Tips and tricks to get the chlorine out of hair

Are you an Avid swimmer? Or take an occasional dip in the pool? You must have noticed that you have to face damage to hair because of the chlorine used in the swimming pool.

Chlorine used in the swimming pool is essential to prevent any bacterial infection; however, it also causes damage. 

You know every chemical has its Side Effects as chlorine consists of the very damaging component which affects your hair like drying your hair breaking down your follicles stripping discoloration of hair extract the natural oil from your hair.

The swimmers who participate in the competition are more prone to damage hair, skin, and eye or vaginal infection because they have to do a lot of practice for long hours in the water, which is an excellent risk for your body. So such people first complain is that their skin and hair are getting dry.

For all those people, let me tell you, it is not something that cant be prevented. You only need good shampoo for swimmers that minimize the damage or it prevents them from happening. You need to use some essential natural product like oiling on your hair after seeming. The same goes for your skin.

 It would help if you used the moisturizer after swimming. Eyes must be covered since you can’t use the regular ointment for your eyes’ most necessary attention.

Let me tell you few more tips for your hair to prevent the damage

1) Get your hair wet before swimming.

To slow down the process of remove chlorine from hair, you need to wet your hair before getting in the pool. Don’t use shampoo; only moisturize your hair. I was hoping you could think of the hair as the sponge; the sponge absorbs the water the same way the hide absorbs the water. If you already have to dip the hair into water, the chlorine will take time to soak in hair strands.

It doesn’t mean that you do not get any chlorine. This method will only help you to minimize the effect of damage

2) Use the natural products for you here

It is best to use all the natural products that don’t contain any Chemicals. Such as products made of aloe vera or use home products because you are already using chlorine in a very high amount of chemicals that will damage your hair.

 So use something that gives your hair nourishment, Shine, and softness, and for your little ones who like to swim. You can use the baby shampoo. There are many products available for babies, and you can use the product of aloe Vera which gives you more nourishment. You know Aloe Vera is perfect for skin and your hair. It is the best way for your hair to be hydrated and purified

3) Applying conditioner

After wetting your hair, you can also apply a conditioner because it helps detangle your hair naturally, and then you don’t have to brush your hair harshly. It will also cause you to fall your hair, so another reason for using the conditional is that the chlorine will absorb less likely in the conditioner than in only Wet hair. Hence, applying a conditioner is also a wise choice for swimmers.

And people whose hair gets tangled easily must know how difficult it becomes for them to brush.

4) Use a hair cap

The best way to track is to use a hair cap for your hair. It will work like a bulletproof for your hair to prevent damage to happen as you know your little ones become like a fish once they enter the pool the Best way is to wear their cap you can make them appealing to wear the hat these are available in attractive and different colors

tip add a conditioner to your hair cap to keep it smooth and soft for your hair

5) Braid your hair

If your hair is long, making a braid before going into the water will also contain from the face. The braided hair also makes more problematic chlorine to enter your hair in this way; the chlorine will not ultimately have your hair all the above. The hair in the braid will help you keep the hair untangled. Less knotted, you can quickly solve the problem of long hair, and after swimming, you can also open a coat and wash them.

6) Immediately rinse your hair 

The best way to remove total chlorine is to take a shower quickly after swimming. Do not delay taking a shower since it makes it easy to absorb more chlorine in the hair.

Many pools have an outside shower. You can use them to remove chlorine and then let your hair breathe.


 If you don’t have access to clean water, hit the battery as soon as you can after swimming .now it is the right time to use the shampoo. It would help if you used the hair-friendly shampoo as more quickly you come out of the pool; it allows you to remove the dirt, chlorine from the hair.

Choose the shampoo wisely since it is going to also absorb in your scalp. Be attentive to choose a hair-friendly shampoo that is you need after a day in the water

7) Don’t use a blow dryer

If you use the dryer for your hair to dry, then it will only exaggerate your hair damage let them dry to itself don’t use artificial method for your hair any damage from the chlorine that exit heat will only make the injury worse

So avoid using the dryer for your hair

8) Use home remedies

The best way is to avoid any artificial method and use the natural form like home remedies.

  • soak the colored part of your hair in the baking soda (mix half a cup of baking soda in the water until it makes the paste)
  • use lemon juice ( soak the water in pure lemon juice for five min then wash and conditioned it as commonly)

You can use another method which you know, or you can search them online or ask your friends or families


The tips mentioned above you can use for the hair to grow healthy and remain nourished.