5 Fashion Trends You Will Love Fall in love with this next autumn-winter season

What is cooking on the runways for the autumn-winter season of 2022? Everything and anything! There are timeless items that will never go out of style, some new ones, and some old ones. The fashion is once again recycling itself, as it usually does.

Let us start from the beginning with one of the most basic items that will be trending the next season.

Plain white tank tops

Yes, exactly those that came to your mind after you read this. The basic tops that we all have somewhere in the closets are going to be all the rage in the next season. Famous fashion house Prada and other Italian fashion brands have once again found inspiration in simplicity. 

These white tops are super comfortable, and on top of that, can be styled and modified in so many ways. The classic white top and blue jeans look seem to never go out of style. It is simple, and you can always upgrade it according to your personal style.

Another great thing about the tops is you do not have to break a bank to look like you came straight from the runway. You can get affordable tops in multiple colors and combine them with whatever bottoms you like. 

The longer, the better

After short dresses and skirts ruled the spring/summer runways, it is time to go extra. Long flowy skirts and dresses are a must for the next season. Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs have also fallen in love with flowy materials and dramatic silhouettes.

Long maxi coats will also make a boom in the autumn. Warm and cozy, yet perfectly stylish. We could not ask for more.

Pilot jackets

Pilots, flight jackets, or spitfires, whenever you call them, are still hot and trendy. The obsession with these jackets came back during the last couple of years and it is still going strong. 

They have become the central item in the autumnal wardrobe for everyone. Style-wise, everything was popular.

From simple dark ones to bright-colored ones, with embroidery, floral patterns, and now the oversized ones. Everyone seems to love these jackets and they are not leaving the trend zone any time soon.


The seductive hourglass silhouette is once again in its peak popularity. Generation Z might be “guilty” for this fashion throwback. Social media platforms are packed with corset looks, so naturally, they are back in the spotlight. 

The elegance and appeal of these historical fashion items are not questionable. Alexander McQueen fans are excited once again, and it seems that the dark fashion mogul is happy with this turn of events too. Corsetry and darker looks were always a part of the McQueen brand.

Retro corset looks or futuristic ones, both were equally displayed during fashion shows. These items can be tricky to style if you do not have experience with them. Look for outfit inspiration online and see what works for you.

Plain T-shirts

T-shirts may seem basic, but they can be highly versatile when paired with the right accessories. To elevate your outfit during the autumn and winter season, invest in high-quality t-shirts, ideally American-made, to ensure top-notch materials and quality control. Pair one with a leather jacket or vest for a stylish look. With the right combination, shirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Leather everything

Another timeless fashion moment is definitely leather clothing. If you do not want to wear genuine leather, there are multiple options now to get something stylish and also cruelty-free. Faux leather can look as good as the real one. It is the style that matters. 

Besides the classic leather jackets aka the biker jackets, more items are coming back in trend. Leather pants and full leather outfits will be rocked throughout the whole autumn season. Spice it up with a long leather coat like the ones from the 90s for a dark, grungy look.

Enjoy experimenting with these iconic items and the trendy autumn/winter looks.