeals to you. Choose an electric cruiser if you want to enjoy a leisurely ride at the beach or an e-MTB to conquer the tough off-road terrains. Alternatively, you can go with an Electric-biking fat-tire bike to plow through sand, snow, mud, and other tricky terrains. Electric biking is just what you need to keep your mid-life crisis at bay!

5. Paintin

PaintinThe creation of art and the stimulation of the mind that accompanies painting, drawing, or sculpting greatly lowers stress levels.

It generates relaxation and is often used as therapy for people with nervousness and aggression.

It also keeps the brain sharp and can lower the incidence of Alzheimer’s. Besides, don’t you need some new stuff to hang on your walls now that the kid’s artwork is gone?

6. Become A Master Griller

Become a master grillerDuring the warmer months, don’t just barbecue, become a true grill master.

Learn how to grill the perfect steak or ultimate burger.

  You could try out some more creative cuisines, like coffee-and-brown-sugar-crusted skirt steak or miso-glazed chicken burgers. 

Whatever you do, take ownership of the backyard and elevate your grilling skills.

It’s one of the best hobbies for 40-year-olds that everyone around you will love, too. And to help you get started, be sure to steal ‘Bobby Flay’s Top Steak-Cooking Secret’. 


7. Take Up Archery

Take Up ArcheryTap into your inner Robin Hood by picking up a bow and aiming for the bullseye.

Most mid-sized cities have some kind of archery range or club where you can rent a bow and arrows.

You could sign up and practice for a monthly or one-time fee. 

It’s a simple sport to learn. Even if you aren’t cracking one arrow with the next, getting out on the range on a sunny day is amazing.

You will better on your aiming skill with time.

8. Hone Your Survival Skills

Hone Your Survival SkillsNo, you don’t need to attempt an into the Wild.

Just learn some basics of wilderness survival, from sourcing food and water to signaling for help.

Think of your favorite camping spot or picnic sport to test your skills.

Then figure out what you would have to do survive there for three days with limited equipment.

Try out a test run with a friend or two and getting out into the wild and putting your skills to the test.

Of course, always be sure others know where you are going in case something goes wrong.

9. Write A Book

Write a BookMany of the greatest authors had a day job and wrote in their free time.

Self-publishing easier than ever and affordable.

If you’ve got a decent idea for a book, there’s no reason not to write it. 

You could do a spy novel you’ve always wanted to write or a how-to book on a topic you know inside and out.

  If you manage to put together a few thousand words, you can get it up on Amazon.

10. Become An Art buff

Become an art buffBecome an amateur art expert and impress your friends.

You could tell them difference between pointillism and divisionism (but don’t be a jerk about it).

Get into the habit of visiting the local museums in your city. If money is a concern, most offer free events and discount days.

If money’s not a concern, pay for an annual membership and get into their exclusive bashes and parties.

11. Learn To Play Guitar

Learn to Play GuitarTake time and learn to play a few of his songs decently enough.

There are few ways to while away an afternoon as enjoyably as plucking on a guitar.

You can hire a guitar teacher, or teach yourself with YouTube videos and online tips. 

If you’re new to the hobby, you might want to be sure you’ve got a soundproof room in which to practice. Your family will thank you.

12. Swim

SwimYou’re still in the prime of your health, we’re sure.

You still probably want to go easy on your joints once you get past 40.

That makes swimming a brilliant alternative to running. 

A good swim gives you a chance to get a good workout and get your heart racing.

It ensures little impact on those knees and hips, something 80-year-old you will very much appreciate still having intact.

13. Get Into Yoga

Get Into YogaYou don’t have to join a high-end yoga studio or buy fancy equipment to make yourself into an amateur yogi.

According to InsideBedroom website, a decent matt or a comfortable floor and a few YouTube videos will get you started.

If you to get a handle on the basics, you will have elevated calmness and a sense of satisfaction.

14. Snorkel

Strap on a mask and hop in the water to scope out some stunning coral and other sea creatures.

If you find you really enjoy it, take your hobby a step further by becoming a certified scuba diver. 

You can get into a Zen mood floating in water with few sounds but your own breathing. Just so long as you don’t run into any man-eating sharks.

15. Garden

If space, or your attention span, is limited, try this as an alternative.

Herb gardening is likely to give you the same satisfaction of producing something tangible and delicious.

If you like some basil or oregano for your pasta, or chives on your cereal, this will do it.

Creating and maintaining a simple herb garden makes for an easy, edible hobby.

16. Landscaping

LandscapingIf gardening gives you a taste for something more ambitious, try your hand at landscaping.

Design a section of your back- or front yard, taking into account the local animal and plant species.

Go ahead and create placement of earth and water features, creating a self-sufficient ecosystem. 

There are plenty of online tutorials, but even better is to head to your local hardware or garden store.

You will find some advice on your specific project.

17. Run A Marathon

Even if you are just a casual runner, preparing and training for a marathon makes for a fun hobby.

The feeling is far more satisfying over the long run than just trying to hit the gym when you can. 

You can find an event in your city or area and make a vacation out of it.

It gives you a goal to strive for, tracking your progress and looping in friends to join in the prep. This will help with weight loss greatly. If you need motivation read our top motivational books

18. Do A Tough Mudder

Do a Tough MudderIf a marathon is too low-key for you, you can get a bit more extreme by signing up for a Tough Mudder. 

You could try a similar high-impact endurance challenge. 

If you’re into getting a bit dirty, taking overcoming obstacles literally and getting some great pics in the process. you might consider signing up for one of these.

19. Hike

Wherever you live, there’s hopefully some decent outdoor space to enjoy.

Pick up some decent boots and locate local hiking trails, and you’re ready for a new hobby.

Hiking is a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying the nature that’s in your backyard.

To take some time out of your day to get in touch with the wider world.

It’s also an excellent way to take in the latest episode of your favorite podcast or audiobook.

20. Geocache

GeocacheIf hiking around the outdoors is not exciting enough for you, add a treasure-hunt element by getting into geocaching.

Participants use their smartphone or GPS device to uncover (and hide their own) trinkets and knickknacks.

It requires a bit of orienteering and a keen eye. it is likely to lead you into areas you might otherwise have never set foot.

21. Start A Podcast

Is there something you’re passionate about and happily talk your friends’ ears off about?

Are you a great conversationalist who likes to talk to people about a particular topic or hobby? 

You can share it with the world by starting a podcast. It requires little if any overhead.

It is a good way to connect with people in your industry. You will learn more about an area you’re already interested in.

22. Golf

GolfThere’s a reason this remains such a classic way to pass the time:

Few sports offer such a combination of leisurely pace and beautiful surroundings.

It also brings potential for valuable social interaction. 

Working on your swing at the driving range makes golf remain an enjoyable way to spend a few hours. It is the best way to conquer your 40s.

23. Genealogy

The internet offers an endless amount of ancestor-seeking assistance. What these services are able to access about your heritage may astound you.

There’s a good chance your local library or college library staffs a genealogist. So make an appointment and go find out who you really are.

24. Playing A Musical Instrument

Playing a Musical InstrumentPiano lessons aren’t just for your kids.

If you’ve ever dreamed of strumming a guitar under a tree, why not go for it?

Too nervous to go to a class? I’ve got one word for you: YouTube.


Final Words

The only way to conquer your 40s is to live. The only way to live is to embrace a hobby and live the moment! You might start feeling younger again.


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