3 Common Causes of Stress, and How to Address Them

Stress is a common issue in virtually every person’s life. Sometimes, a little stress can be a good thing. It keeps us motivated and helps us to identify the problematic areas in our lives so we can make meaningful changes. But exposure to too much stress can also be extremely detrimental.

It can harm both your physical and mental health and make it difficult for you to achieve your goals. While it might be impossible to eliminate all of the sources of worry, concern, and anxiety in your life, there are ways you can take steps to regain more control over your situation. Let’s identify some of the three most common causes of stress, and how you can deal with them.

Money (Financial Worries)

Money is something we all need to survive. While it might not be the source of all happiness, you’ll struggle to live a comfortable life without having enough cash in your bank account. Unfortunately, achieving financial security is extremely difficult in today’s world, particularly when we all have so many different bills to think about.

The easiest way to address this problem, is to start being more mindful about how you use your cash.

Look at your monthly bills and ask yourself if there’s a way to lower them. Refinancing your existing student loan debt into a cheaper option could be a great way to keep more cash in your pocket. You can also create a budget that helps to guide your spending habits.


Work (Career Concerns)

Like money, work is something we all need to thrive. Whether you love your job or not, you’ll need to commit to consistent employment so you can afford to pay all your bills. Unfortunately, the wrong employment can lead to significant issues.

If you hate your job, you can spend hours each day simply worrying about going to work the next day. A good way to start tackling this issue is to rethink your career goals. Ask yourself if you’re really in the right environment based on your skills and passions.

Can you consider going back to college to expand your employment opportunities, or investigate a different role? How can you make sure you’re devoting enough time to work/life balance? Could you discuss your options with your employer to reduce your feelings of overwhelm and burnout?


Relationships (Connection Issues)

Finally, while relationships are one of the most wonderful things we can cultivate in our lives, they’re not without their issues. Family connections, romantic entanglements, and even friendships can all be significant sources of stress at times. Finding creative ways to deal with stress is key.

While you will need to be willing to compromise in some of your relationships, one of the best things you can do to reduce issues is to set clear boundaries.

Establishing what you want and need from each relationship and what you can offer to other people could reduce your chances of maintaining toxic connections. It’s also worth committing to regular communication. Talking to people, expressing your feelings, and practicing empathy will help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary arguments and friction.