Can You Swim With Hair Extensions?

Taking a bath in freshwater sources, the swimming pool, beaches, or lakes is not strange, especially during the summer, to keep the body temperature cool. Many ladies, among many others, go out during this period to have fun and keep cool and fresh. With the high rate of hair extension usage, the question of swimming with hair extensions pops up many times.

You can go swimming with your hair extensions in place, especially after applying all necessary hair extension care guides. Swimming with hair extensions is not out of place when swimming in a freshwater source where the water is not chemical-concentrated. Hence, you don’t have to quit having fun swimming because you have hair extension on.

The quality and the type of hair extensions also matter when considering swimming. However, regular swimming with hair extensions comes with dues, which you should be able to pay if you love swimming. Highlighted below in the article are some tips to consider when swimming with hair extensions and some precautions to note.

Swimming With Hair Extension

Most ladies are afraid of not ruining their hair extensions, so they prefer not to take a pool dip or not swim at all. This is because they have not been able to clear the doubt around the fact that they can or can’t swim with their hair extensions.

The good news is that you don’t have to stop swimming simply because you have your hair extensions on; you can swim and take a pool dip.

Quality hair extensions also have a lot of advantages which include the ability to be able to swim while having them on.

Additionally, nothing beats preparations before swimming with your hair extensions, whether you have a high or low-quality extension. Are you a fan of both beauty and the beach?; keep reading this article to learn some precautions when swimming with hair extensions.

Important Precautions When Swimming With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can indeed become damaged from prolonged contact with water. However, some precautions can be put in place to prevent this from happening when swimming with your hair extensions. Find some important precautions below when going swimming

Know The Water Source

Yes, the water you are swimming in is important to prevent your hair extensions from being damaged. Some people swim in salty water, which can negatively impact their hair extensions compared to freshwater. The above statement is not to say that it is impossible to swim in salt water with hair extensions; however, preventive measures must be implemented.

The public swimming pool is concentrated with a very high level of chlorine to prevent bacteria and germs in the water compared to private pools. The chlorine is not hair extension and scalp friendly; hence you will have to take precautions to protect your hair and scalp before and after swimming.

Fresh water is the safest you can swim in without worrying about your hair extensions. Nevertheless, the quality of your extension also matters as there is some hard water with a high level of natural mineral content.

Make Use Of A Water-Resistant Shower Cap

For the love and fun of swimming, you can use a shower cap to prevent your hair extension from damaging. For ladies that find swimming unavoidable, you can play a fast one on the water and an ocean or pool dip during your beach party or vacation.

Using a water-resistant shower cap can do the trick, and you can enjoy swimming without worrying about the hair extensions.

A shower cap will help protect your extensions against water, sand, dirt, and even chemicals. You can opt for water-resistant shower caps made from silicon materials to help hold your hair in place and are well-packed. However, you should avoid wearing silicon caps for a prolonged time to prevent too much pressure on your hair extensions.

Cut Down On Swimming Days.

Reducing the frequency of your swimming days can help you cut the cost of hair care and also prevent your hair extensions from being damaged. This might look impossible, especially in summer, but doable to help the hair, hence, the need to make hard choices between beach funs, pool parties, swimming, and your hair. This is very important, especially if you wear permanent hair extensions and can’t afford frequent spending at the salon.

Avoid Deep Waters

Beauty and beach lovers can still do their thing and have fun swimming even with their hair extensions in place. You can opt for shallow water that is shoulder deep to avoid water flowing over your head and ruining your extensions. Keeping your hair extensions dry will prevent damage, even if it’s a synthetic wig.

Why Do I Need To Take Precautions Before Swimming?

Taking precautions before swimming cannot be over-emphasized, especially if you like swimming frequently. Also, for those with permanent hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions taped or glued to their hair. Taking precautions before swimming will prevent you from experiencing the following

Prevent Extensions From Losing Adhesiveness

When you frequently swim without taking precautions, you will find out that your hair extensions will begin to lose adhesiveness. This is unavoidable, especially when you just let your hair extensions lose in the water when swimming. You will find strands of your hair extensions coming off into your drying towel, clogging your pool nozzles or pool shower drain.

Glued hair extensions can easily lose adhesiveness, especially when swimming in salt water or a public pool with high chlorine and other chemical concentration levels. Therefore precaution like wearing a shower cap to hold your hair in place and dry is very important.

Prevent Extensions From Losing Shine

With the help of good nutrition and other care, natural human hair can deal with environmental and weather damage easily. Layers of natural human hair can be easily repaired with the scalp getting moist and returning to its normal self.

Hair extensions, on the other hand, do not have this capacity no matter the quality as they are not living and cannot absorb nutrients from the scalp no matter how close they are to the scalp.

Prevent Rough And Tangled Extension

Staying away from highly concentrated chemical water, salt water, or hard water is one precaution to consider if you want to prevent rough or tangled hair extensions. You opted for hair extension for the attractiveness, volume, length, and glamour in the first place. Therefore what is the purpose of a hair extension that cannot meet its purpose?

Hair Care Guide Before Swimming

1.Have The End Of Your Hair Conditioned

Leave-in hair conditioner is a good hair protector; massage a reasonable amount of conditioner into your hair before swimming. It will help keep the hair nourished and protected while in the water.

Hair conditioner will also prevent salt and chemicals from penetrating and damaging the ends of your hair extensions.

2.Brush Your Hair And Keep It Tangle-Free

Ensure your hair extensions are well brushed and knot-free before wetting them or swimming. This will prevent them from easily tangling up, making it difficult to brush when you get out of the water.

3.Hold Your Hair Up With Elastic.

Holding your hair in place with elastic before going into the water is very important to prevent strands from falling off. To prevent hair extensions from losing adhesiveness or tangling up, it is important to hold them in place with elastic before going into the water.

Hair Care Guide After Swimming

1.Unpack And Shampoo Hair Immediately After Each Swim

Unpack hair, shampoo, and wash immediately after swimming with fresh water will help remove salt and other chemicals from penetrating your hair extensions.

2.Apply Leave-In Hair Condition Again

Re-apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair immediately after washing to nourish, detangle and leave hair soft. Reapplication of the air conditioner after swimming will minimize the damage to your hair extensions.

3.Brush And Blow Dry Your Hair Extensions

Brush your hair extension thoroughly after applying conditioner to make them tangle-free and blow dry immediately. Keeping them dry will put them in good condition rather than leaving them wet and allowing dirt, chemicals, or salt to penetrate and damage them.

Best Hair Extensions For Swimming

The best hair extensions from swimming are natural human hair extensions from human donors. They don’t contain chemicals; hence they cannot be easily damaged when they come in contact with salt water or chlorine. Find below some human extensions.

  1. Goo Goo Real Human Hair Balayage: it is a clip-in human hair extension ideal for swimming; however, precautions before and after swimming should be put in place in case of frequent swimming.
  2. Fshine Hair Extension: Fshine tapes in extensions are another hair extension from a human donor ideal for swimming.
  3. Remy Human Hair: the Remy human hair extensions are also great hair extensions for swimming.

Quality synthetic hair like the Sué Exquisite and Reecho can also be considered for swimming; however, we suggest it should not be used frequently to avoid damage.

Final Thoughts

Swimming is a fun activity that frequently comes, especially during the summer, with lots of ladies going to the beach or pool to keep cool and have fun. However, you find many ladies wondering if they can swim with their hair extensions in place or not.

You can go swimming with your hair extensions in place; nevertheless, there are some precautions you can put in place to prevent your hair from being damaged. This article highlights some tips you can take before and after swimming and some precautions to help your extensions last longer.