Flower Care Tips for Delivered Flowers: A Guide for the Beginners

lowers are the holiest and purest thing of all that has been present in the world since its inception. Humans have been fascinated by the same and used them on every occasion to signify the sanctity of an event.

Similarly, as time started rolling down, floras still held the most prestigious and holiest place among humans. Even today, you cannot think of an occasion without flowers. Further, it serves different psychological benefits, making it the most fascinating thing in the universe.

Flowers can uplift the mood of an emotionally troubled person and instill an ounce of positivity and lift their spirits, which is a necessity in this alienated modern world. In this world, interaction with motor vehicles is more than nature.

Therefore, people look to order flowers to decorate their rooms and houses and try to live in a positive and happy space.

Yet, more often than not, we get frustrated with the fact of how to increase the life expectancy of delivered flowers, as no matter what you do, they are bound to erode. And it has baffled florists and people trying to figure out ways to increase the beauty of flowers.

Hence, today, I will tell you ways to increase the life expectancy of ordered flowers in the next section.

Ways To Care Delivered Flowers 

In this time of inflation, where prices of commodities are sky high, similarly, it has affected the prices of flowers. Moreover, you just can’t go around spending 50 USD every on a flower bouquet.

Therefore, you need to know how to care for delivered flowers and look to increase their life expectancy, as it will give your house a greater look and allow you to save large sums of money on flowers.

Today the market size of flowers and plants in the USA is worth around 17 billion USD, which showcases how much people spend on flowers. Further, the best-selling flowers in the USA, as per the reports in 2019, are Tulips. Over 65 million blossoms were sold in the year.

Hence, here are some tips for you which will help you to increase the life expectancy of your delivered flowers and take good care of them –

Tip 1: Keep Your Flowers Away From Heat And High Temperature 

The first tip you should follow as soon as the bouquet of flowers gets delivered to your house is to keep them in a cool place and away from sunlight. It is key for their maintaining the vibrancy of the flowers.

Further, as there are no green plants with no chance of photosynthesis, you better keep the flowers away from heat and high temperature, as it can deteriorate the quality of flowers. Also, it can quickly dry out the flowers and begin the process of wilting.

Also, with sunlight, you will accelerate the chances of maturing, which can result in quick wilting and a shorter life span for your flowers. Thus, it is better not to place your flowers near the window or any exposure to sunlight.

Additionally, if the flowers come in plastic, it is imperative that you remove them as soon as you enter the room, which allows flowers to breathe. This will slow down the process of wilting.

Note: Most florals live longer under cool conditions. Hence, try to locate the flower bouquet in a proper place.

Tip 2: Avoid Keeping The Flowers Near Smoke 

The second tip for increasing flowers’ life expectancy is to keep them in a safe space, away from all the smoke, as it can deteriorate the flowers’ quality and life expectancy.

The florists advise people not to keep the flowers close to cigarettes. It is because toxic gas harms the beauty of the flowers and alternates their original form. Therefore, it is best to keep the flowers in your bedroom or in the dining room, away from all smoke.

Also, plants have the ability to absorb nicotine that rises out of cigarettes, and with the level of intake, it is safe to say flowers will die soon.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the ways to keep flowers safe and healthy, you can visit the website of My Global Flowers, flowers delivery service. On their website, you will find all the necessary knowledge about the ways to care for the delivered flowers.

Basically, it proves that smoke is not only dangerous to human health but also damaging for flowers to bloom for a longer period of time.

Tip 3: Keep Your Vase Filled With Water 

One of the key ingredients for keeping the flowers fresh and blooming is filling the vase with water ensuring that the stem and leaves get submerged under the water. This will enhance the life expectancy of flowers and also allow them to smile for longer.

Further, the florists suggest that if the flowers come in basket and foam, it is better to add fresh water, as it helps you to maintain the quality of flowers, especially when you are new to taking care of florals.

However, it would help if you also looked out for wilting stems and leaves, which can spread quickly throughout the flower. Therefore, cutting the wilted stem or leaves is better than keeping the florals in their original shape.

Additionally, it is best to cut the stem by an inch when you look to change the water, as the fresh tissues can suck up the water more efficiently. Along with the water cycle, you must continue cutting the stems of the flowers.

Further, cut the stems at 45 degrees, giving a larger surface for plants to intake water in their branches and keep their tissues fresh and healthy.

This is a good way of increasing the life expectancy of delivered flowers.

Tip 4: Change Water Regularly

Another thing you should follow before you begin your quest for caring for delivered flowers is knowledge of when to change the water in the vase. As discussed earlier, water can maintain the quality of the flower, but if kept for a longer time, it gets clouded, and the quality of water deteriorates.

Following this, the quality of flowers also starts to erode, and wilting will become a reality rather than just a thought.

Therefore, what you should do is change the water every two or three days, which will keep the nutrients level to keep the flowers blooming and also enhance their life expectancy.

So, you will properly remove the water from the vase and pour it on the top, keeping the flowers fresh and vibrant.

Tip 5: Avoid Keeping Flowers Away From Ripe Fruits 

Following all the tips mentioned earlier, here is one you should look to follow: placing your flowers away from ripe fruits like apples and bananas. Ripe fruits release ethylene gas, which is harmless, but it is deadly for the flowers.

It can ruin the flowers’ vibrancy, reduce their life expectancy, and shorten their existence in your home.

It happens as ethylene gas makes flowers drop their petals and start to develop into a fruit as soon as the pollination is done. Hence the florists advise people not to keep flowers near the ripe fruits, as it will begin the process.

Thus, you have to be very cautious when you are looking to keep your flowers in a certain place.

Tip 5: Clean Your Vase thoroughly With Hot Soapy Water

First and foremost, you should keep the vase clean, which means before you put water and flowers in the vase, you need to rinse it properly. It will kill out all the harmful germs and enzymes that can affect the quality of the flower.

Therefore, you can clean the vase with hot soapy water and clean it thoroughly, which will clean out all the dust and mud from the vase and make it a safe place for flowers to reside.

Further, you can put the vase in the dishwasher, which will additionally allow you to clean the whole vase without any human intervention. This will clear out all the necessary dirt and germs that are often found in vases and enhance their quality for flowers to reside happily.

So, when you keep the area bacteria-free, flowers will surely bloom and lift the spirits of your room and your family members.

Tip 6: Use Sharp Scissors To Cut The Stems 

Frequently while cutting the stems, people often smash the stems or look to tear them. This can seriously damage the flower issues and limit its life expectancy. Therefore, it is wise to use sharp scissors to cut the stems.

This way, you won’t damage the fresh tissues and remove the older tissue, which might not sip water properly. Also, biologists say damaged cells cannot intake water like the healthier cells. Thus, making it evident that we should use scissors to cut plants rather than using other things.

It is one of the things a beginner must know when they begin to care for the delivered flowers. Another thing is you shouldn’t look for experimentation, especially with hammers or anything, which can damage the existing fresh tissues and cells.

Basically, engage in safe practices for you and the flowers.

Tip 7: Use Flower Food For Flowers 

Well, changing water is a good way of keeping the flowers blooming and vibrant, but you need to take active care, especially with changing water, to maintain their life expectancy. However, you can add another thing to it: flower food.

Flower food is a kind of bacteria that keeps increasing water quality and gives flowers possible nutrients to expand their life expectancy. You can add your own flower food with one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of bleach before adding the tap water.

And lastly, you can add two teaspoons of lemon juice, which can enhance the water quality, directly affecting the lifespan of the flowers in the vase.

Note: If you are a beginner, you look to purchase flowers that can take flower food. Otherwise, some flowers need to dwell properly with flower food—for example, Sunflowers, Glads, and Zinnias.

Tip 8: Remove The Unnecessary Foliage 

Another pro tip for you is to remove all the unnecessary foliage that might get to the debris and reduce water quality. In another way, it will shorten the flowers’ life span and begin the wilting process.

Therefore, you should clean the vase thoroughly, especially while changing the water, and maintain a healthy area for flowers to bloom.

Again you should also remove the wilted petals and stems if they start to occur in florals, as they are contiguous and can degrade the quality of the room. Hence, one thing you should look to cut down all the unnecessary and fringe elements that can harm the plant.

So, changes are a good thing, especially if you want to enhance its lifespan and quality.

Tip 9: Choose Your Flowers Effectively 

It should come first, but I kept it for the last so you understand flower care’s do’s and don’ts, which is key if you want them around longer. Apart from that, you must make a hard choice and look for sustainable and appropriate flowers for room temperature.

Therefore, you need to look for flowers that have firm petals and are uptight. Also, it would help if you chose to buy flowers whose buds are yet to open, as it allows you to hang around them for a longer time.

Avoid purchasing flowers whose leaves, stem, and petals have taken the yellow, which showcases the sign of aging and shorter life span.

Lastly, look for woody stems and branches as they can be easily cut and properly intake water for the flowers to bloom and stay vibrant.

Like Humans, Flowers Also Need Love

Ultimately, you show love and care towards the flower that will help it bloom and stay vibrant for longer. As flowers give us positivity, they also affect how we treat them.

Therefore, for beginners taking care of delivered flowers is a hobby for experts, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Rather you should make the best effort to care for them. Flowers will return with brightness and a positive mindset.