Floral Jewelry Options For Spring and Summer 2022

Just like the unique material, cut, design, or color combination of an outfit can make all the difference, the design, gemstones, and metals of jewelry can help you stand out. While retaining the theme of florals, you can always choose a design in a rare gemstone or combine florals with another motif for a unique look. So, here are some stunning floral jewelry pieces that can elevate your style quotient this spring and beyond.

Floral Necklaces

Rose Necklace

Are you getting ready for a date with your special someone? Then wear a diamond rose pendant necklace in sterling silver and rose gold. It can pair well with a long red silk dress. The touch of rose gold in the rose pendant will be a perfect detail and make the necklace pop. On the other hand, the rose and the red theme will be just right for the romantic occasion. Alternatively, bow jewelry could symbolize your bond and look attractive too.

Flower Infinity Necklace

When you combine one motif with another in a jewelry piece, it enriches the overall design. An example is the sterling silver twisted flower infinity pendant necklace. The combination of the flower and infinity signs look splendid. It could symbolize your boundless innocence. Choose a necklace in blue and white diamonds to depict a blue flower and strike a vivid contrast.

Floral Earrings

Silver Flower Studs

With offices having reopened, you may be getting ready for a comeback party. Traces of spring are still here. So, a great idea can be to sport sterling silver diamond flower stud earrings. These stud earrings are small and dainty, and appropriate for a formal event. Just choose a special design like one with swirls around each flower. You’ll look fabulous. Even if your office reopens in summer, the jewelry piece would be a good choice.

Gold Flower Studs

Gold is a vibrant color. So, if you wish to sport gold floral studs, go minimal with the design. For instance, wear small yellow gold cubic zirconia four-petal flower stud earrings. For a simple yet classy look, choose a neat symmetrical design without intricate features. Such earrings are fit for a minimalistic look at brunch. If florals aren’t your thing, choose minimalistic bow jewelry.

Floral Rings

Geometric Flower Ring

Geometry can add definition to an accessory and a touch of boldness. But can a geometric detail look good with a flower motif? Now that could be groundbreaking! So, wear a sterling silver diamond flower ring with a rhombus outline. If the flower is crafted intricately, it can set a bold contrast to the straight lines of the rhombus border. Where can you sport this jewelry piece? Maybe to a spring birthday party. Switch from a floral dress to one with geometric patterns to make a unique statement with the ring.

Cluster Flower Ring

Cluster rings are all-time favorites because they look like luminous galaxies. So, why not try a floral cluster ring to make the design more impressive? For example, you can wear a white gold diamond cluster flower ring at a spring cocktail party. Wear a flowy maxi dress if the ring comes in a traditional design. You’ll look effortlessly sophisticated. You can also wear the jewelry piece at a summer cocktail party.

Floral Bracelets

Flower Link Bracelet

Want to look elegant and fashionable in floral accessories? What could be better than a sterling silver diamond flower link bracelet? Since a link bracelet is usually in the form of a tennis bracelet, you will look classy.

Flower Infinity Bracelet

Again, an ideal way to look unique is to combine motifs. If you don’t want to wear a basic floral bracelet, you can try a yellow gold diamond flower infinity bracelet. Save this gorgeous piece for a special occasion, such as your anniversary. To depict your loving bond with your better half, you can also wear bow jewelry.

Floral Jewelry Set

Matching Opal and Diamond Flower Jewelry

Opals exhibit a brilliant play of colors. Diamonds can add glow and sparkle to that. Sport this lovely gemstone combination in a floral jewelry set. For instance, wear a pair of sterling silver flower danglers in opal and diamonds with a matching ring. Spring or summer, the jewelry set will be perfect for a festive occasion.

Matching Diamond Flower Jewelry

If you are a diamond-lover, you can still turn heads by sporting floral jewelry in solely diamonds. For a twist, wear a sterling silver floral necklace in white diamonds and a matching ring in blue and white diamonds. The blue diamonds will add a hint of color and contrast to the white diamonds. Coming to the pendant necklace, choose one with miracle plating for uniqueness and to make the stones appear larger than they really are.

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