Hairstyles are meant to help you look the best by accentuating your best features. It can cover up either a long face or a big nose while allowing you to look good at the same time.

There are certain hairstyles that work on people with a long face and a big nose.

The pixie cut is a great choice for the long face, while a voluminous or lightly coloured hair works for a big nose. Learn more concerning the best hairstyles for long face and big nose in this article and more. 

The best hairstyle that works to ease out a long nose is a straight and blunt cut or bangs that can cover one-third of the face. For a big nose on the other hand, a little more length in the hair is necessary or even side bangs.

Check them out below:

1.Short Haircuts

Typically, extremely short and straight haircuts like pixies are not usually a great choice. They have a way of highlighting the features of a face with a long face and big nose. This could sometimes give off the wrong impression, and you may be uncomfortable with the look.

However, if you still want to have short hair, you have to take note of things. Always choose a textured bob cut as it has a way of blending your looks. For different effects on the face, then side parts could work as well. Layering and asymmetrical looks are also useful.

2.Bob Haircut

This is close to the short haircuts but more specific on wearing bob hairstyles to blend the long face and a big nose properly. On a general note, when choosing a hairstyle, apart from your face and nose, also look out for what accentuates your body.

If you are on the curvy side, the bob haircut will work for you. But, if you’re slim and have a fragile look, a more extended version would be a better choice. So, even if you need a bob haircut to blend with your long face and a big nose, then choose the length that suits your body frame.

3.A Layered Hairstyle

A layered haircut takes away the attention from your already big nose and long face and makes it more presentable. With this cut on your hair, it places the highlight on your eyes and lips that may not be generally noticed because of other features.

This haircut’s interest is that it comes with a multi-level structure and voluminous at the same time. It has a way of making a face look more mysterious and attractive, thereby concealing any of your exaggerated features, and can even hide defects. 

However, significant length or volume is essential for the hair to be trimmed into sharp or choppy layers. What if you lack both? Don’t panic. Hair extensions are more than able to do the trick. In other words, all hairstyles are possible with the help of hair extensions or hair integration systems.

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4.Bang Hairstyle

An all over the place bang hairstyle can let you wear put on any stylish haircut, which affects your nose in the long run. They make the features more delicate and create a blend that makes you look more natural and pleasing on the outside.

Still, you can try out more ways of styling a bang hairstyle to avoid having the same look every time you need to wear one. You can try a side-swept bang, a layered one, or merely a curtain bang as they all would look good on you. But, ensued, you stay away from blunt or short bangs as they could accentuate your nose and face even more.

5.Side Bangs

Now, this is close to the regular bangs, as highlighted earlier. However, this one is particularly when your forehead is significant as well as having a long face. Being swept to one side of the face, it takes the emphasis from the forehead.

It has a way of concealing the face’s upper area by providing the required asymmetry to your look. So you can always try the side bangs to create a better look for yourself.

6.Teased Hairstyle

Teased HairstyleSuppose you are concerned about your nose’s size and need a hairstyle to take away the attention from such a feature. The teased hairstyle works by taking the hair backward from the normal position.

For more emphasis, you can divide the hair into different strands and then make them into curls while taking them apart with your hands. This would create a more natural look.

You can also tease your hair more by creating a messy bun or a high pony. Here, you could leave out a few strands to fall over your face, having the right effect on your nose.

7.Volume and Face-Framing

If you have a sharp and long nose, then this style is a preferable choice for you. Compared t regular ponytails that are tight and sleek, a face-framing hairstyle would be a suitable choice for a long and shape nose.


Curls are another impressive hairdo impressive enough to go on a long face or a large nose. It makes use of its voluminous and textured strands in achieving a more playful and vibrant look. The beauty and drama that lies in curls can naturally distract people from your nose.

The curly hairstyle makes sure that you have a balanced look, and when styled with a side pin to the back, it creates more effect. So, to conceal your long nose, this is one hairdo that is dramatic enough to take out the highlight.

9.Highlighted Colouring

When you have a solid color on your hair, it tends to cause more stares and attention to your face and then your nose. So, if you have a naturally accentuated nose of a rather long look, you could stay away from solid colors as they would only make them much noticeable.

It would be best if you went for colouring that is more stylish or something that allows the hair to glow in different shades.

This can be done with colourful highlights that can conveniently reflect the sun. With this, the attention shifts from your face and its features. With this, you move the focus to the intriguing nature of the hair on its own.

10. Light Hair Colors

Commonly, the preferable colorings for the hair are usually light shades of color. You can try out light brown, wheat blonde, or even ashen as they are specially designed to create more buzz around the hair. This takes the attention from a long face or even a big nose. 

These light shades of coloring make all the features of your face look more gentle and softer. Compared to the light shades, the darker shades will correctly and sharply put the face in the spotlight. The result of this is putting the whole look in full focus.

Are there tips on handling a long face?

Now that you know all the best hairstyles for both a long face and big nose, these are tips that are precisely cut out for long faces.

Here are tips on styling yourself a long face:

  • Choose the short hair: This post alone is based on various hairstyles that work for those with long faces. A straight or blunt cut would be a great choice, mostly when done with waves at the forehead area.  If you want bangs, then they should cover at least one-third of the actual face length.
  • Consider the dimensions: With this, you are advised to have something created with diagonal and horizontal lines just as the curls. With this technique, you can develop duller angles on your hair and then doesn’t make your face look as long as it usually is.
  • Reduce the top: Ensure that you don’t put too much at your face’s upper area when getting styled. The only exception for this tip is making a bang, a ponytail, or any other high hairdo and maybe not layered styles.

Is there a guide on dealing with a big nose?

For a big nose, certain hairstyles would create the right and blended look for your face. Some of these styles have standard styles that have a way of standing out naturally, so they take out the big nose’s attention.

Here are the tips that should help with this choice:

  • Longer hairdo:   The longer the hair, the better it is for your already exaggerated nose. It takes the attention from the nose and places it on the hair itself.
  • Stay away from pixies: A pixie cut is also short and is meant to emphasize whatever feature the face already has.
  • Try side bangs: As it has already been highlighted earlier, bangs are the right choice of hairstyle for those with big noses. The style alone is attractive, so people are more concerned about the bangs than with your face.


With either a long face or a big nose, you may begin to look out of place or in a manner that you don’t like. However, with certain hairstyles, the attention can be diverted, and you would get a more appealing look. This post has successfully covered all of that and more.


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