A Few Designing Tips to Revamp Your Kitchen at a Low Budget

Explore Cabinets, layouts, countertops, pull-outs! If it’s your first designing venture for a modular kitchen, get ready to be bombarded with different jargon. From buddies and family members to your colleagues, everybody will express their thoughts when you disclose your kitchen designing projects.

As a novice, you might be wondering what will be the right option for you. How to get the best kitchen design? Want to get a functional and practical space at the same time? Here is your go-to guide for how to get started with modular kitchen design.

Identify the work triangle

 The kitchen work triangle includes the hob, sink, and refrigerator for those who don’t know. A considerable part of selecting a kitchen layout is deciding how these elements will interact, that is, the space between them and their location.

For this, you must draw up a rough plan of the kitchen space before working on the layout. Different kitchen styles are creating grounds in modern times. The list is a long one from L-shape to I-shape to island shape. You may select the one that helps you maximize space efficiency and brings more functionality into this area.


Ideal counter height

 The standard height of the countertop for the kitchen must stay in sync with the average size of individuals. On average, the counter height is something between 820 mm to 860 mm. It is ideal for most individuals who are working in the kitchen. More so, it’s important to ensure that the space between the countertop and kitchen cabinet is not too much. If the height is very high, it might be hard for shorter individuals to reach upper shelves.


A wise selection of kitchen colors


Maintaining the kitchen must be your top priority in the long run. It is best not to go for a white kitchen because it might exaggerated tough stains making it difficult to maintain. All-white kitchen requires consistent cleaning and high maintenance. However, it does not mean you will have to go for bright hues. After all, people get attracted to darker shades, especially in the summer months. You may always go for a combination of two colors to maintain overall harmony.


Ventilation is vital


Cooking is one of the primary activities that you undertake in the kitchen. It not only generates heat but is a cause of a lot of sneezing and coughing. Ensure that the kitchen ventilation is in proper order so that kitchen activity goes on smoothly. Most kitchens come with an exhaust fan or a chimney for ventilation of the heat. Ideally, there must be a door that opens outside in the balcony or washing area. If that is not possible, you must ensure that the chimney is working without ventilation issues. If the smoke collects inside the room, it will only add to breathing difficulties.


Kitchen lighting says a lot about your taste


There is no alternative to natural light coming through the window for lighting up the kitchen area. However, along with natural light, you must ensure adequate lighting inside the kitchen from evening. Overhead lighting is essential for the Kitchen countertop where most activities take place. Along with this, under cabinet light is slowly gaining prominence because they provide direct sunlight in those areas which are hard to reach.


Ensure safety first


One of the most significant things when working in the kitchen is considering safety. From curved countertop edges to gas piping, you must think of different ways of making the kitchen safe for all. Ensure that the flooring you select is slip-resistant. There must be a lot of space between the stove and the basin. These appliances must not be close to the switchboard. These are some of the vital areas you must take care of when working in the kitchen.


Don’t ignore the sink


Of all the areas in the kitchen, the sink is the busiest area. The proper plumbing system is critical for the sink to stay functional. When renovating the kitchen, ensure that the plumbing system has no leaks or cracks. Convey to the plumber if there are any issues at all. These days plenty of alternatives are available in the market for you to choose the best one. If you take the help of professionals, they will help you figure out the best sink for your available space. After a bit of negotiation, you may select different styles of the sink, which are single-bowl, double-bowl, or triple-bowl. These are ideal for different kitchen styles.


Along with this, the sink material also plays a very vital role. Although stainless steel is the most widely used sink all across the globe, you have other alternatives like natural granite and composites sink. An elegant black sink with sleek design is slowly gaining prominence and is gradually making its place in the designer list. These are best for the modern kitchen that requires something cost-effective and functional at the same time. If you have very little space inside the kitchen and want something that adds speed to your work, you can go for the stainless steel sink or the under mount sink.


Take care of kitchen trash


Keeping the trash bin in plain view is never an option. Although it gives you easy access, it comes into the sight of your guests. Nobody would want garbage around the cooking area. Hence, you can get a built-in bin inside your kitchen and ask the kitchen designer to make provisions for that. You will find these bins behind the cabinet door, and thereby the kitchen looks clean and organized.


Never forget, these points are just the primary ones. More research and proper planning are required to make your kitchen interior attractive and functional. Although it is an expensive undertaking, it is worth it. You may reach out to experts and kitchen designers who will make your kitchen renovation process eco-friendly, functional, and customizable. Remain calculative when deciding on kitchen designs and accessories. Do not make hasty decisions. Wrong decisions might affect your final kitchen layout.