Catering Event Essentials For a Party

Running a catering business means there is no room for error. If you make a mistake or miss something, the entire event could be ruined. The food is a highlight of any social gathering, and when it’s catered, the host expects only the best. As a caterer, you have to ensure you have everything you need. Here are some catering essentials for a party. 

Serving Equipment

Sure, you’ll need to make great food. However, you will also have to get it to the guests’ tables. Having the right equipment for serving is incredibly important. You want to provide food efficiently without spilling or dropping anything. You also want it to be of good quality so that your business looks professional to your client and their guests. 

Don’t forget that along with serving trays, plates, and glasses, and you will also need bus bins to take the dishes and food scraps away.

If you forget, it will take that much longer to clean up. You should also bring water jugs that fit the theme of the party to make sure that the guests can stay hydrated and enjoy your food even if they don’t like the beverages on offer. 

Table Settings

Make sure that you have all the utensils your customers will need at the tables. To make things more efficient for your staff, you can roll them up ahead of time in napkins so they can be easily placed at tables.

If you are serving family-style foods, make sure that there are enough serving utensils at all of the tables for all of the dishes you will be serving. 

Every party has a different theme, so it’s always a good idea to have decorations that suit it. You can have rustic patterned place settings, for example. The client may choose a centerpiece, but if not, you can provide one appropriate for the party. 

Equipment For Buffets

Everyone loves a good buffet. It allows the guests to pick and choose exactly what they want, and the host can offer a wider variety of foods. However, a buffet can create extra challenges for a caterer. There is a wide range of foods to prepare, but you will also need to keep certain things warm or cold and be able to put everything away when finished quickly. 

You will need large enough plates that guests can load up, but not so big that they will be hard to handle with one hand. They should be durable, as there is always the chance that they get dropped. You will need enough tongs for all of the different types of food available. Make sure to have extras in case some get dropped on the floor.

Chafing dishes will keep food hot as it is sitting on the service table. Make sure to have lids for all of the chafing dishes you bring. You will also need a lighter for the heating elements, plus an extra if you run out of lighter fuel. 

There is a very big opportunity for spills at a buffet, so you should have plenty of clothes and cleaning products to wipe up and sanitize quickly. In addition, fruits, bread, and other foods are often served in baskets, so make sure you have enough. 

A Great Drink Menu

One of the ways you can provide a “wow” factor for clients and guests is with a great drink menu. You can offer a wide range of quality cocktails and local beers, and standard market fare.

Depending on the theme, there may be combinations you can provide that will fit with it. In addition, have some mocktails in your repertoire so that even those who don’t drink alcohol can have something tasty to remember the event. 

A Great Team

One of the top essentials for a catered event is a great team. Catering is a tricky business, and when the event arrives, it can be fast-paced and stressful.

If you don’t have competent and energetic employees, you could find yourself in trouble. Choose your team wisely. You not only want people with the required skills and experience, but you also want people who you can work with.

Personality and fit with the team are just as important as skills. You don’t want to end up with someone that brings the entire group down when things get stressful. Don’t forget that your employees reflect your business, so they need to represent you well. 

Catering an event takes a lot of preparation and work. The last thing you want is for it to all be naught because you’ve missed someone on the day of the event. So go through this list to ensure that you have all of the essentials you need for a catered party.