“It’s a friend’s 30th birthday, and you have no idea what to get them. Suddenly, you remember that they recently mentioned wanting a new sweater or an electric kettle for their kitchen.

The trouble with this is that you’re not sure if your friend wants those things as 30th birthday gifts from friends or as items on their wish list. To avoid getting something they don’t want on their special day, use our six gift ideas for friends.”

Six Gift Ideas Your Friend Will Love

A basket of their favorite snacks or drinks. If your friend loves to cook or bake, this could be the perfect gift. Include their favorite ingredients, snacks, or drinks to help them get started in the kitchen.

This is an excellent gift for friends who love to indulge in their favorite snacks. Whether they’re into salty, sweet, or crunchy treats, put together a basket of their favorites, and you can be sure they’ll love it.

If your friend loves trying new wines, a wine subscription to their favorite winery is the perfect gift! You can choose from monthly deliveries or get an annual one for even more savings. This way, your friend can try a new wine every month and explore their favorite varietals

A personalized mug with a photo from you. This is a great gift for friends who love starting their day with a hot drink. Add a photo of the two of you together and a personalized message, and they’ll be reminded of your friendship every time they use it. A picture speaks a thousand words when it comes to gifts for friends.

Give them something sentimental by putting together a personalized coffee or teacup complete with a special message and photo from you. Whether your friend drinks hot chocolate in the wintertime or green tea during springtime showers, this thoughtful gift will warm their day.

For your friends with a soft spot for everything patriotic, you can gift them a mug with the American flag, or a patriotic t-shirt they can wear and be reminded of you.
Tickets to a show, game, or performance.

If your friend is a big fan of sports, shows, or concerts, this gift could be the perfect fit. Whether they’re into ballet and opera performances or rock stars and rap artists, your local event venue should have just what your friend would want to see.

This gift will show that you care about their interests without being too specific with gifts for friends. You can choose something specific to their interests or go with a general theater ticket if you’re not sure what they’d like—the game or performance they’ve wanted to see

A piece of jewelry that matches their style. Does your friend love dressing up and looking their best? A piece of jewelry is a perfect gift for showing them how much you care. Any jewelry will show that you put thoughts in, whether it’s an elegant necklace, a flashy bracelet, or a simple ring.

If you’re not sure, a small token of affection in the form of a thoughtful necklace or bracelet is perfect. You can choose something with meaning behind it, like an initial for each person, or pick out a statement piece from their favorite store and let them know how much you appreciate having them as a friend—the jewelry-lover in your life with this gift

A new book by their favorite author. Does your friend love to read? A new book can be the perfect gift for them. Whether they’re into thrillers, romance novels, or anything in between, there’s a story out there that will make their day.

Book subscription clubs are also great gifts because you don’t have to worry about what type of books your friend likes—you can find something for everyone with these types of subscriptions. This is an especially thoughtful gift if it’s someone who enjoys reading but doesn’t always treat themselves to buying new books for whatever reason

A Netflix or Hulu subscription. For friends who love TV shows and movies, a paid subscription to their favorite streaming service is the perfect gift. They’ll be able to binge-watch all of their favorites without having to worry about paying for it themselves.

This type of gift will not only save them money but allow them more time for relaxing after work too! Whether you choose Netflix or Hulu (or both), this thoughtful gift will show that you care by giving them unlimited access to the great content on any device they like—no need to even switch out remotes anymore

These ideas might help you choose the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday! No matter what you decide on, they’ll love it knowing that you put thought into picking it out just for them.

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